Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Down Memory Lane at Epping Forest


Three years ago, we were here. That time Zafri was still in my womb and now, he's big and running already! Hehe. 

This time we did not go boating like last time. Babah had offered though..but I just felt not confident to go boating while wearing abaya. Hehehe..

After all we just went punting in Cambridge last year. It's much the same with boating..:D

Anyway, seeing those pretty creatures in the lake were already fascinating for kids. Hehe. And i agree and it was so peaceful watching them cruising the lake. ::)

Then we settled ourselves at this spot nearby the lake and took out our snacks. We brought some breads as well to feed the ducks. The kids were really looking forward to this activity.

Once they started throwing the bread crumbs into the water, not only ducks but the beautiful swan also came towards the 'food'. The seemed very hungry!.

Then we noticed that the pigeons were also eyeing and trying to get the 'food' in the water. :D So Zahin, Iris and Zafri fed them too but on the ground of course! hehe..

And they went back and forth feeding between the ducks and the swan in the lake and the pigeons..the birds were really hungry, they seemed non-stop eating. Poor little things..

Feeding those birds made Zahin, Iris and Zafri hungry too. Haha so they had some crisps and orange juice that we bought earlier at ASDA..

While they were having fun, happily running around and chasing the pigeons, Babah and Mummy enjoyed the scenery and took many pictures of them and others around the place. We both also enjoyed ourselves. :)

See, we really had fun and love Epping Forest!! ^_^

We simply love all the greens that surrounded us..and the cleanliness too! Masya Allah..So before we leave, we made sure that we do not litter the place. :)

Well, that's all. Another quality and bonding time session with my family and the nature..Alhamdulillah..May Allah bless us always and make us a better Khalifah day to day..amin! :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Little Miss Specky


Too much reading or too much watching iphone or genetic? All are the factors Izzahin has short-sighted like both Babah and ummi, i believe! 

We went to Asda Optician to book an appointment to see an optometrist on sunday, the day before Raya. Firstly, we need to fill on the form for Zahin;s detail as a patient and our detail as a parent. Since she was under 16 years old, she was entitled to get free consultation and frame. How generous, right? ;)

So we came back on wednesday, three days later to see the optometrist. When we were called in, our little miss clingy Iris also wanted to tag along so we took her in together with us to see Mr. Optometrist. Babah waited outside with adik Zafri. But luckily, this chatty girl can't stop talking so THAT made Along Zahin felt less nervous. Good job, Iris! Hehehe...

Along Zahin was cool and well-cooperated throughout the consultation. I'm so proud of her! :) And then, Mr. Optometrist confirmed that she was short-sighted with minimum power at 50-50 for both right and left eyes. After finished with a prescription, he asked us to choose a frame at kids section outside.

It took quite sometime for us to choose a frame for her. She already picked a shocking pink Disney Princess frame, but Babah said it's not kinda appropriate to wear at school.  So she tried on the plain black and thick frame, and again Babah disapproved it. This time he said she looks nerd! hahahaha...Then finally, we were left only with a red Cinderella frame and fortunately it seems the most suitable and looks best on her. So hope she would take a good care of it..:)

And here she is, Little Miss Specky now. So far sgt berhati-hati menjaga spek dia. hehehe...

Anyway, She looks matured, kan? Dah la rupa Babah, bila pakai spek laaaagi sebiji macam Babah. Like Father, like daughter! hehehehe...Babah kata dah nampak muka budak baik-baik..hehe. Ummi kata nampak educated.. ;) hehe..Mudah-mudahan amin..amin..! :D

Ps. Ummi only started wearing glasses when i was 11 years old while Babah 12/13 years old, Zahin. hehe..

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Eid Mubarak From London :-)


Hope still not too late to wish Eid Mubarak here. We have been busy coping up things and adjusting ourselves here and there at this new place. It's quite hard in the beginning but now things have started to fit in the places gradually..:)

Anyway, we last minute decided to perform Eid prayer at the Malaysian Hall in Central London with our friends. It's our second time, alhamdulillah..^_^

Since 1st Syawal fell on Monday, so it is not advisable to drive in to Central London on working/week days. The parking space and parking fee are also limited and expensive so we have no choice except going there by using underground train (Tube), which is the cheapest and the fastest! ;D

It was not easy to wake my kids up early in the morning since they are known as 'owls'. The night time was short since it was still in Summer, so basically we lacked of sleep! Zafri was the most challenging to be bathed and dressed up that morning. Huhu.

So we were rushing and had to skip the proper breakfast at our friends to catch the train at 7am. But thankfully, i still managed to cook and bring nasi impit, rendang daging, kari kambing and nasi lemak with sambal bilis to our friend's. And also bawa bekal roti canai segera to central London too in case the kids get hungry in the train!  ;D

with abg dinn kak Aza family..my girls masing-masing jalan and holding hands with their bffs, ain, sarah and alia..umi dan babah dah tak laku dah..huhuhu..

This was the first time we ride on the tube during 1st Syawal. What an exciting experience! hehe. Since it's in  the peak hour where everyone else were on their way to their workplace, so most of the time we were like sardines in the tin. :D 

Not to forget that we were being center of attractions in the train too. :P

They kept glancing at us. Then one of them greeted and asked us sincerely where we were going. We were blushed but after telling them that we were going to Malaysian Hall for Eid Celebration, they all started to understand and one of them did say like; oh, that's why you all are looking cheerful and colourful today and they look so cuteee together! (pointing to the kids). Hehe. We just thanked them politely. :D

We also received greetings from few strangers like 'Eid Mubarak' by the roadside too! Hehe. Anyhow we felt kinda rocks and proud with our national dress, baju kurung and baju melayu in the heart of London that morning ;) hehe..

us at Malaysian hall waiting to be called for Solat sunat aidilfitri...credit pic to Ain. :)

met my pretty junior, Farah who came all the way from Bristol to London ;)

and met kak Zaitul darling, who used to be our old neighbor before she and family moved to West London :)
Babah took Zafri with him to Men's hall. He's allright praying along Babah at first but cried in thesecond rakaat after his kopiah came off his head but only for a while. Hehe. My girls were at their best behaviour too, they stayed in the other room with their bffs. Thanks Kak Aza for keeping eyes on them for me! ;)

Also, kudos to all the staffs at Malaysian Embassy for their hard works. Though it was full house that day, but the event had been carried on smoothly. Alhamdulillah, we managed to perform the Eid prayer and listen to the sermon with other Malaysian Muslims in peace and harmony. But it really touched our hearts when the speaker gave a sermon about Gaza, Palestine..ask us to make dua for our brothers and sisters there who had no chance at all to celebrate Eid happily with their loved ones. :(

Let's keep them in our doa, always!

in front of Malaysia High Com embassy with other crowds :)

with kak Aza and her son, Syabil :)

my family and kak Aza;s family but tak cukup quorum, ank2 bertuah bila dah jmp bff mmg lupa la kt parents derg ni,..dah la kene tgu turn bgambar kt sini sebab ramai sgt org.

bersilaturrahim selepas solat raya... alhamdulillah...Taqabballahu Minna Waminkum..:)

Actually, there was Eid feast afterwards but it was announced to be held at 11am. It was late for us to wait with the kids. And the kids already boring so we skipped the feast..After all we didn't think it's a good idea to squeeze in with the kids in such a crowd. Must be a long queue and all!

Lastly, we decided to go to have our Eid photoshoot at Tower Bridge, London. Hehe kemahin!  Mentang-mentang la last raya in London, so thought we don't wanna miss this golden chance while we can..:D

the pretty girls at Tower Hill underground sign..;)

candid pic of three of them while feeding the pigeons with roti canai!! nasib baik bawak bekal..:D:D

our family photo with tower bridge at the back, can't go nearer sebab sesak with tourists. Anyway,  i bought my kids apparel at my hometown..though Zahin n /iris chose the dress by themselves. While, Babah had recycle his baju melayu and my baju kurung pahang was given by my beloved mom. :)

myiris khusyuk feeding pigeons :)

zafri pon seronok join skali ^_^

my kids with Tower of London/London Dungeon at the back.

Bffs Forever :)

Double Ootd with kak Aza :D

So overall, it was still a jolly Eid day for us and everyone else. Since it fell during summer and school holiday so many Malaysian from across the UK took this chance to come down to celebrate with us in London. The more, the merrier! Hehe.

Lastly,, we would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin again to all our dearest friends, readers and silent readers for any our wrongdoings, sayings and writings. We hope you and your beloveds have a wonderful Eid as well, wherever you are..:)

Alhamdulillah..another beautiful Eid day for us in London..we got to go to open house at our friends' place too..All Praise to Allah. :)

Hopefully this will be our last raya in London and hopefully, we can celebrate with our beloved family, relatives and friends in Malaysia next year. Can't wait! :) 

O Allah, Thank You for your endless love and mercy, for all the bounties, golden opportunities and experiences, we are blessed and thankful. Please forgive our sins, our lacks of ibadah and our wrong words and actions and please give us a chance to live longer to purify our hearts, to gain knowledges, to do good deeds and to help whoever in needs. And we seek for your guidance to improve ourselves and always be humble and down-to-earth, be thankful and better person each day. Amin!

IshamIzu & Co
London, UK

Friday, July 25, 2014

Langkawi Hot Spring


Good Friday everyone..we are almost at the end of Ramadan and today is the last Friday in this holy month. How we wished every month is Ramadan, right. What a blessing month it is...Nevertheless, let's pray so we could meet Ramadan again next year, in shaa Allah...amin!

It's very hot here in London with 28 degrees Celsius! I have got migrain haha..but i simply love the weather. It reminds us with Malaysia. It didn't stop us to go out and about and we also got Breakfast invitation at a friend's house at Dagenham but I will share about it later.

Today i would like to continue on our family vacation during our short return to Malaysia that day. :)

After visiting Perdana Galleria which i already shared in the previous post, we went lunch at Kedai Kak Nah first..( now forgot the location but i think org Langkawi sure know this shop ;))

After feasting our tummy with the delicious authentic Malay dishes like Asam Pedas ikan jenahak, ayam masak kicap, sayur kampung, ayam goreng, ikan goreng, sayur ulam with sambal belacan and two jugs of air sirap limau...(just writing all of them here makes me mouth-watering! :P) we quickly found our way heading to Langkawi Hot Spring.

(Credit to my brother who made all the research and did the tentative, good job bro!)

For your information, the day we flew to Langkawi was only the second day we arrived in Malaysia. Basically, we were still jet-lagged on the third day but i think we had pushed ourselves to enjoy the trip as best as we can. Cuma Babah je yang tak boleh tahan mengantuk hehe. So my brother took over driving  job most of the time while Babah's sleeping at the co-driver seat. 

He even doze off while waiting our turn to dip our feet at Langkawi Hot Spring! (in the pic above :D)

While waiting for our turn, my brother and I went looking around the place. Actually the place has a beautiful landscape but i had just wondering why the lake was full with floating weeds..? i think it will look nicer without those thingy. :D

There were few shops selling souvenirs as well as a cafe near entrance. As soon as we arrived, my mom kene pau bubble-blower dengan cucu-cucunya kt situ. Hehe.

Hmm price wise,  the souvenirs are quite expensive here. But mind you the admission fee is free here, so do not miss to come this place if you are in Langkawi! ;)

For your information, it is natural salt water hot spring not a common fresh hot spring which is rare. 

When it's our turn, we went towards the hut nearby and took position before dipping our feet in the hot spring well. Whoaa, it felt so good as the water was warm AND clean! 

Our hut was not the big one but it's very nice. The hot-spring well was under it. It's shady though we could still feel the heat and it's privacy. If you are coming in a big group like my family, you do not have to share the hut with strangers. :) 

We just sat and talked and laughed during the session except my dearie hubby who was asleep while dipping his feet in the well! :D

Pok de pon nak main bubble..hehe

Iris always with Tok Mak :)

my nephew Izzrizz with his happy go lucky pak ngah..:)

Zahin kepanasan, babah ketiduran...:D
Suddenly, we had a chance to go to the bigger hut after other visitors left. Again there were not many visitors came as it's on Monday.

The bigger hut is located at a bit higher level of ground. You would need to climb few steps of stairs to reach it. The seat design is special as we could lean our body this time..so more relaxing while dipping feet in the warm water.

But the well looks deeper than the first one so you need to be extra careful especially if you bring children..;)

Babah dah bangun kt big pool ni..yay! :)

Kesian Zafri, penatand jet-lagged tapi dia je tahan mata...

half picture of me as most of our pics were too 'sexy' to be shared .:P

the hot-spring well at the bigger hut :)

leaving the place..and hoping to see a clean lake next time. huhu..

playing bubbles while waiting the adults praying at musolla

singgah pantai pasir hitam beli air kelapa and keropok lekor..nyums! 

All in all, we truly enjoyed ourselves at Langkawi Hot-spring. Feeling healthier and refreshing after the session. :D

Apart from the lake, we highly recommend the place! Cantik, best dan lengkap dengan musolla, sauna and jacuzzi, bathroom and toilet. Massage service pon ada. Such a good place for spending a quality time with family. :)

Lastly, I would share about other places that we went in Langkawi next time. Till then, wassalam