Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WW: The Italian Gardens


Kensington Gardens (KG) is enormous. After finished eating our Taza kebabs, we went to explore the Italian Garden. This gorgeous water garden was built 150 years ago which was a gift from Prince Albert to his beloved Queen Victoria. :)

Enjoy the pics!

Daffodils along the way to Italian Gardens so wajib buat photoshoot kejap! so ceria and mood ada baik juga. hihihi

My cheeky boy and I. Nway, It was early Spring time so only some daffodils already bloomed. Klu sume tgh bloom at the same time mesti lagi nice, kan.

Hihi i love this pic! Thanks Sayang! ^_^

Sebab utama tak nak bergambar dgn ummi. They were chasing the squirrels!! Can you see the little poor thing? ;D

Londoners and the fully-bloomed cherry blossom trees. :)
Finally, here we are! Gotta love the beautiful landscape designed by James Pennethorne. ;)
as soon as we entered the garden, the first thing my eyes laid to was this bed of flowers especially the purple Tulips. Me likey!!!

so gorgeous, aren't they??....:)
Hoho London maraton hihi. nway nampak tak kendi (urns) kat belakang tu? ianya antara special features of Italian Garden. Penyeri gitu..hihi

zoom in sket. Katanya ada five main design kendi-kendi ni such as The Swan's Breast, woman's head, ram's head, dolphin and oval. for more info, kindly Google. :P

and this old and worn out fountain is the central attraction of dry plak masa ni..huhuu. 

and also sexy sila amik gmbr ni sambil pejam mata. hihihi 

lepas tu dapat tengok swan dgn telur2 dia..;)

gorgeous creature, subhanallah! 

The Long Water aka the Serpentine river flows through Kensington Gardens into Hyde serene. and that's why the Italian Gardens is also known as the water garden. 

skodeng swan :D:D:D

ada sorg tu dah terlepas ok!!! aduihai....mujurlah Babah dpt 'tgkp' huhu..and lucky the fountain tak keluar air ketidak basah kuyup.

wildlife at Serpentine :)

and lastly but not least...the photo of the day by Mrs. IshamIzu hihi

So that's all for Italian Gardens. ^_^

Actually there are other attractions at KG such as The Albert Memorial, The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk, Diana Memorial Playground (already went and will share about it next time in shaa Allah ;)), Kensington Palace, The Peter Pan Statue, Serpentine Gallery, and etc. Just to name a few..

Hopefully, we can visit other attractions. Really wish to visit Kensington Palace plak..:)

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Best Kebab in London :-)


I have been very occupied this month. Starting with my girls going back to school after summer break and then one by one fell sick after Zafri had viral fever (and still in recovering process though). It's Autumn now so it is getting cold day to day. Brrr!

Also, we have guests aka new student and his family who just came from Malaysia. We kindly let them stay with us temporarily while they find a house to rent. But Alhamdulillah they have already found one and they will be moving in to their house today, in shaa Allah. So we will have a new Malaysian neighbour, yay! :)

Anyway, I am still searching for my blogging mood to really come back hehe. As in now, I will share about the best Kebab in town. ;-)

There are so many Kebab kiosks in London. But if you are in Central London, and happen to be at Bayswater to buy the cheapest souvenirs, do try Taza Kebab! They are so delicious!!!

I'm not a fan of Kebab before but hubby is. But I have surrendered to Taza Kebab. Tell you, one kebab is just not enough for myself hehe..but if i have the second, I couldn't finish since the portion is quite big. But my hubby will always be there and happy to finish it for me...heheheh.

Taza Kebab. Halalan Toyyiban ;-)

Hmm, can you see the juicy lamb meat there? :D

Across the road, there is Costcutter (Zahin sebut Cost cuter hihihi) Oriental Supermarket where we buy Tempe, Kicap Kipas udang, some curry spice from Malaysia etc. ;D

Budak baik baru bangun Tido (tgn kiri-kanan pegang car ;)), waktu ni 'enjin' blom panas lg :P

The menu. We always opt for the first one because it's their best and it's absolutely the best! 

You can dine in or out..and also Taza Kebab ni satu deret dengan Whiteleys, Queensway station (nearest) and Bayswater station. Sepanjang jalan ni and across the road ada banyak kedai souvenir. Heaven! ;)
For us with kids, we prefer to enjoy our Kebabs here, Kensington Gardens during early gorgeous Spring time. Only 5 minutes walking distance from Taza's. ;)

Hmm bila kt park, bebas berlari la si kenit2 ai ni...hihihi aren't they cute and happy? 

Owh, ni la kebab lamb sorry dah tinggal separuh baru teringat nak amik gmbr. Kes lapar sgt la ni...hehe

and this drink dah lama gila tak jumpa/minum..when we saw it at that Oriental Supermarket, we grabbed it! ;D 

en hubby bila makan kebab Taza, dah tak pandang kiri-kanan lg la hehehehe..and hubby kata dia makankan utk kawan2 dia yg suro makankan utk derg klu dpt gi UK lg. so he did for a favour ;D

cheeky boy in action, hehe rambut panjang lg masa ni because we went there in last May 

Lepas makan, minum plak...

Lepas dah makan minum, masa untuk 'terbang' and expore the park plak..;-)

In shaa Allah, i will try to update more about Kensington Gardens or other story...will see. hehe.

Ok, have a nice weekend ahead! :)

Ps. Actually, Today is the birthday of my other half. Happy birthday, Sayang! ;) and on last 17th Sept was my big girl's birthday. Happy birthday, Zahin! Mmuahhh. Love u both till Jannah. :) I am Still waiting for the right time to throw your birthday bash..hopefully, lepas ni dah tak busy and sume org dah sihat walafiat. amin!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Iris Goes To Reception ^_^


Little Iris already started her Reception on last Monday. It was her first induction day and I was glad I've managed to accompany her. =) And of course I am as excited as her! Hehe.

First, one of the teachers ushered us to the classroom. This year Iris will be in RP class. RP stands for Reception Parmenter and Parmenter is the surname of the class teacher. ;) As usual here every teacher will have an assistant called a Teacher Assistant in their class. So surprisingly, the teacher assistant is Davinder! She was Iris's teacher assistant in nursery! Meaning, Iris knows her and already familiar..:) 

So when Miss Parmenter introduced herself to Iris, Iris seemed a little bit nervous but it was gone as soon as Davinder greeted her like this ' Hi, Iris Bubble'..!!!  hehehe. and guess what she even went hugged Davinder when Davinder called her for a hug. Hehe..sweetness.

As it's induction day, kids were free to do any activity prepared in the classroom while Miss Parmenter interviewed us parents one by one. I didn't go first as Iris quickly pulled my hands to be with her. Alahai manja Ummi ni..;)

Shortly after she went to a Kitchen section, she wanted to do some paper crafts. There i watched her showing her creativity and helped her a little bit here and there. Ok I've enjoyed it myself too!!  haha there were times ummi plak yg buat lebih2. Hee sorry Iris. i got carried away! :D

While waiting for my turn to be interviewed, I've looked around the class and I noticed there is no toilet inside the classroom but I forgot it's not a nursery where the toilet is in the classroom. Hehe. I really hope Iris can handle it. Amin! 

During the interview, i went to Davinder as Miss Parmenter attended other parents. Couldnt wait for her any longer as hubby waited in the car with Zafri. But I'm sure we will get to know each other soon. ;)

Anyway, just simple interview questions were asked such as Iris's preferable name, her lunch pack and whether she has any allergics or not and illness. It was easier because Davinder already knew all of it hehe. 

Then when we finished, iris played in the garden for a while before we went home. She can't wait for this Friday to come hehe. Oh I need to bring her inhaler that day. In shaa Allah.. So that's all for now. Iris will only start full-time on 17th September and the session time will be from 9am to 3.15pm, same with Zahin. Alhamdulillah..:)

To Iris dearie, best of lucks from Ummi, Babah, Along and Adik. Hopefully you will enjoy your Reception year as you did in your Nursery Year. We love you so much, baby! :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WW: Raya And Open House


This year we have a splendid eid celebration as in the previous year. Syukur alhamdulillah..

2 Syawal: Yati & Fath came beraya to our crib. Menu mee bandung, nasi impit, rendang. The Eins were so excited to meet Adam again. Hihi Thanks for coming, guys! ;)

Then we were invited to Kak Yaya's place in the evening..Kak Ana, Kak Farah and Angah and their family were there too. Kids all were having fun playing in the havoc!!

3 Syawal: Open House at Firuz's. Her husband is a Malaysia Atase officer at Malaysia Embassy. So duta Malaysia was also attended with his wife.

4 Syawal: Kak Faezah and co. came beraya. Main menu of the day was Soto Ayam. While waiting the guests, we posed here and there. :P

Actually, there were three more open house we attended. But we forgot to bring our official camera. :( So we took mobile photos only. As usual i seldom upload mobile photos together with pics from dslr at the same time. It's a bit tedious. But i had uploaded a few of them at my Instagram. ;)

Huhu time really flies, huh. Syawal will be leaving us soon. While others are already done with 'Puasa 6', I still have two more days, but In shaa Allah i will try my best to finish it. Amin.

Till the next post.