Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Beloved Septemberians :)

TQ for the creative magnetic pic pressie from aunty Niza, Sofia n Yohan :)

Every year, September is the month that i celebrate birthday of the loves of my life. They are my eldest daughter (17th), my darling husband (20th) and then my father (28th) which is tomorrow! Hehe.

Since this year, Zahin turns 5yo and 17th fell on saturday i thot why not i cook extra n special n then invite friends to come to our house. Luckily my husband agreed and i started texting our close friends who lives nearby. (7 family but 2 couldnt make it)

I tell you it was pretty hectic preparing and cooking the dishes alone. (hubby helped on house keeping. Tq darling! Xo) I started as early as 6a.m and finished around 2p.m. Er surrender ok!:P nway, the main course were nasi minyak pink, beef beriyani, choc. Moist cake (b'day cake), baked macaroni, pudding custard and cocktail gravy. Phewww, mcm nk pengsan!:D

Yus, K.Ana and K.Ibah with kids :)
Around 3p.m, yus n family came. She kindly helped cooking kuew teow goreng( tetiba rasa mcm msk tak cukup lak haha tq dear!;)) then one by one guests coming until 10p.m. Tetamu plg jauh dtg ialah Sarah n family fr Southampton. Alhamdulillah, tq for coming guys!! Really appreciate all the potlucks n bday gifts! tqvm on behalf of Zahin. :)

Niza n me with our sons ;)
Bday along, tp angah pon dpt hadiah gak :) (sori gmbr tk ikut turutan..malazzz punye psl Ngee)
spt yg dijanjikan babah, dpt hello kitty camera..(tp skjp je..patu tah kemana huhu) 
 Then on 20th, hubby's 30yo birthday ;). But hubby had a meeting with his SV in the morning. So we just celebrated hubby's birthday at the new megamall, the latest Westfield in London! Syok dah ada megamall kt Stratford. Hehehe.

Since ragu2 dgn halal restsurants yg ada, we finally tucked ourselves in with fish and chips! It was not bad..n i bought 2 cupcakes at Buttercup Cafe for the bday boy n girl! :d (which i yakin halal becoz ada tulis halal kt situ lgpun beli yg perisa mango n strawberry. And tell u what, its so yummy!! Hmm.

After that, i escaped to Topman n secretly bought a brown lethered wallet for hubby. U didnt see his face when i passed the paperbag. Hehe. I'm glad he likes it. Mmg brg yg dia nak since wallet dia dh buruk. Tp dia tak expect dpt on his bday lgsg. Pandai tak wife dia wat surprise? Hehehe

Aihh time is so jeleousing of me now. I wish i can tell more n upload more photos. Maybe later k..;)
Last but not least, happy birthday to my both darlings!! Wish u pjg umo, murah rezeki, sihat selalu, berjaya dlm bdg masing2. Amin. My best wishes n prayers are always with you and may Allah bless both of you always too. InsyaAllah. I love both of you, so do iris n zafri! ^_^

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back To Campus!

Otw to uni..:p
When i in secondary school, i had a dream to further study until PhD. But the dream had gone with the wind while studying in the university. (B. Computer and information Engineering was apparently not a cuppa my tea :P)

I'm very lucky to have a very supporting husband. ;) He was the one who re-ignited me to achieve my dream back. When the time for him arrived to pursue his PhD last year, he thought UK was the best choice for me to pursue my study too. That's one of the reason why he really wanted to go to the UK. ;) Also, he is the one and only who had sponsored my expensive study fee. Huhu 50K is alot lot of money but he simply said it's a good investment. (Hubby's KWSP + duit jual our gen2 car in case if you;re wondering :)) Oh, i'm so touched. Sobs. (Also Now you know why we didnt bjimba2 with money all these time. ;p)

My Uni is just next to Thames River and the London City airport is just across it ;)
Anyway, i'd successfully finished my induction last thursday. Yay, i've got my student id now and i've made new friends of course! One of them is Malaysian. Hmm. ;) The induction was held for a week but i just attended compulsory slots which were related to my field of study only. So the schedule was not that hectic. ;)

First day of my induction, i left my baby so reluctantly. Huhu I'd cried days and nights before but i suddenly braved myself on that day. UnLike me, my son was very strong, understanding and didn't cry at all looking at me leaving. As if he wanted to comfort me and my heart was melted. Good boy he is! ;) Since then, i've been relieved going off to university plus i know that he and his sister will  be in the good hands. Actually hubby got an offer as Graduate Teaching Assistant at his university but he had to let it go due to our babysitting problem. The perk is not bad but demi anak2 hubby berkorban lg. T_T (I dunno how to thank you anymore my hubby, still i want to thank you again and again and i love you endlessly!)

My son, just before i left..He's my strength!
So here i am, a master student! I'm back to campus but wont be the same as degree. i'm married with three kids so i have more responsibilities. I hope i can juggle well btween my family and study. I will try to enjoy my time and make the most of it. InsyaAllah, i'm not gonna let my hubby down. I will try my best. :) So, I'm ready for my first ever lecture which will be next thursday! Wee. ;) 

This first semester, i'll be taking two modules which are Internet Application and Web Service as well as Project Management. Checked my timetable, besides lectures i'm gonna have tutorials and labs too. Hoho. But, lucky it just assesed by courseworks only (assignments/reports/group project) so will be no examination! Alhamdulillah klu ada kuiz ke exam ke tatau lagumana..hehehe.

My student id :D

Lastly, wish me luck!:)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zafri is 5 Mos

Today marks 5 months old of our beloved son's age. Alhamdulillah, he has grown healthily and he keeps gaining weight that makes him 10kg now! He's so round, chubby and flabby! Hehe.

I have to admit that he's heavy for me. Skrg ni kalau dukung dia tak sampai 5min i dah surrender. Risau jgk sbb kalau ikutkan i cant lift heavy things for at least 6mos due to csec delivery that day. But he's so irresistible!:D
went to the playground nearby after sent me n her big sis off to school

Fyi, he now wears a nappy that is the same size with her sister, Iris. Saiz 4! Hehe and his weight is only 1kg less than Iris's. (huhu byk turun berat Iris :()

BTW, Zafri has started to sit in a walker too since yesterday. He was so delighted to be in it! Once we put him in, he would give us a big grin, stomp his legs on the floor, and also explore the playtools on the walker's board. So He's now got a new different angle of view. Hehe.

For feeding, he's still 100% on breastmilk. Even though i already started my study and go to university, he's fed breastmilk either by bottle or spoon. Hubby told me how he was fond of spoon feeding! MasyaAllah he's so easy to be taken care of. So far, hubby kata tade masalah on that. Alhamdulillah, senang dah hati ummi. :)

Besides all of the above, his hair is longer and people keep mistakenly think he is a girl! Hehehe. Kadang orang nampak kami, tegur "three girls yea?" but i quickly correct them with no hard feeling. :) After all they love to see his hair! Kata lebatlah, hitamlah macam The Beattles lah haha!

Apapun, alhamdulillah! Happy 5 mos Zafri! Smg Zafri menjadi hamba dan anak yg soleh, bijak bestari, mudah disenangi dan disayangi semua hingga ke besar. Amin!

ready to fetch her sis at school ;)
P.S Zafri's done with all his immunisations. Alhamdulillah. Next immunisation is when he turns 1 yr old next April. ;)

P.SS. I wrote this entry yesterday by using IPhone but only publish today due to additional of some more pics of him in my lappie. :D

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zahin's Big Day

Last tuesday was another very important day in our life as parents. It was Our eldest daughter's first day for reception year (pre-school) in Maryland Primary School! Wee! We were very excited but so nervous at the same time! :D

But it turned out Alhamdulillah, we had no problem at all in preparing her that day. She was ready since the week before i think as she kept asking us when she can go to her 'big school' like everyday. It's good though as she could be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared/ready when the big day arrives rite!;)

At school reception ;)

Aww, She's so cute wearing her new school uniform. Hehe. I cant believe my eyes..our baby is a big girl now! She's not even 5 years old yet though but she will soon! Sob2. Also i felt honoured to usher her that day. It was a very touching moment indeed. How I wish hubby and my younger kids could come along too but hubby decided to stay home as we didnt want to bother the lil girl who were still deep in slumber. (being an owl the night before aihh)

So that day, off both of us walked to school which was just a throw of stone from home. It Took 5-10mins walking for me (add 5 more mins if we use the main entrance). At 8.32a.m We entered the reception to give some of documents before we were called in to see the school vice-head teacher for ice-breaking. It was only 15mins meeting before the vice head teacher herself ushered us both to zahin's class which was Class One. Then we were quickly greeted by the class teacher and the teacher assistant. Then she quickly hung her rain coat once she saw her name on one of the peg on the wall. (she will be addressed as Izzahin, name that we preferred most ;)) and at that time, zahin was the second pupil who had arrived.;)

In the beginning, she was still quiet and reserve to talk with the new faces. So she played playdoh and lego alone, didnt care the others at all. The other kids ada yg dah play together tp zahin?? Hmm Sabo je lah..So ummi layanlah dia sekejap. Towards 9a.m, many more had arrived. I slowtalked with her that its time for me to go. I said that her baby brother needed to be nursed and she just nodded understand. Then i brought her over to one girl, to knowing each other and they shook hands. At least, knl kn dia dulu pd sorg la kn ;)

Then i spoke shortly to her teacher and promised to bring her inhaler as she got athma and her physical education or P.E kit next time before leaving. At the door, i called zahin and we both bid our goodbye. Fuuh lega tengok dia senyum. So kalini tiada drama air mata macam masa hantar dia first time kt nursery hehe (no crying, nothing). :)

Zahin: 'school Zahin best, Mi!!' (that's the first sentence out from her mouth) :)
The school session starts at 8.55a.m and finishes at 3.15p.m. So that afternoon, all of us managed to fetched her at school. ;) All parents must be waiting outside the class until the teacher opens the door then the teacher will call the pupils name one by one before handing them to us, the parents. Last friday,  the last day school of the week, the teacher has already recognized us. Tengok je muka me or hubby, cepat je dia panggil Zahin berbanding hari2 sebelum tuh.:)

BTW Apart from buying her school uniform ( 2 plain white tshirts, a royal blue jumper, cardigan and winter jacket at school = almost £50) and whole attires (grey tights, skirt, trouser, white socks and black shoes, pimsole at Asda/tesco) we didnt pay for else such fee, text books, bag or even stationeries. Memang pegi school sehelai sepinggang budak ni. Huhu i'm so jelous! Even masa ummi sekolah darjah 1 dulu pon kene bawak beg berat taw!:P For lunch, the school also provided them the free lunch pax and it is Halal. Haaa. Satu penny ponnn tak yah bawak. Hehe. Tapi katanya tahun depan belum tentu free lagi.. Klu gitu nti, bawak bekal je la..;)

Overall, so far we've got positive feedbacks. The teacher told us that she's doing fine. What a relief to hear that. :D Alhamdulillah again!:)

Along rindu angah :D
P.S: So many delayed stories esp. Zahin's graduation at nursery and her special book. :( Will try my best to update abt it too later. sobs.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Time Eid in London

Hi everyone, Eid Mubarak from us here! We hope all of you have enjoyed your Eid and i'm sure you are all still in the festive and holiday mood. So wherever you are.. have a blast one k ;)

As for us, i reckon that so far we have enjoyed ours too. even though we celebrated the first Syawal without our beloved family, We still lucky because we were surrounded by good friends to celebrate Eid together on that day. We went beraya and got to know new friend as well! More special when hubby's colleague and family came from Berlin, to celebrate Eid with us!:)

Cuma sy je rasa sedih sket sbb tak dapat solat sunat lg this year :( But hubby joined his friends (Hadzley & Azrul n their family solat at Kelab Melayu di Hackney. Me just stayed first at home preparing the kids and the juadah. :)

On the 1st Syawal 1432 H

The Eins posed with their Baju Kurung  before hubby's returned from solat sunat :)

Here Zafri got his first ever Duit Raya. Look at those stare ;D

Me, during forgiveness-seek session with hubby. =) 
Breakfast with Nasi Impit, Rendang Ayam, Kuah Kacang & Masak Lodeh. Fyi, all of them were cooked together at Yus's place on the eve of Eid. :D 

Then we took our family photo before off 'beraya' :)

The first house had Joined me were the lovely ladies Yus, Along & Hannan at K.Ibah's place. ;) We had Bihun Sup Utara, Sate, Carrot Cake & Samprit. Yummy!

Then the second house we went to K.Zaila's. Coincidently, her doter's birthday fell on that day! so ada birthday bash, and  dapat mkn kek lg! ;)

The third house and the last for that day was at K.Fauziah's place. We were served with Roti Jala, Mee Kuah & various delicacies. Aih masih teringat2 lg keenakan puding jagungnya. ;D

Nway,, what a finishing! ;D Balik mmg kekenyangan habis smpi tertidur2 dlm kereta otw balik ke rumah. Hahaha. apapun Alhamdulillah. Syukur.

Ok TBC. Eid Mubarak again and take care! :)