Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Zafri


It's Easter holiday and we are currently at our friend's place at Loughborough. So this post will be a quick update.

Anyway, Zafri already turned 3yo last 12th April. But that day (until now) he's not feeling well. Poor my lil boy..i wish you speedy recovery, darling!

On his special day, we celebrated with just five of us. The bday cake was bought earlier one day at Tesco and chose by his beloved sisters. Thomas choo choo train cake..:)

Unfortunately, Zafri was asked to cut the cake as soon as he woke up from his morning nap. So he wasn't warmed up enough hence the clueless expression. Hehe..

Then after the cake cutting session, we treat the birthday boy an educational trip at Mudchute farm city. It's The first time visit for all of us.

Zafri was happy to meet and greet all the animals there. He managed to touch Poney's head an feed a goat..what an experience! Nanti ada masa boleh update and upload more stories n pics at the farm. :D

Lastly, all of us totally had fun! But the most important was to see The birthday boy really enjoyed himself to the fullest there. ^_^

Happy 3rd Birthday, Zafri! We love you so much. Our best wishes and prayers will always be with you sweetheart. May you become a soleh and successful son in this world and hereafter.

Amin! :)

Easter Break!


I love Easter Break because of the long holiday period. Two weeks ok! Memang enjoy :D

And Zafri's bday is during this holiday too! So Easter 2011, i was in confinement. So thankful that time hubby tgh cuti and dapatla jaga me hihi.

Then Easter 2012 & 2013, we went cuti-cuti Europe. Alhamdulillah..:)) ( Citer kt Keukenhoff tak share lagi, will find some time soon in shaa Allah :D)

But Easter this year, we just planned to stay in London bound only as our budget had been spent to something else (might be shared later or might be not ;p) after all hubby's struggling to finish his PhD experiment since he's already in final year. But he's getting there, in shaa Allah.

Anyway, we had sunny spell yesterday so we all tagged hubby along to South Kensington! Where did we go? Natural History Museum again! :D

Aih besar sgt museum ni but alhamdulillah we managed to cover all the zones this time. ;)

But since using mobile update ni tak boleh nak upload pics banyak so i will share them part by part (klu rajin ;p) in the next shaa Allah.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Boreham Giant Carboot Sales


Sepanjang musim Winter, carboot sales tutup especially the outdoored ones. Sejuk beku siapalah yang tahan nak berjual-beli kt open-farm lebih kurang 6 jam kann? :D

But since now is Spring, the carboot sales are back! ;)

Our favourite carboot sale is definitely the one at Boreham! Besar, barang elok dan lebih murah sebab ramai private sellers berbanding traders..kalau traders dah la barang mahal patu mostly tak boleh bargain :(

Anyway, those pics were taken by hubby last two weeks. Geram tengok! He went there with our n kids tak pergi..sedih ok kena tinggal. Haha! But issokay yg penting seronok dengar guest enjoy sakan shopping kt sana. :)

Looking forward to go there! Last week tak buka sebab hujan..

Ok till then wassalam..;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wonderful Country Park


Hello April! Time is running out for us here. But no matter where we are, time is still running out right. :(

Well forget about it first, let me share about our day out at this wonderful park, Weald Country Park during last summer. This wonderful park is located at Brentwood, Essex only 30 minutes away driving from our place. Nice! :)

The park was huge at 500 acres of open field, grazing land, reindeer farm and lake. So big, indeed! And guess what the Eins were very thrilled when they heard the word Reindeer and couldn't wait to see them. ^_^

Hello deers..! Subhanallah, they were gorgeous..


My loves at the reindeer farm. <3

They were so clean and healthy..

Mommy and Daddy Deer, perhaps? :D

Precious experience!! ^_^

Come on Zafri..they don't bite!

More food pls...:D
This was our first time seeing the reindeer alive hehe. At first we just watching them being fed by other people and had a little chat with one of the local people. Nice lady. ;) 

Then when i saw the notice at the fence i remembered that i had packed some oranges at home, so great! Let's feed the deer! :D The deer didn't bite and not harmful at all so i asked my kids to try feeding them too. BUT they never allowed the deer ate on their palm instead they just threw the oranges towards them! aih sabo je la..haha

Since there were more to see at the park, we bid goodbye to the deer and made our way towards the lake. Actually, we were already hungry! need to find some secluded spot to have a picnic. Picnic at the lakeside sounds good, isn't it? ;)

nice foot path leading towards the lake..:)

my independent son :)

my handsome 'safari' tour guide :D

posing time! ;D

blasting off energy :D

absolutely huge park :)

also lovely summer flowers during our fun trail ;)
As you can see we didn't settle down quickly when we reached the lake because there was no appropriate area to have a picnic. what we did was we walked a bit further until we found the perfect spot just near the lakeside. Hehe..

but along the way there, we crossed the big open field and really enjoyed the scenic view. The kids really enjoyed running around each other on the field and hubby and i enjoyed taking their pictures. Glad to watch them all smiling and laughing. :)

We eventually settled down at the secluded spot that being mentioned earlier. The place was perfect coz it's near the lake and the kids managed to feed the ducks this time...hehehe..

Semangat betul =)
lovely duckies eating breads

lost in their own world ;)
Babah dah lapar sgt la tu hihi

the kids plak tak igt nak makan :D

Zafri kata dpd bg duck makan, baik dia makan hihihi
apalah yg dibincangkan tuh =)
so peaceful and  beautiful...;)

Then, it's time to fill our hungry tummy..omnomnomnom =)

Once we finished our lunch, we made sure we didn't leave any litters before continuing our walk into the woodlands. Can't wait!

But before that, we made a photoshoot on a big tree for the kids only..i wish i was not heavy..Hihi. The Eins were not afraid of heights but lil Zafri was the other way..hehehe

Hisham Angels ;D
pose manja ;D

er don't leave me alone up here..:P

lil miss iris has no fear ^^

C'mon, let's go!

our precious :))

heading to the woods
 the well-preserved woodlands

unique tree subhanallah

lastly, me n my girls :))
Anyway, we didn't spent too long in the woods and went deep into it coz i was chickened, after taking few more pictures, we returned back at the car park. :)

Apparently the park's getting merrier and livelier with more people playing balls, kites and play and catch with their dog. Others were jogging, cycling and some even just sitting on the field having picnic with their loved ones. Just love the scene! Awesome. :)

Lastly, Weald Country Park is a wonderful park, it is not only a place for leisure but it is also an educational place. Sadly, we gonna miss it soon..huhu..

Till then, wassalam.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love and Pray for MH370


It was heartbreaking to receive the most unwanted news two days ago. MH370 was believed to end at South Indian Ocean with no survivors. My heart seemed stopped for a while. I was crying inside thinking of their love ones who are waiting all this while. It's so devastating! They hoped that everyone's onboard MH370 are still alive and so did i. But Allah has something else for us and He Knows best. My heart goes out to all the family of MH370. :'(

Though the SAR team are still looking for the black box and anything that related to the plane and survivors, the tragedy has become quite a mystery. There are so many speculations especially whether it was hijacked or not. Wallahu'alam...Only Allah knows what really happened to MH370. But deep down in my heart, I'm sure that the pilot and the co-pilot had done all their very best. They are our national heroes and will be remembered together with all other 12 cabin crews and all the passengers. Let's pray so that Allah had made it easy for all of them..amin!

Tuly heroes, the pilot, Captain Zaharie (right) and his co-pilot, Fariq.