Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maal Hijrah 1433H

Hijrah is an arabic word. It comes from the root word hajara. It means leave. For example, leave from one place to another place or leave bad things for good things are Hijrah. The history of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Muslims who left Makkah to Madinah on 1st of Muharram has been the starting point of Hijriah years in Islamic Calendar.

During Maal Hijrah last year, we had actually left Malaysia for London without ever realized it. That's the biggest Hijrah that we've ever made. Since we had Visa problem, we had to postpone our flight like three or four times until hubby finally changed the flight ticket to 6th Dec last year. We arrived in London on 7th Dec where it was Maal Hijrah 1432H.  Only then we realized that all has been best planned from Allah so that we can remember our Hijrah was for something good. When I think deeply about it, I feel so blessed because before our arrival, UK was having a bad weather and heavy snow that caused many flights to and fro the UK delayed, cancelled and also airport closure. Oh my, we knew from the news that many passengers were stranded at airport for days. For me we better be stranded in our beloved country rather than anywhere else rite. :)

For Maal Hijrah this year, we will Hijrah again. This time, we will move to another house in Ilford. Currently, our flat is in Stratford which is known as 2012 Olympic Park and where the new megamall Westfield is located. By now, Stratford is quite famous globally and has becomes the centre of attraction but it will not hold us from moving out since it is just 20minutes driving from Ilford. Hihi. We still feel a bit reluctant to move though since it was the first city that we live in and have been here almost a year. So, all the ups and downs had created so many memories. Be it good or bad, we love the city and feel that we belong here. Arghh now talking about the sentimental value. Hahaha.

Anyway, we have to move for the sake of kids. They deserve a better house and the house we will move into has a garden for them to run out and about freely. Rumah yg skrg ni wpon comey n cosy tp paham2 je la dok flat ni, diorang tak bebas. Dan dah berapa kali ktrg kena sound dgn jiran bawah. Apetaknya the Eins berlari dan bkejaran mcm nak runtuh rumah . Huhuhu. So pindah is the best way. TAPI Yg tak bestnya nak packing brg2 setahun ni dgn Siksanya tido berlima ats satu katil double..sbb katil bunker the Eins yg beli kt ikea dah dissembled..Hihi.

So tentatively, ktrg mungkin akan pindah masuk ke rumah baru pada 1hb disember ni cuma barang2 lmbt sket iaitu pada 3hb. sbb haritu sabtu cuti jadi sngla nk minta tolong kawan2 kt sini angkat brg. Nanti sy update lg cerita pindah ni dgn gmbr rumah baru sekali k insyaAllah.

Sempena tahun baru ni, sy ada byk azam plak. Tahun lps punya azam, 2 dpd 3 tcapai. First Dapat bb n its a boy, keduanya dpt smbg master study Alhamdulillah. this year yg 1 tak tcapai tu(secret) will carry forward this year. Tu yg jd makin byk azam thn ni. Hihi. InsyaAllah i will try my best. ;)

Lastly, salam maal Hijrah to all. Hopefully this year will be better than last year for all of us. Amin.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eureka Harrods. :D

Last month, we tagged along hubby to IC in South Kensington. We took Tube to save the time because it would have taken us two hours if we rode by car. (Londoners could not stand the traffic jam in the heart of London. :P)

After one hour journey, we finally reached the South Kensington Station. SK Station has few exits so this time we stopped at another exit which was farther than our previous visit. From the station, we had to walk about 1/2 miles before reached IC. But, when hubby went to see his SV, I chose to wait  inside the British Science Museum. It was under renovation, but luckily it was still open to the public and free admission!  Since that’s my first time handling Zafri and Iris alone apart from home so I could not enjoy the visit. Most of the time, I chased Iris while pushed his baby brother in the stroller around the museum. Therefore I did not dare to take out my camera and ended up with no photos at all. Huhu.

After hubby came up, I feel so relieved. Then, when he said let's go to Harrods, I was over the moon! Hehehe. Actually, it’s just more to window-shopping. We knew we could not afford (yet) to shop in there but for me, we should at least visit it once. It seems unbelievable if we do not go to Harrods especially when we live in London. Heheh. Actually, I was so curious.  Come on, it’s one of the famous shopping paradise in the world. hehehe. And to be honest, we never regret visiting Harrods that day. The staffs were warm and friendly and their service was excellent! They welcomed and greeted us nicely. The Sale assistants approached everyone equally. And I still remember being approached by one of the Sales Assistant in Perfume department. He’s so kind approaching me and then sprayed with Fendi new edition perfume. I guessed I was lucky to get the free and the sweetest fragrance I’ve ever smelled even I did not buy it. I even did not dare to ask the price!! Hehehehe.

Nway, Harrods building is so magnificent and I am not sure how many levels it has. We lost in it. I checked in Google,  there are 5000 staffs work in Harrods.  Can you imagine it. Huhuhu. Since it was almost noon, we were running out of the time and rushing. Pukul 3.15 nak amik Zahin kt school. So, at least pukul 1.45pm dah kene btolak balik ke Stratford. So we just touch n go their departments butlucky enough to find the Lady Diana and Dodi al fayed’s memorial. Also we managed to devour the super delicious gelato ice cream at the Ice Cream Parlour. It was a treat for our darling Iris who was well behaved that day. ;) Then, she also got a chance to pose with the two gigantic Paddington Bears!! They were so super duper cute! Hehe. Then, we bought a fridge magnet of London Black Cab which has written Harrods on it and  Chocolate Harrods as souvenirs before we go back home. Jadilah kannn. hehehe..Insya Allah Next time ada rezeki kita dtg lg dgn along Zahin plak. Ada rezeki lebih lg, kita shop2 lebih jgk. Amin!. Hehhehheh.

Now, enjoy the pics! :)

at Victoria & Albert Museum London

Iris posed near the double deckered bus :)

Eureka Harrods.

in the elevator

Sphinx pon ada

The Diana & Dodi Memorial

Jom makan ice cream! :D
bayar babah, jgn tak bayar. hik2

yummilicious cappucino n strawberry ice cream..nama penuh dan glamour tak igt dah..

Longchamps. Price from as lowest as 43pounds. Tgu i dtg next time k..masa sales perhaps? ;D

My Hisham Sr & Hisham Jr <3

My baby girl with Paddington Bears <3
last but not least,  Xmas mood already..cantikkan?

with Zafri. Zara pon tak sempat masuk padahal sebelah Harrod je..
Ok last one  before we take Tube at Knightbridges station behind.
Till then Wassalam. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Zafri & His Finger Biscotti

Last saturday, Zafri had turned to seven months old. We actually forgot about it. Sorry my dear son. I was very busy attending your sick sisters till i forgot.

Anyway, happy 7 mos adik!! I'm so happy to see your progress. You are rolling out beyond the suppossed- safe-area for you now and  almost crawling! You can push down your hands onto the floor and up your body but you juzt cant move your knees yet! hihi issokay take your time, no pressure! Hehe. You always want to sit up too. Good for you but we cant left you sit unattended yet coz you cant support yourself too long. And so far we were there whenever you were abt to lean on to the floor. Phew! it made me scared just imagine if you get knocked on the floor even it was carpeted. Hihi yea, paranoid me.

Since you are seven months now, i have changed your plain porridge and fruity purees to potatoes/carrots and anchovies porridge! And you eat twice a day already and i will decide to make it thrice a day soon k. You love to eat eh adik! Not only you have your porridge, you also have finger food as well for a snack!! Oh my, no wonder your weight are increasing bit by bit..we think you are almost 12 kg now even though i expected you to loose some weight though..hihi but issokay darling, we are still happy to carry you around. :)

So far, we are greatful to Allah abt your health condition. You just caught with a lil cough while your sisters got high fever, cough n cold now n then thru this season. We will stay patient and pray so that your cough will subside ASAP. Amin.

Lastly, let us stay strong! We can fight the pain n sickness together. Ummi n babah will pray for you n your sisters recovery always. InsyaAllah. Apapun, alhamdulillah ala kulli haal. :)
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Aidiladha Story

Too busy coping with things made me exhausted to celebrate Aidiladha this year. But for my family, i dragged myself to cook nasi minyak, daging beriyani and made a very simple pencuk. Sadly, they had turned out so so only. Bilalah nk consistent rasa masakanku ni! Huhuhu.

Anyway since we had a raya and birthday gathering at kak Ana's place so i still packed and brought some of the food there. No choice maa, segan je klu tak bawak apa2. Hiks. But We were also lucky as we got to eat plenty and yummy potluck foods by others who came. Hihi. I cannot forget all the rendang, lemang, kek lapis asam manis, laksa and choc cake (birthday cake for kak Ana and kak Za's kids) until now. They're yummilicious indeed. :)

So our aidiladha is still considered meriah too. Besides the food, we got to meet everyone else and most of them dressed their best in baju kurung n baju melayu except for my hubby n kids. But, its not a big deal rite. ;)

Later in the evening we went to kak Zaitul (newcomer) place plak. Makan lagi. Hihihi. Overall, we had such a great time. Alhamdulillah. Tq so much kakak2 sume! Smg bertambah rezeki lg hendaknya!:)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Life As A Student

Meet my group members..during our weekly meeting. Venue: UEL library
It has been more than a month i become a student. I've found myself getting more relax. Hihi ketidak worried too much jer! Esp klu tak prepare before lectures. Maklumlah dah tua2 ni otak pon dah berkarat, sepatutnya kenelah baca slide notes barulah tak terpinga2 masa lecture mengajar kan. But what can i do..we are just a human.
Nway alhamdulillah, i've already summitted my first assignment couple days ago. I felt so relieved and how i wish it was my last assignment fot this semester. Haha Only in my dream coz i have three more assignments! Huhu. One group assignment and two individual assignments which one is due on this coming friday. Yer, very soon.
I admit it's hard to study while you have three small kids around. Even my classmates always wonder about this, they always ask how hubby and i manage our time sdgkan hubby buat phd lg. Honestly, hanya Allah shj yang tahu it is tough for us.
Fyi, nak buat assignment kene tgu kids tidur dulu. Tgh mlm bgn buat. Tell you, its very challenging. Dahla sejuk, sdp tido bwh duvet mmg la liat nk bgn hihi. Then Every friday, hubby tpaksa bwk iris skali gi friday prayer. Zafri je tumpang kjp kt rumah kak Ana. Nangis2 je dia. Sobs.
But i'm so lucky, my husband is thr most patient person i've ever met in my life. He never complaint, He always cheer me up and help me with the assignments n convince me that we can go through this until the end. Aihh i mmg tak kuat smgt apatah lg bila sampai tang masalah bbysitter. as if nak jer give up everything n jaga ank2 je kt umah. But whats the point rite..i will still kt takuk yg sama, dah tu burnt 50k hubby. Oh no la kan, mudahan Allah bantu sy dlm perjuangan ni. Amin.
Lastly, happy eidul adha to my muslim friends!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Salam all
I juz received this photo last week from kak Ana. Hihi old photo, but there's a story behind it. The sad one! It was taken at kak Ana's place when i went to deliver Zafri. We had to leave them, so Iris was real sad and crying and didnt want anyone else except her big sister. So zahin did the patting and comforting her all the time! It made me wanna cry everytime i look at this photo. So touching but yet so sweet. :)
Anyway, I always pray their relationship closer as they grow up year by year despite how they quarrel everyday now. Hihihi.

A quick update about their progress:


Shes so into books, reading in progress as she learnt Phonic method at school. I was admiring her when she does the phonic reading like 'beh for B, ceh for C, deh for C and so on!! Hihi. Besides reading, she loves lego, puzzles and online games. She had solve several of 20pieces Disney puzzle by her own. Im gonna frame each of it iNsyaAllah. And nti nak cari lg kt carboot. Kt school plak cikgukata dia 'superstar' and seronok berkawan. Pegi mana2 ada je yg say hi kt dia. Yg best tu klu bdk lelaki tegur dia buat tatau je. Bila tny knp tak say hi blk, dia kata apatau 'dia bukan kawan Zahin' hahahahahaaaa sabar je lah..:D


Dah clash dgn DeLi. Hihi alhamdulillah. Gigi susu tgl 1 je lg nk tumbuh , tak nak kalah dgn Zafri kot. Heh. Iris punye selera dah good, smlm timbang dh dkt 13kg rupanya! Syukur!! Mcm zahin, iris is also fast learner but ummi je tade masa nk ajar dia mcm2. Tak sempat skrg. :( nak anta nursery, kene tgu 3tahun dulu. Sigh. Oh not diaper free yet. Im not worried, for me lg lmbt lg sng. May be tgu ummi cuti semester kot nk potty train dia. InsyaAllah.

Thats it for now.
To Zahin & Iris, be a good sister to each other and to Zafri k. Ummi and Babah love you so much and of course adik Zafri too! XoXo.

Ps. Tq for taking care them n the photo, k.Ana! :)

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