Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WW: December Orders Arrival


Alhamdulillah sampai juga barang-barang customer ke rumah mak saya di Muar. Fyi, ini penangan Xmas sales on last December..memang beruntung beli masa Xmas sales, memang murah-murah. ^_^ . for December orders ni, ada lagi satu batch yang tak sampai lg. In shaa Allah soon to be arrived safely. amin! Sekarang tak Xmas sales tapi masih ada sales on and off. Baru ni Clearance sales musim Winter. Nanti adalah Spring sales and Summer Sales plak. ;)

Kalau berminat nak beli barang-barang dari UK, seperti Tefal. Kenwood, Le Creuset, Clarks, Cath Kidston, barang-barang Baby Mothercare, Avent, tommee Tippee, strollers/pushchairs, even handbags spt Gucci, Longchamps, dan lain-lain designer, bolehla Like FB page kami, D' Eins Boutique. Kami juga megalu-alukan cadangan atau mengambil apa2 order atas permintaan pelanggan. In shaa Allah. Thank you! :)


Monday, February 25, 2013

Kupang Berlada


Dah lama tak makan kupang. Tiba-tiba ada pulak kupang kat kedai seafood yang selalu kami pergi di Dagenham. Ikan keli pon ada! hehe Alhamdulillah, rezeki. ;)

So dinner tadi masak kupang berlada. Simple dan disukai kami suami-isteri heheh. Kids tak makan..sebab pedas. zahin makan pedas tapi sebab nampak kupang pelik langsung tak nak makan. :D So for them i had made baby spinach masak air dan ayam goreng. :)

Anyway Ummi dan babah sedap dan berselera makan, siap ratah gitu aje kupang tu lepas makan dengan nasi. ;)

Kongsi Resepi Kupang Berlada my version ;D (credit to SueMan@myresepi)


500g kupang (direbus dulu)
3 ulas bawang putih*
1 labu bawang besar*
5-10biji lada kering*
Sedikit ikan bilis*
3cm halia (hiris)
1 btg serai (dititik)
1 labu bawang besar (potong bulat)
3 sudu besar Sos cili dan 1 sudu besar sos tiram
Garam dan gula secukup rasa


1. Blend bahan-bahan yang bertanda * dan tumis hingga naik minyak.

2. Masukkan hirisan halia, serai, sos cili dan tiram juga air kalau mahukan kuah lebih. Kacau rata.

3. Masukkan kupang, perasakan dengan garam dan gula. Kacau dan gaul smpi mdidih atau kuah mjadi pekat sedikit.

Hidangkan dengan nasi panas..hoho yumm! tiba-tiba teringat plak makan masa dinner tadi. hehe.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Zafri Likes....


After installing new ios 6.0.2, i have noticed that i can share more than one pic straight from my iphone. Yay! How convenient hence the frequent updates. ;)

So today nak cerita pasal anak bujang. Makin hari makin banyak akal dia. :) Whatever we do, he likes to  copy or do the same, which is good rite. ;)

for example. when we want to puff the Eins with inhaler, he also wants to help! See the way he holds the spacer, really like a doc! Then what do you think? He puts the spacer on him..!! aihh luckily just acting and he's not strong enough to pump the inhaler..hehe. 

Then watching tv is what he loves most. Bangun pagi je terus mintak nk tengok B (tv) or tup-tup (youtube). Luckily, cbeebies tu mmg all educational programme for babies and kids and can really make him sit-still..otherwise, will definitely tag me everywhere..huhu..

Then, another activity yg dia suka and enjoy ialah menconteng..melukis. Kalau dapat pen, marker pen or magic colour pen kt dia habislah. Tengok-tengok dia dah conteng badan dia, muka angah klu angah tidur, tak pon atas cadar dan paling tak tahan semalam dia conteng tingkap! Huwaa nasib baik non-permanent marker. Tp lenguh jugalah bahu ummi menyental dgn wet nasib baik bukan kt dinding..mahu nangis kot ummi! hehe..

Lastly, sgt suka posing. Pantang ummi cakap nak amik gambar cepat2 dia posing. Lps tu dia sekali sibuk nak cek gambar ok ke tak! hehe. Klu ummi tak puas hati and ckp again, cepat2 dia posing balik. Hehehe..

Sometimes it's hard to believe that he's almost two years old. He still looks like a baby..maybe muka kot babyface but he acts like a grown up!! Also until now people have mistakenly think he's a girl hehe..muka je jambu...TAPI super lasak ok! Hihuu..pengsan mak, nak! Tapi as long as you;re healthy, we don't mind..Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tennis Training


The Eins are having a half-term break from 18 until 22 Feb. Most of the time we stayed indoor but we went to the park whenever it is sunny. Though it is sunny, it is cold as the temperature still below 10 degrees C. 

But it is better when comparing it during dull and gloomy weather. At least we had sunshine so we do not want to miss it! This time i had a better idea. Instead of just playing at the playground, I suggested to play tennis. :)

Hubby and i really love playing tennis, used to play during weekend back then in Malaysia and also few times last Summer. So it is good to have a start and have ann exercise after so long, which at least made us sweat a little. :P

So this time we went to Goodmayes Park instead of South Park. Here, it has four court tennis while South Park only has two courts. We went to South Park first actually but the both courts were not available.

Actually, all the four courts at Goodmayes Park were not available when we arrived but afterwards we noticed the players at one court had finished and about to go home. So we booked the court quickly after them..:D

while hubby and me playing, the Eins also played in their own way. Yup, we bought junior racquets for them too. When i am tired and rest for a while, hubby had trained Zahin and she was up for it. Within short period of time, she can already serve and return the ball! Way to go, Zahin! Clap clap clap.

she was so determined and she did not let me play with hubby as she wanted hubby to train her more..hehe. As a result, Babah tak puas main...sebab kene train Zahin! :P 

The next two days which wa yesterday, the sun came out again so we went again to train her..she still need a lot of practice though..if she wants to be good at it...hehe..

anyway, as long as she has some exercise that will be good. We tried to persuade her to go for swimming  because she's Athmatic, but to no avail. I think she's not ready yet. hopefully she can have swimming lesson once we return Malaysia, in shaa Allah..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Iris 4th Birthday


Alhamdulillah, our beloved daughter had turned 4 years old three days ago on Feb 16.

Since Feb 16 was on saturday, we went dine out on her birthday eve to avoid crowds. We chose to eat at Indigo restaurant, an Indian Muslim's at Westfield Stratford City.

We love the open ambience as it is situated in the middle of International Food Court in Level 1. We ate while looking at stylish shoppers. ;D

It was our second time visiting the restaurant and we had ordered two plates of plain rice with creamy buttered chicken curry, buttered Naan and Falafel wrapped. It was yum-yum..! Alhamdulillah.

Then, we had to separate as Ummi wanted to do some window-shopping ;p Babah brought the kids who wanted to play at Mothercare's play area..

After window-shopping, i went into Paperchase shop where myself stucked in there almost an hour. Haha got crazy with all their stuffs, so cute, sweet and colourful and i ended up buying Iris's cute 4th birthday card which had a green dinosaur holds a bunch ofcolouful balloons on it and some stickers..for our reward system. :)

Next, on the way to find them i went to Buttercup Shop to buy a birthday cake. The shop specialized on various cupcakes but they have whole cakes as well. So i bought the Red Velvet cake for Iris's birthday. £34 ok, kopak ummi nasib bahek yummilicious..hehehee

So the next day on her birthday, the birthday girls dah tak sabar-sabar lagi nak potong kek. So we cut after breakfast time..but mandi siap2 and dressing up for photo session and at the sama time sype dgn Tok Mak, Tok bah and mok su sekejap ke sbb line tak elok..huhu..

Afterwards, lepak-lepak je kat rumah tetiba Mummy Na call nak datang sebab nak visit ummi..Ummi kan tak sihat seminggu..demam panas sampai bengkak leher, sakit tekak, batuk selsema dan sakit kepala, complete package tok leh mkn dan minum which resulted to loss weight..bwh 50kg..suka mak!! Haha ssh skrg nak dpt bwh 50kg tp kjp je tu..nti skjp je naik blk surely! Nak2 dah sihat sepenuhnya nti. Huhu..

So Mummy Na and aunty Ibah sekeluarga did visit us after Maghrib. Mummy Na siap bawak sup ekor lagi and seperti biasa specialty Mummy Na..goreng mee kat rumah ktrg! Panas2 makan time sejuk winter ni sgt mabeles ok..hehe. I just prepared plain rice, ayam grg rempah and sayur kangkung msk cili and kicap berlada which was sesuai la lawan sup ekor. ;D

Then we just had a nice chit-chat until 12am..esk sunday org tak keje kn..;) and dapat jugalah merasakan Mummy Na and aunty Ibah sekeluarga Red Velvet cake Iris tu. alhamdulillah..that's all. Meriah jg la sbb sebelum tu along Zahin kata boringla birthday angah sbb tak de org datang. Hehe bertuah kan..

This year we purposely did not invite anyone like in previous year because this year we plan to make birthday gathering for along Zahin instead. She will be 7 years old in September. Because last year, we did not do for her, just dine out at Tinseltown's. (tak smpt update, later la ;p)

anway, Taking turns is important to save our financial budget. Hehe afterall we want to save for our Europe holiday during Easter Break in early April. In shaa Allah will share the destinations later2 la hehe.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WW: Self-Feeding


Zafri dah nak makan sendiri, his hand coordination is getting better now.

Alhamdulillah..makan coco pops pon dah banyak yang masuk ke mulut daripada jatuh ke atas lantai. ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mickey And Minnie Mouse


Petang tadi lepas shopping barang dapur kat Tesco Gallion Reach terserempak plak dengan Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Apalagi the Eins pon happy tak terkatalah. Dua-dua ni mmg diehard fan Mickey n Minnie Mouse. ;)

Actually Mickey and Minnie pegang tabung derma, tatau la untuk apa. Dah anak dara-anak dara cilik ni nak posing dengan mereka ummi pon bagilah 50pence untuk didermakan.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Visit Eiffel Tower and Roland Garros


This entry was when my mom and dad came visiting us in May 2011. The main objective of their visit was to meet their first ever lil Zafri and of course the Eins..;)

We just had two weeks. So during the first week we had travelled within UK up to Scotland by car, then went to Paris by Eurostar train on their last week..

at st. Pancras station. hehe cari apalah tok mak tuu..tok abah plak nampak dah penat sgt after our UK roadtrip ..patu selang 2 hari sambung ke Paris plak memanglah penat..kesian tok bah..

Zafri masa ni baru 50 hari kot tapi tok mak kata mcm dah umur 3 bulan..:D

Kitorang pilih family seats...utk 5 org je rasa..that's why hubby tercampak ke family seat omputeh sebelah..;D

tok mak and the Eins..the Eins kalau ada tok mak memang tak lakulah ummi...

When we arrived at Gare Du Nord after two hours ride, we straighly took Metro to outskirt Paris to check in at Bagnolet Hotel. Tok Abah wanted to have a rest first before sightseeing..

ni la hotelnya...(credit to Google)


the room..small but nice and clean...
That night we went out to visit Eiffel Tower. Tok Mak and Tok Bah kata tu je yg penting..hehehe very the true...

tunggu Metro..
Bonjour Eiffel, for the second time...

Zahin last time pergi umur  4 bulan...

cantik sangat..

sempat tengok Eiffel bling-bling...:D

mujurlah dapat duduk, boleh tengok eiffel bling-bling smpi la dia stop bling-bling..:D

blur pic...tripod tertinggal kt bilik jgn lupe tripod!!

Iris dilayan tok bah n tok mak mcm puteri raja...:)

hoho pecah muscle jgk carry Zafri masa tu..padahal gilir2 carry dgn hubby and m y dad...

Eiffer Tower dari kejauhan...

family pic by ntah sape2 tah...sgt tak puas hati dgn hasil tangkapannya..nasib org tertinggal tripod ginilah..:(

haha my dad jadikan fingers dia tpt gantung mom nak kira...:D
At the same time, ada Tennis French Open. So kami pon pergilah ke Roland Garros..bila lagikan...tapi tak masuk..tiket pon dah sold out hari tu..kalau nak beli pun tak mampu..huhu..tengok dari luar je la...Jauh sgt Roland Garros ni...letih la juga naik turun Metro..huhu.

Elok je kami nak balik, tiba-tiba ada mamat staff French Open panggil my mom. My mom asked him 'are you calling me?' Mamat tu jawab yes..rupanya dia bagi bola tennis yg ada cop mohor roland garros tu..hehehe excited least ada jugak cenderamata kan..hehe...

my mom tgh tny mamat tu..tak nmpk plak mamat tu dlm pic ni, nmpk bola tennis je..:D

ni budak plg excited sbb mamat tu mmg nk bg my lil Iris ni...;)

Sebelum balik ke hotel, we bought Paul Macarons..for me, i don;t really fancy it...too sweet! huhu..sejak dpd tu tak teringin nak rasa Laduree though many people say we should try..ok, may be one day..before balik shaa Allah.

Ok that's all. Tak banyak cover tempat kt Paris masa ni because my parents dah tak larat sangat dah. The next day dah balik semula ke London...

By the way. I usually got homesick during Winter. Despite of snowfall, Winter is depressing..

I terribly miss home, i miss family especially my parents. Even calling them everyday will not be the same compare when being around them..