Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Short Trip to Pulau Perhentian Kecil


Alhamdulillah my sister's wedding reception at Besut turned out well and successful on 19th September 2015. We wish her and her husband to well embrace the journey in their marriage with love, patience and happiness till Jannah. Ameen...

The next day, some of the relatives had to return to our hometown in Muar earlier than us because some of my cousins worked on Monday. We were really appreciate and would like to thank them for joining us as the bride and groom entourage from Muar to Besut. Mucho gracias! Xoxo. :D

After sending them off at 10a,m, my family sat down discussing on what to do and where to go that day.

So I had suggested all of us to go to Pulau Perhentian since we were already near to the jetty at Kuala Besut. The jetty was just 5 minutes driving from our homestay at Kg. Air Tawar, Besut. Too near, glad that we made it. :D

Actually, the plan was made in my mind earlier to celebrate our septemberian's birthday; Zahin (Sept 17), my husband (Sept 20) and my father (Sept 28). :D

Luckily, all of us had agreed and decided to go except the newlywed couple who had to help the groom's family on the post-wedding's clean-up session. :P

Enjoy the pics! (Sorry they were not in order and i had trouble to choose them. So many pics!! Hope i could share some more later ;D)

Fr left: hubby, mom, future sil, my 2nd bro, my 3rd bro, dad, and sil and her son Erizz. Sitting onthe floor fr left: Zahin, Zafri and  cousin, Izzrizz at Jetty Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Iris was clingy to me who took this pic :D

Here was Iris, Zahin, Zafri and Izzrizz looked a bit tanned after swimming, waiting for our boat to go back to the land.

Were over the moon selfie with my siblings n inlaws at the back  each with their 'peace' sign as soon as we arrived at Pulau Perhentian jetty. 

Family selfie in the crsytal clear water. Happy birthday Babah and along Zahin! xoxoxo :))

me n kids loving the gorgeous water! Seriously, we dont wanna getout fr it that day.  Tskk

too crystal clear to see the cute tiny fishes....excited ok!! heheh. Zahin je yg takut with the fishes :D

and this was our private spot at Shari La Beach Resort that day. Awesome!!

Iris darling berkepit je dgn Tok Mak in the boat otw to the island..hehehe

Anyway, the boat return tickets cost rm70 per adult and rm35 for child. In our group, only us and Zahin had tickets..the other four younger children got free fare. The boat embarked from Kuala Besut Jetty at 12.30pm and it took only 30 minutes to arrive at Pulau Perhentian Kecil. And other different smaller boat came at 4pm to fetch us. Too short rite...huhu. but in shaa Allah perhaps next time we will try to come again for overnights. :D

Nontheless, we really enjoyed the trip though it was a brief trip. We needed it so much! ^_^ But 
I might say the first boat that we rode in while going to the island was much bigger and preferable (ada bumbung and partial wall and life-jackets for lil ones) than the one that we rode during our return to the land. Anyway, we all survived, alhamdulillah. And yet we would love to go there again next time! Coz we forgot to buy any souvenirs such as FM as we were rushing to get to the jetty. Hehehe. 

Last but not least, happy belated birthday to our beloved Septemberians!!! Many happy returns and may Allah bless you three and all of us always. Looking forward to more trips in the future! Ameen! :)

Till then, Wassalam. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September Comes Early


Huhu I feel so bad looking at this abandoned blog of mine. :D

How come it is already in the mid of September...?! sigh. I have so many things to share but yet so little time to do so. :(

Anyway, this morning we went to GH as Iris have appointment with a doctor. No Athma attack since last ward admission. Alhamdulillah, the doctor was also satisfied after checking her progress. So another appointment will be in three months. :)

Well, actually the school is closed due to the haze, since the AIR is already in 'not healthy' stage. Hence, Zahin jusy stayed home with Zafri while us taking Iris to GH. They were fine when we came home afternoon. No drama air mata! Good...Hihi

Last but not least, my sister had finally tied the knot with her beloved fiance last saturday. So happy for her!! I could not believe that my lil sister already got married, really. Hehe.

Thankfully, the wedding ceremony went smoothly that day. We were touched to see many guests coming even though in hazy day. May Allah bless them all...:)

Lastly, all of us are looking forward to going to Terengganu for the wedding receptions on the groom side this coming weekend. Can't wait!! :D

May Allah protect us in our journey to Terengganu and pray so that the event will be as smooth and successful as shaa Allah, ameen!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tips Bawa Balik Barang Dari Oversea


First of all, selamat hari merdeka yang ke 58, Malaysia! Semoga Malaysia sentiasa dirahmati Allah dan selamat daripada sebarang ancaman dalam dan luar. Ameen.

Kami hanya menyambut kemerdekaan di rumah sahaja.  Cuti hujung minggu yang panjang kali ini banyak dihabiskan dengan 'spring cleaning' di rumah. Terasa lega melihat stor sudah semakin 'clear'. Banyak kotak sudah berjaya kami 'unpack'. Hampir 9 bulan kami sudah berada di Malaysia namun  masih ada lagi kotak-kotak yang belum habis di 'unpack'. Huhu..

Kepada kawan-kawan yang masih berada di luar negara, ini ada tips untuk jimatkan ruang dalam rumah daripada saya.

Barang-barang yang tidak perlu dibawa balik apabila anda mahu back for good.

1. Baju tebal dan berlengan panjang serta skinny jeans.

Kt Malaysia ini panas..tak sesuai dipakai disini even pada waktu malam. Men and boys would not want to wear it. Untuk kita perempuan takpelah kalau bawa balik berlengan panjang sebab memang kita akan pakai. Untuk anak lelaki, lebih baik belikan singlets and shorts untuk mereka. Untuk anak perempuan, belikan leggings not tights! As for my girls, denim jeans pon mereka tak mahu pakai lagi..and most of them pula memang jenis skinny jeans yang melekap bila pakai. Panas Huhu.

2.  'Unused toys'

Menyakitkan mata kalau tiada ruang untuk disimpan. :D Kalau rumah besar dan mempunyai banyak storage untuk menyimpan kesemuanya tidak mengapa kalau hendak dibawa balik. Jika sebaliknya lebih baiklah didermakan sahaja atau jual di ebay/carboot/garage. Bayangkan kami yang telah bawa lebih daripada 10 kotak toys. Pengsan!

3. Pinggan-mangkuk.

Alasan yang sama seperti 'unused toys'. Pening kepala bila tak muat kabinet! :D maka beli sekadar cukup dan belilah yang practical untuk semua peringkat umur. Hehe. Macam Portmeirion agak berat, saya pon jarang2 memakainya di sini. Some people like our parents memang tak larat dengan Portmeirion. Lenguh tangan nak mengangkat dan mencucinya. Hehe hanya sebab ianya cantik dan murah serta buatan dari UK yang membuatkan saya pon turut terjebak membelinya. Nak jual memang tak lah, sayang kot! :D

4. Kasut, stokin dan tights

Cukup seorang sepasang sport shoes sahaja. Kat sini sport shoes hanya digunakan jika ingin berjogging. Anak-anak saya kalau tidak dipaksa pakai kasut memang mereka prefer selipar atau sandle sahaja. Huhu stokin lagilah diorang tak ingin pakai. Akhirnya, terbuang sahaja.

5. Basikal

Mula-mula semangat berkobar-kobar nak 'cycling' bila balik Malaysia. Sekali bila dah kat sini rasa bercinta pula nak cycling. Cuaca yang panas membantutkan keinginan. Duduk dalam rumah pon kadang-kadang saya boleh migrain tau. Makanya sampai sekarang basikal tu tak bergerak-gerak. Huhu. Tapi kalau tahan panas, bawalah balik basikal tu..sayang, kan? Sebab basikal daripada luar negara lebih berkualiti dan harganya pula murah berbanding di sini. :)

Ok setakat itu dululah based on my experience. Semoga ianya dapat membantu anda dalam membuat keputusan dalam penghantaran balik barang-barang ke tanahair.

Lastly, less things not only save space in your home sweet home but could save space on the container as well.. hence could save the money! ;)


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

4 Dreadful Days in Hospital


Iris was taken to Emergency Unit Hospital Melaka around 9am on last friday once she was referred by doctor at panel clinic due to rapid breathing and known Athma. Panic mode was on! So Hubby quickly called his boss and took EL that day. I called my mom just to let her know.

Upon arriving at Hospital Melaka, i got out the car and carried Iris as quick as i could towards the emergency and the paramedic in charged let us straightly went into the emergency room. Few doctors and other paramedics had already waited and welcomed us at the door. Then we were ushered to the bed while at the same time i was busy answering questions by the doctors. They worked very fast and i was very satisfied with that. after about two hours of getting treatment by the dedicated doctors and paramedics, iris seemed stable and the progress was surprisingly shown very well too. Subhanallah..alhamdulillah.

But as expected, they admitted her to the paed ward as she still needed to be monitored closely. Afterall from the xray, the result shown that her lungs were hyper inflated. Then Hubby and Zafri came into emergency room soon after parking our car and he had to went out again to register on the ward admission before off to fetch Zahin at school at 12pm. Around 1ishpm my parents arrived from Muar to take care of Zahin and Zafri while hubby went to the mosque for friday prayer.

At the hospital, only after three hours of waiting in the emergency, we finally got a call and the permission from the ward. It was apparently fullhouse and it's already at 2ish pm! Luckily they managed to secure one place for Iris in the special care room which was air-conditioned. What a relief! I just texted hubby after being sent to the ward. He came back with my parents to visit iris at ward at 4ish pm.

By the way, Iris was treated with 3 times nebulizer,  had completed salbutamol on drip and was on going oxygen in between in the emergency unit. Meanwhile in the ward, she still depended on and off on oxygen and she needed to be pumped, 12 puffs with blue inhaler every 2 hours and was also advised to continue back on the preventor, the brown inhaler, 2puffs every day and night. She was also immediately started on penidsolone (steroid), antibiotics, paracetamol orally day and night as well. All the meds especially penidsolone taste were really horror..Iris hated it the most She even refused it and i had to force her. Two times she spitted half of them out and had made me mad at her then she cried. Sorry Iris, Mummy was too worried of you. So i had to bribe her by promising to buy her something about the Little Pet Shop if she properly took her meds. Surprisingly after the deal, she never failed taking the med. But still pity my lil girl and me of course esp during the giving med time, its really a battle..huhu...

During the four days stay, the medication routine was the same. It was dreadful, i was sleep-deprived and sometimes i missed the pump routine esp in the middle of nights as i was exhausted and didnt hear the alarm clock!! I hate myself when that happened but fortunately the doctors and nurses were kindly said it was fine since Iris seemed comfortable in her sleep. Then based on that, the doctors agreed to increase the pump time from every two hours to three on saturday, the  to every four hours on sunday. The breathing was also alreay getting slowly..

By Sunday Iris had not feverish anymore, already very active, climbed on and off the cot bed..she even ran and jumped! oh myyyy i almost lost my mind to tell her off..because she must rest according to the doctors..but this cannot-sit-still-girl tak makan saman ok...sigh. She already got bored..and kept saying wanna go home, ..and she even insisted to tag me to the musolla as well.

But too bad that she was still having chesty cough and wheezing on and off, hence the doctors still kept her warded. Only on monday afternoon, the doctor in charged had finally agreed to discharge her. Phewww..what a relief!

But i cannot relieve yet since she is still not fully recovered. Currently she still continuing on medication therefore needs to be monitored closely at home..

So now she's on antibiotic day and night, rhinitin for cold only at night as it causes drowsy and as well needs to be pumped with the blue inhaler, 6 puffs every 4 hours for two days. Then 6 puffs every 6 hours for another two days before stop it. After that she needs to be pumped when needed, like whenever having difficult to breath. But for the preventor, the brown inhaler she must take it 2 puffs every day and night until next appointment with doctor in a month time.

Honestly it was tough taking care an athmatic child. Need to control her food and wellbeings. But anything for her, really. I just hope she will be healthy with the controlled meds taking and all the precautions. i will always pray so that her Athma will be eventually gone as she grows up. Ameen..!! Zahin pon dah lama tak Athma, alhamdulillah..

Lastly, speedy recovery and get well soon my darling, Iris! We love you so much! Hope jaga makan, makan ubat dan kene shaa Allah.

Ps. I just want to thank all the doctors, paramedics, nurses, hospital assistants of Paed ward of Hospital Melaka (in case of they ever tumble on this blog of mine.) They really did an excellent job. Hope they will keep it up! And May Allah always bless all of them for their patience, kindness and sincerity. Again, thank you!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hadiah Hari Jadi Ke 34


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Dah nak habis raya baru dapat wish kt sini. Tapi ini belum nak share pasal raya lagi..tunggu k! :D

Pada 24 Jun yang lalu adalah merupakan birthday Mummy yang ke 34. Alhamdulillah..di atas segala nikmat dan rezeki yang Allah berikan..:)

Kebetulan pada hari yang sama ialah hari terbuka sekolah Zahin. Kami dah tau markah semua subjek tapi tak tahu kedudukannya no berapa.

So masa turn kami berjumpa dengan guru kelasnya barulah kami tahu yang Zahin telah mendapat tempat pertama di dalam kelasnya. Masya Allah memang terkejut habislah mummy dan Babah masa tu. Rasa terharu sangat. we felt so proud of her. Alhamdulillah.. all her efforts had been paid off. :)

Bagi Mummy, inilah hadiah hari jadi yang paling istimewa buat teacher Mummy..hehehe. Babah turut berterima kasih pada Mummy sebab Mummy lah yang banyak membantu Zahin dalam membuat homework dan memastikan all her homeworks finished first before anything else. Lepas tu baru dia boleh buat benda lain..;)

Walau macam mana pon Mummy rasa masih banyak yang kena improve esspecially Bahasa Malaysia Pemahaman dan Penulisan. Subjek ini amat mencabar even for Mummy! ;P But issokay perlahan-lahan kita sama-sama belajar. BM sekarang lagi high level plak tu. Huhu..

Guru kelas Zahin pula mengajar BM, jadi beliau sarankan agar Zahin lebih banyak membaca buku cerita BM untuk tambah kosa kata.

Memang mencabar sebab koleksi buku cerita Zahin kebanyakannya dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tapi In shaa Allah..akan diusahakan. Sekarang Setiap kali ke public library, Mummy akan pastikan Zahin ambil buku cerita BM. So far nampaknya Ok..alhamdulillah..;)

Sebenarnya kedudukan no berapa itu tak penting. Kt UK memang tiada numbering system or even examination. Yang paling penting anak-anak belajar for the sake of gaining knowledge to be applied in their life, not studying for the examination only. Huhu..

Hopefully, Zahin (dan juga adik2nya) akan terus rajin belajar dan sentiasa berusaha untuk menambah ilmu pengetahuan untuk menjadi orang yang berilmu dan berakhlak mulia. AMEEN..

Kepada Babah, Thank you so much belanja kita semua buka puasa kt luar on our big day. Double celebration! ;)

As for Zahin, she asked for Geronimo Stilton's book as her reward. Haih..bagi can la buku cerita BI..hadiah dia she deserved it. Hehe..