Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Attitudes On The Road


I feel much more comfortable being in Malaysia day to day. I appreciate the heat everyday and the privillege to get to see both sides of our family more frequently. And the heavenly food!

But there is one thing that i'm not comfortable with at all. Attitudes on the road!

It has been almost two months since our return from the UK. I noticed that how far the difference of our Malaysian drivers and riders compare to the UK and also Europe drivers and riders. Here, many drivers and riders seem not to follow the rules and has not showing good attitudes

They ( of couse not all drivers ) tend to:

1. Against the traffic lights.

2. Drive over the speed limit.

3. Not using the right and left signal.

4. Not giving way to other drivers even though the other drivers give the signal.

5. Have No license and not wearing helmets

All these are dangerous to other road users and even themselves!

For us, we almost got hit in front of school after finished registering our daughter. It was when we were about to cross the road but the cars kept going without stopping though the padestrian traffic light was already turned green. And we saw that theirs were red and they supposed to be stop but they did not! And to our surprise the driver even dared to honk at us! What an attitude..Sigh

Seriously, those kind of attitudes and behaviour must be stopped for the better road traffics and prevent road casualities in our country.

Let's start with our own self first. Always follow the rules. Respect other drivers and remember your loved ones need you. And show good examples to our kids.

Also, the government must take action on this promptly especially on the fine and penalty enforcement to any disobeyed road users. The governement, police and JPJ could cooperate with NGO bodies to make campaigns on road civics and good attitudes when being on the road, continously.

Finally, Let's change for a better nation!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Public Swimming Pool


Thankfully we've found the public swimming pool. It's located at Banda Hilir and just 15 minutes driving from our house.

The fee entrance is also cheap! RM3 for each adult and RM2 for each child for one session. Each session is 1 hour and half. It's more than enough! ;)

So far we already went there twice. The kids love it! The kids pool is near the adult pool so easier for the parents to monitor them. ;)

Overall, it's very convenient. The pool is very clean too. The location-wise is so strategic, it's near to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, menara Taming Sari and A Famosa. Sgt best! ;)

The kids always ask when can we take them there again. Hehe..klu weekend ada kt Melaka boleh je kita pergi..:)

Ps. Kelas swimming pon ada tau! :D

Friday, January 23, 2015



This is gonna be a short update.

Hopefully it's still not too late to wish Happy new year 2015! ;)

I wish i could write more frequent this year. But let's see! Heheh.

Aww, how i miss blogging and blogwalking! But I'm so busy bee so it takes time to start.

I'll try my best to write again, in shaa Allah but i've got to stop now first. ;)

Anyway, let's start this year with Basmalah.


Ok, See ya' later! ;)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Back For Good :-)


We've been back here in Malaysia for already three weeks. Alhamdulillah..so far so good. We are very busy catching up with family both sides and spring cleaning our home sweet home here in Melaka. So hectic, tiring but satisfying! :)

The other half had report duty on the 1st of December. The process went smoothly and he was given a week leave to rest. Now, hubby's working 9 hours daily with less workloads so that he could concentrate on his PhD write up. The submission dateline is somewhere in March. In shaa Allah, he can do it! ;)

Zahin and Zafri with their Pak Ngah at Mamatok's house in Sg. Buloh

Anyway, we flew from London Gatwick airport to Istanbul Atarturk airport with Turkish Airlines on 27th of November. Just had a short two nights transit in the city before flying home on 29th of November with Emirates. After transit shortly at Dubai, we flew to Malaysia and finally safely arrived at KLIA on 30th November. What an experience! Huhu..

Istanbul Kami Datang!! :D

The food in Turkish Airlines were yummy!

Reading while waiting for our next flight at Istanbul Atarturk airport

Blue Mosque or Blue/Sultanahmet Camii
Istanbul is a very interesting city. Being unwell and two nights were just not enough to cover Istanbul itself. But still grateful to be there..;) I will try my best to find some free time to share about our short transit there later, in shaa Allah. :)

Luckily, the weather is not too hot in this rainy season so all of us are in the pink of health now, alhamdulillah. Most of the time we just stay at home when hubby's at work. Spring cleaning are still ongoing..am getting rid old stuffs before our stuffs in London arrive so am still super duper busy. Huhu.

Hopefully, 2015 will be less hectic once we have really settled down, in shaa Allah..

Till next post! ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Half-Term Break: The Ice Rink at Natural History Museum


When the girls saw the ice rink and other kids skating at Natural History museum, they got excited and completely forgot about going to Hyde Park. They instantly begged me to go for skating..Oh not again..and it was impossible girls! Kesian..but they did not have any skating experience..so it's a big no. But after they watched a few kids and adults fell off onto the ice they stopped begging me. Hehe..

The day was beautiful! It was pretty bright and sunny hence the place was crowded since it was school holiday. Due to the warm weather, the ice quickly melted and the rink was quite slippery so it's quite challenging for the skaters. Nonetheless, the number of skaters increased towards the evening and the place was happening!

For the tickets if i'm not mistaken, it was GBP8 for each child and GBP13 for each adult and can be bought at the ticket counter nearby. The price is still considered cheap at the moment because usually the price will go up during Christmas and Chrismas school holiday like in previous year. 

We just enjoyed watching other people skating. The girls still had fun though they did not have a chance to skate. Happy aje, dan seronok tengok the staffs skating while showing some ballerina skills. Had a good time indeed. Good girls, mummy love you two! ;)

Later, i'd treated them both a ride on a marry-go-around for being sporting. They both were thrilled! Hehe. Luckily, Zafri felt asleep! Sebab dia tak cukup tinggi, ketidak sure mengamuk nak naik jugak ikut Along and Angah huhu. 

Actually, children who are below the specifiied height could still go on a marry go around but must be accompanied by their parents. But in my case, nobody can keep an eye on our belongings if i had to joined in..tak pelah Zafri maybe next time plak..;))

Anyway the girls had fun riding on a marry-go-around. They moved so fast! It was hard to take their picture without being blurred. Haha. Anyway, I'd enjoyed taking their pictures and others. The picture below was my favourite! i just simply loved the clear blue sky and the magnificent building of Natural History museum. I miss both already..:'( (now the weather is already cold, dull and gloomy. Sejuk, brrr..!!)

We stayed there until Zafri awaked and Babah finished his work. Babah and Zafri also enjoyed the crowds. After having some chips and juice, we took bus to go to Bayswater to eat and pray at Malaysian Hall canteen. Afterwards we managed strolling at Kensington Gardens and played at Princess Diana Memorial Park until it closed.

Phewww, all have done in a day! It's so tiring but always satisfying..we really enjoyed ourselves..the most important thing that my kids were happy. Alhamdulillah. :)