Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Queen's Park Garden

OK this is a delayed story. I knew about thhis park after i read kFida's blog. (Thanks akk!;))

So when Zahin wanted to go cycling, i suggested this park to hubby instead of the playground that he usually bring them to. Sebenarnya ummi nak pergi tengok bunga ros! Lol.

As it was on saturday, the roads in the central London were heavily jammed. Not counting how many times that we had taken the wrong way..but we finally arrived at our destination. Wee.

UnFortunately, cycling is prohibited in there. What?? dah la siap2 angkut basikal..kene hantr semula kt van..huhu nasi baiklah parking tak jauh sgt. Then to calm Zahin, we promised her that we gonna find other park which can be cycled on later. Alhamdulillah she can accept that...phew!

Since we all were very hungry, we first looked for a spot and found a nice one under a shady tree and quickly had a picnic cum lunch there. Hihi rasa kelakar je sbb Omputih sume pakat sunbathing ktrg tetap jugakk cari pokok..hahaha...

Then Lps makan dah kenyang, baru jln tgk bunga2 an. ;)
exactly where we had a picnic/lunch :)
got freedom to run
Like father like daughter :D
yeay, the roses finally ^_^
Zoom in a lil. Lovely, arent they? :)
here are the rred roses.
Zahin and the white roses :)
Er is this dandelion? hihi dunno the name..sowiee :D
The bee sucked Lavender's honey..
got bright yellow roses too
happy me..geram tgk rose dia, dah la besar2 byk plak tuh
hahaha iris pon geramm smpi nk dipetiknya rose tu..;D
posed near the main entrance (we faced the entrance :P)
ada waterfall..
and a pond
hubby strolled sleeping Zafri along the way..
and me and my dear lil girl at the secret garden. :P Big girl tu selamba je jln terus kedepan..sabo je la..

That's the last pic taken on that day coz the battery went off. Forgot to charge the battery..thot the spare battery had charged but not..huhu....

Actually, this park is in the famous Regent's Park. It's very huge and beautiful park compare to the Hyde Park. There are lotsa things/activities there such boating lakes and playground. The boating lakes are two, one is for adults and another for children. Menarik!! Sbb for children's the child only need accompanied parents to ride on the boat..;) tapi the Eins tak boating la, just cycling there. but before we go there, we went to Regent's mosque to solat.

Sayang no pics cycling kt boating lake park tu. May be nex time can come again..:)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Precious

OK, Siapa lagi 'Our Precious' kalau bukan anak-anak, kan? Since Zahin is already on summer school break, as yesterday was her last day at the nursery (will update this soon) so for the first time after Zafri's born, hubby is able to go to university this morning around 10a.m. Zahin was still deeply in the slumber with Iris..Sian dia, sebelum ni around 8a.m dah bangun utk siap2 ke sekolah dgn babahnya. Since Zafri was born, hubby who's the one manage her from taking bath until tying her hair..then send her off to nursery, even ushered her into her classroom. (kinda nursery rules too :P) Sometimes i feel bad and pity towards them but i can't do anything as Zafri needs me most of the time(clings to my B)..and whenever i bring on the subject to hubby, he always comfort me. He's very understanding and responsible husband and father. I know i'm very lucky. Alhamdulillah! Everday i pray, wish i can be a better wife and mother for him and our precious.

But it's hard, i'm not perfect. Sometimes my patience is tested. I got angry too. Especially if the Eins refused to listen to me. For example, ummi ni dah banyak kali cakap elok, lembut-lembut, sabar sampai sakit dada menahan marah tapi masih lagi buat perangai, ha mulalah naik darah ummi. So apalagi startla suara naik pitching dan tangan pun sama cepat..huhuhu. My bad, ummi suka cubittt. TAPI tu masa belum ada Zafri, dah ada Zafri ini i noticed i've been slow down...MAY BE...after my latest delivery which was a life-threatening one and almost loosing Zafri, i really realized that anak-anak ni AMANAH, ANUGERAH dan HARTA yang tidak ternilai daripada-NYA. Sebelum ni sedar akan sume tu tapi macam ala2 je lah. Even skrg ni pun, kerapkali teralpa juga..tapi bila teringat je pengalaman bersalin haritu terus INSAF. Sejak tu ummi kurang marah, bila babah marah ummi plak tegur babah spy jgn marah derg. hihi.

Hopefully, at this age of 30 years old, i will become a better person from i was during 20th years old. :P (Aihh, entry my 30th birthday lastmonth pun tak sempat update lg :D) Instead of trying to be a better khalifah, i want to be a better (sebelum ni dah good :P) wife to en Hisham and a better ummi to our precious. Amin...!

So after lunch this afternoon ummi snap2 gambar. Bila perut dah kenyang tu maka hati masing2 pon senang..Apatah lagi, babah janji nak bawak derg pegi cycling bila babah balik. So happy faces, lepas derg tolong tidy-up everthing on the floor, i dressed them siap2. Mood tengah happy, bolehla ummi dress up kan ketidak ikut pilihan dia je nak pakai baju apa. Huh. Tapi sebab ummi pakaikan derg skirt derg sukalah, skrg ni tgh mode pakai skirt je 24/7. Hui, skirt baru basuh dok dlm washing machine tak sempat sidai lg, iris dh amik pakai basah2. Adoiiilaa. Mana tak pening kpl ummi..huhuhu...

OK jom layan gambar2 derg!

bergaya dgn skirt masing2 :)

so sisterly, alg dlm gmbr ni looked so matured..padahal? hihi. angah spt biasa cheeky pose!:)

bergambar dgn adik plak. sayang sgt adik sampai sll berebut adik. Aihh..sampai lemas zafri dibuatnya.

pose ini jarang2 berlaku. but bila zahin seniri hug iris i feel so touched watching it.

my big baby!

my lil baby

Zahin kata geli Iris baring ats perut dia. tu yg gelak sakan tuh. hihihi.

my baby boy

Penghibur lara hati

By just looking at three of them, smiling, laughing and even quarelling really made my day. And i cant imagine life without them. To Zahin, Iris & Zafri, ummi and babah always love you. You are our precious wealth in this world and you have completed us. Kalau ummi dan babah marah, tu tandanya kami sayang sangat pada kalian bertiga. And lastly, our best prayers and wishes are always be with you wherever you are...we will tr our best to give you the best. Insya Allah.


Next Summer Clearance Sales

Summer sales dah lama dah start tapi baru dapat shopping sabtu lepas. Tp ummi Ada ielts test plak!Mula ingat dah tak Ada harapan dah sekali ummi terlupa nak pulangkan candidate ielts terpaksala keluar Rumah balik pergi British institute. Alang2 dah keluar tu terus la melencong pergi next! Hihi shopping punya pasal terus hilang ngantuk!:P

Sebenarnya zahin tak puas main lagi.Sebelum tu babah bawak Pegi main kat west ham park tapi hujan jadi dapat main Sekejap je.kebetulan sebelah next ada playground tapi ingatkan dapat ah ummi shopping dengan tenang while babah bawak diorang pergi main sekali harapan tinggal harapan sebab hujan balik. Fortunately, zahin could accept it so I got shopped calmly though. Hihihi. Tapi tapi tapi tak best dah taw sebab gaun cantik satu pun tak Ada dah. Serious, sob sob sob! Aihh dah agak dah sebenarnya sebab sales ni start dpd pukul 5a.m lagikkk. Jadinya dah Weol datang pukul 5p.m hmm bye2 la jawab Nya Kan. Tapi tak apa selamat sket pounds babah kannn!hihihi.

Anyway tetap bersyukur, the eins dapat juga skirt, tops and leggings while zafri dapat denim jacket je yang ummi berkenan. Ummi dengan babah dapat apa? Ummi dapat sehelai jeans babah plak tak beli apa2 pun sebab masing2 dah start merengek nak susu huhu queue kt launder bayaran panjang gila! Hah part ni mmg ummi lemah so babah kesian kat ummi jadi babah yang queue hihi (tq darling!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Massage

Babies simply love to be touched. In fact, they thrive on it — it's a critical part of growth and development. All that skin-to-skin contact not only helps you and your baby bond, but is comforting when she's upset and soothing when she's irritable.

For a simple baby massage, find a warm, flat surface to lay your baby on — a blanket on a carpeted floor is fine. Pour a little baby oil or vegetable oil in your palms and rub your hands together to warm them and the oil. Look into your baby's eyes, and sing or talk to her as you do the massage.

Pay attention to your baby's response: If she doesn't seem to be enjoying herself, try a lighter or heavier touch, or simply stop. No need to know about special strokes, either. All she needs is your gentle touch.

Credit to babycenter.

Anyway I usually massage my baby after bath or change his diaper. I choose to use either telon or yu yu oil depending on his condition. But if his stomach got wind I straightly put yuyi oil around his stomach and his legs. Like iris, zafri also love to be massaged either by me or hubby. But I will make sure we took a small quantity of it and usually it works best on all my babies. No more cry!

Since yuyi oil is quite expensive and I have to import from Malaysia, I try to consume it wisely. Hence, it reminds me to put it in the wishlist as we are running out of it! Then will convey the wishlist to my mom via phone because mom is gonna post a ramadhan and syawal parcel.:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


It has four sessions which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. All of them were carried out on the same day.

All candidates were divided into smaller groups according to their first letter of surnames. Hence, I was in A-M group! Of course I was the only Malaysian but was thought from China by one of them. Hihi.

Btw the first three sessions were fine even though the passages in reading test were quite difficult but I managed to answer all of the forty questions. Although I'm not sure if I got them all corrects but I feel relieved.:P

In writing test, I expected a letter in task 1 but it was a summary of a chart!fortunately, I still remember how to do it and I guess I was lucky because I think it is easier than a letter. Why? It is because there are four types of letter but usually, they will give only one task and we need to categorize whether it is a complaint, request information, job application or business type. It will definitely need more time to think compare to a summary. Just my 2 cents.;)

The second task was an essay. It must be done in forty minutes and it's more difficult with harder topic but in short, I had tried my best. Still I fear about my grammar most. Huhu.

For speaking test, I was briefly interviewed on my personal and backgrounds. I know it's a piece of cake rite but still I stuttered here and there. I can't help it as I was very nervous. Haha. Then, for 2 minutes speech I was given a topic about sport that I watched. Sound easy again but it went out upside down tho! Grr! After done with my speech, the interviewer asked few more related questions before I left the room with 'thank you for your time'. I remember the tips. :P

All in all, I already did it and no regrets! The result will be out in two weeks time and I pray I will pass it. Dear friends, Do pray for me k!

Tqvm wassalam!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Master Study

If you still remember about a secret that I mentioned in my previous2 post,it was actually I've got an offer letter to pursue master study at university of east London. I applied for masters in technology management. Alhamdulillah the application was successful and I received the news a week after delivered zafri. Rezeki anak Kan? Thank you Allah.

But the offer letter comes with a condition which required ielts. Hence, I registered myself for it at one of the institute nearby. Once registered I guess there is no turning back as hubby had already paid one hundred pounds plus.

Since that day,I had a month to prepare myself but I only managed to do so within 2 weeks by just going through 'ace for ielts' manual which is hubby's. Hoho hopefully I can do well tomorrow.

Please pray for me k dear friends..if I pass the test then insya Allah I will start class on this coming September. Amin! (so nervous!)

Ok till next post. See ya'. Wassalam.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fantastic 3rd

My 3rd sweet child, is our first prince, Zafri. He was born with weight of 3.33kg and born time stated in his birth certificate was 9.53am. Alot of 3, midwife said it will be easily remembered. Of course, i may remember it forever! Hihi. And i bet, no.3 will be his favourite No. juz like his Babah. Bcoz Babah's also no.3 out of 5 siblings so Zafri is indeed Babah's geng! Hmm and Ummi's bodyguard! Hihihi tak nak kalah.

Si Manja Ummi, Si Debop Babah. Kuat minum susu, kuat tido. Biasalah kan baby!;)

Aummm. Baby Tiger ummi. Rambut lebat, dan makin pjg. Dah ala2 girlish lak. :D  lahir2 hitam skrg dah blonde sket2..Babah kata mcm rmbt ummi dia la. huhuhu.

AA AA AA. Dah pndi sembang baby hencem ummi ni. Saayang ank ummi.:)

Dahh pandai main. Leka sguh. Lepas mandi, lps minum susu, it's a play timeeee. Ant. animals kt playgym dia ni, he likes the elephant most. TQ Mr. Eli for making Zafri entertained while i'm cooking.:P.

Ank bujang ummi nk mandi. kt situ ummi censored la tp tulen ye bang..hihihi..This pic on Chik request, Chik nk tgk Zafri tk pki bju. Here u go. bak kata Zahin :D
Zafri n his beloved sisters. Along yg pandai layan dia n Angah yg notti suka geget pp dia. hihi Nway Darlings, all of you are our precious. Xoxo!
Up to date, his weight is already 7kg. He's just 2months and half, will turn 3 months old this 12th of July. His body is quite 'mantap' oredi, we carried him upright juz like 5-6months old child. :D His neck muscle is quite strong i oredi start him on Tummy Time. During TT, he could held up his head longer. He loves TT and he'll signal me with 'hek2' sound when he's tired then i would lift him up and smooch his flabby cheeks. Hihi. I love doin' it coz he smells so good. (Bau Baby kn?;))

Other than that, he is just being adorable like other babies, smiling, oohing n aahing, laughing. Since he's breastfeeding, he's a light sleeper esp during days when he get overstimulant like his sisters make noise, he'll cry of course. But fortunately, he sleeps well thru the nite. Only wakes up couple times looking for milk. ;) Talking abt milk, so far he's fully breastfeeding. Alhamdulillah. Insya Allah, will keep on nursing him as long as i can. If his first precious tooth appeared before he's 6 months old, i may start solid food on him. Now ni pun mulut dia ternganga-nganga klu nmpk kami makan. Kesian sgt tengok. huk3.

To my beloved Zafri,

right now you are still small, your small n fresh tummy may not be matured enough yet to accept solid food dear. Sabar ye..Ummi Loves u so much. When i think you're ready, i will surely cook anything for you. Xoxo.

PS: Highly spirited after bought Annabel Karmel's book, Baby and Toddler Meal Planner at carboot only at 20p. ONLY RM1. I likeeee. Cant wait to try the recipes for the kiddos. Hihi.