Tuesday, January 10, 2017



Every new year people tend to have a new resolution. A new resolution could make us eager to achieve whatever it is in our new chapter of life. As for me, I have more than one resolutions as previously. :D

Before this I never share my resolution to public. But this year, I wish to share one of my resolutions. Why? Because hopefully, i could seriously do it, achieve the target and at the same time inspire others to do the same, in Shaa Allah :)

My resolution this year is to memorize Juz Amma from the holy book of Al-Quran. In Shaa Allah..:)

I know being a WAHM is already make me occupied and sometime knocked me off but I will try my best to make time to memorize, especially when my kids at school or when all of them fall asleep at night. I need a complete silence environment to memorize the surah. :D

There are some factors that motivate me to do this.

First, it was my own kids who inspired me :). I have noticed that they could easily memorize surah even just by listening to my recitation only few times. Kids' memory is awesome right, subhanallah! It impressed me so I also encourage them to do memorization and we do it together before going to bed.

Then secondly, the girls must also memorize some surah at school for subject Pendidikan Islam. And their ustazah (teacher) put some target for them to memorize some particular Surah from Juz Amma through the year. That's great!

And that makes me want to memorize too, atleast Juz Amma. I felt quite ashamed if I don't memorize the Surah when they need me to check on their Hafazan (memorization) :D

Third and the last, because of my dream *shy*. Like other muslim parents, how we also wish that our kids can become Al Hafiz and Al Hafizah too one day, ameen...!

This is such a big dream and heavy duty for them hihi. But for me, no pressure. It's just all mothers want the best for their kids, right.

Kalau boleh kita semua nak anak-anak kita hafal Quran, kan? Jom kita berusaha dan doakan yang terbaik, in Shaa Allah :)

Lastly, It's never too late to try. I know many mothers out there are already start Hafazan with their kids way earlier than me. Awesome, Masya Allah! Please pray for us too, k. :)

Till then, wassalam.

Friday, January 6, 2017

HELLO 2017

Assalamualaikum and Jumuah Mubarak!

Hola! It is a brand new year again. Hope it is still not too late to wish you all happy new year! May 2017 brings us all the best and happiness..Ameen! :)

Also not to forget, thank you and good bye 2016 for so many beautiful events we had last year. Still there were ups and downs but that's life. We were thankful that we successfully got through it. Alhamdulillah.

This year all my kids are going back to school. So far they seem in a better spirit and dedicated doing homework. Yes, they already have homework since the first day of school starts. :D

I get back to my old routine. Busier of course. I get up earlier every morning to prepare breakfast. Today I pack food for the girls since their bag are lighter today but usually they just buy at the canteen.

For me, it is good to train them how to use their pocket money in buying food and keep the balance after school. Then teach them how to save money earlier, right. ;)

Hopefully, this year will be more productive year for all of us :D. And I pray nothing but the best in health, success and happiness for myself, my husband and our kids. And may Allah always protect, guide and bless us and you all too. :)

Ok till then, wassalam.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Our New Pet


Having a pet is like a new adventure. It takes your time and requires patience. It also teaches you to be diciplined and learn new things at the same time.

Our kids adore cats. Whenever they meet this loveable creature they could play on and on with them. But our daughters have Athma so that is the reason we always reject their request to have a cat.

But few months ago, there was this one cat kept coming to our house. It asked us food so we gave it food and water. We even bought a special cat food and also milk! :D

Suddenly, we found her pregnant! So we even made a special shelter for her. Then we were kinda excited and looking forward to meeting her babies hihi.

One day, she delivered four cute tiny kittens! The kids were all over the moon! They hold and caress them. Every morning they wake up, the kittens are first in their mind! :D

Recently, when we returned home from a long weekend break at our parents, we found out that the kittens were missing and it's mother had a cut and blood near it's neck!
we searched for the kittens high and low but to no avail. The kids were sad..

We suspected that some wild animals such as a snake or wild boar from the jungle had eaten the kittens huhu.

Surprisingly on the next day, the mother brought back it's two kittens from only God knows where. Even though only two, we were more than happy! Now the kids get to play again with the playful kittens. :)

Anyway as a mother, i still feel worried thinking if my daughters' Athma get worse since we have cats now.

But so far, Alhamdulillah. And in shaa Allah we will make sure that Iris will not skip her preventer inhaler everyday and night.

Till then wassalam.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Visit to Zoo Melaka


I took my kids to Zoo Melaka yesterday. It's kinda impromptu, but the idea just suddenly popped up in my head. After all the weather was bright and sunny.

It's a waste if we just stay at home while the weather was beautiful right. So we went there. Hubby could not join us as he worked but he kindly dropped us at the zoo so i don't need to trouble myself finding a parking space. Thank you, my love! Hee

First, we purchased tickets and bought the zoo map at the counter. The price for adult is RM17.90 and RM7.10 for a child including GST. RM1 for 2 maps. If you want to ride on a tram, it will cost you RM5 for each person separately.

And just before we started, i bought some snacks and drinks at the cafe nearby to make sure the kids's tummy happy.

Then we got to see animals such as rhinos, giraffes, elephants, emu, orang utan, ponies, peacocks, tiger, lions, leopards, monkeys, various type of birds, bear and many more! But most of the animals were taking a nap. Huhu.

Nevertheless the kids were still excited and had fun. They talked about the animals animatedly and read their details from the signboard. Their faces were glowing with smile and laughter though it was a hot day..surprisingly they did not complain much. Thumbs up, guys! :x

But too bad, my phone battery was low hence not many pictures were taken..that's the downside of adhoc plan...:(

Anyway, i'm so glad we made it. It took us about two hours to cover the zoo. We did skipped some animals though, it's the reptile house and missed some animals as well :D

All in all, the zoo now have more animals compare years before. So it was quite satisfying. There are tram service, small cafes around, toilets, a prayer room, and even a playground. So convenient!

My kids still talked about the funny Orang Utan who asked a soda drink from one of the visitors. The visitor was eventually relented and threw it to the Orang Utan after it being sulky ..so clever ok minta simpati, haha.

hopefully it would not give it any harm. The visitor did it just out of pity. It's a hot day and the Orang Utan must have been thirsty. Poor little thing!

Lastly, a visit to the zoo is always entertaining and educating. If you come to Melaka, go visit Zoo Melaka. I'm sure you and your kids will enjoy it as we did. Please wear hats, shades, sport shoes and bring your own drink too as it is quite expensive to buy inside.

Till then, wassalam..

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Assalamualaikum and hi.
I am here to inform you that my youngest child, Zafri has finally started kindergarten so our daily routine have slightly changed! ;D
I have been searching high and low for a good kindy since we return from London end of 2014 but none had caught my attention until just recently. 

So it has already been two weeks Zafri at Tadika Al Baghdadi Furqan, Bandaraya Melaka.If you ask me, its their unique Quranic memorising technique and islamic modules which interested me to enroll him there. I'm not ambitious, but if Zafri could memorise Juz Amma i would already happy. :)
Actually, the person in charged told us that they already finished the syllabus for this year but they still offerred him a place if we want to try.
And glad we tried. So far, Zafri seems okay, never throw tantrums in a morning before going to school (it's what he called :D) or cries when we left him. Unlike his beloved sisters who made scene on their first days at kindy! :p
The teachers are also nice and warm and always give us good feedback too about his wellbeing at the kindy so i feel relieved to hear that. Zafri also told me what he did at school animatedly once i fetched him. He made friends with Iman and Imtiyaz quite fast too. So for me it's a good sign. :D
For us mothers, it is very important for a kid to feel happy and secure being at the kindy. For a stay at home mom like me who all this time take care of Zafri since he was born i got worried too much. But then to know my son now have awesome teachers and friends around him is such a big relief. Hihi!
So far, i feel satisfied. Though it is still early to tell, yet i hope Zafri stays looking forward to school everyday and have fun learning as well as making friends. That's all we hope for a start.
If everything is fine, we would like him to continue at Al Baghdadi next year before going to primary school in 2018 which we already registered him at St. Francis Primary School. 
Last but not least, good job Zafri! We are so proud of you darling! Hope you always enjoy being at school and please know that we'll always be there for you no matter what. All the best, dear! Xoxo. ;)