Tuesday, January 10, 2017



Every new year people tend to have a new resolution. A new resolution could make us eager to achieve whatever it is in our new chapter of life. As for me, I have more than one resolutions as previously. :D

Before this I never share my resolution to public. But this year, I wish to share one of my resolutions. Why? Because hopefully, i could seriously do it, achieve the target and at the same time inspire others to do the same, in Shaa Allah :)

My resolution this year is to memorize Juz Amma from the holy book of Al-Quran. In Shaa Allah..:)

I know being a WAHM is already make me occupied and sometime knocked me off but I will try my best to make time to memorize, especially when my kids at school or when all of them fall asleep at night. I need a complete silence environment to memorize the surah. :D

There are some factors that motivate me to do this.

First, it was my own kids who inspired me :). I have noticed that they could easily memorize surah even just by listening to my recitation only few times. Kids' memory is awesome right, subhanallah! It impressed me so I also encourage them to do memorization and we do it together before going to bed.

Then secondly, the girls must also memorize some surah at school for subject Pendidikan Islam. And their ustazah (teacher) put some target for them to memorize some particular Surah from Juz Amma through the year. That's great!

And that makes me want to memorize too, atleast Juz Amma. I felt quite ashamed if I don't memorize the Surah when they need me to check on their Hafazan (memorization) :D

Third and the last, because of my dream *shy*. Like other muslim parents, how we also wish that our kids can become Al Hafiz and Al Hafizah too one day, ameen...!

This is such a big dream and heavy duty for them hihi. But for me, no pressure. It's just all mothers want the best for their kids, right.

Kalau boleh kita semua nak anak-anak kita hafal Quran, kan? Jom kita berusaha dan doakan yang terbaik, in Shaa Allah :)

Lastly, It's never too late to try. I know many mothers out there are already start Hafazan with their kids way earlier than me. Awesome, Masya Allah! Please pray for us too, k. :)

Till then, wassalam.


Nadine said...

InsyaAllah...semoga tercapai matlamat izu utk 2017. You can do it!! :)

ummi_ziz said...
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ummi_ziz said...

In shaa Allah, ameen. Thanks Nadine! :)