Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WW: Ruislip Lido


During our recent visit to our friend's house in West London, we'd found a beach! Beach in London? Oh yeah, baby! The beach is named as Ruislip Lido in Ruislip. Hihi.

Actually it's a man-made beach. Was surprised myself but it's not has smooth sand! unlike other natural beaches that we already went in this country, most of the beaches are quite rocky. Huhu 

At Ruislip Lido, we could really enjoy walking barefoot on the sand..;) AND there are many activities can be done by kids and adults. The beach is well-convenient where the playground, water theme area, cafe and toilets are only nearby to each other. No need to walk far! 

So that day, Zahin, Iris and Zafri really had a fun playing with their bffs :D We stayed until the sun set and the view was amazing, masya Allah! :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


First time we went to Stonehenge was in Feb 2007, hubby was doing his master study at Coventry University at that time. But unfortunately the entrance was already closed as we arrived late that day. we forgot that the closing time was early during Winter. Huhu. Since then, we never had a chance to go there again and i kept wishing so that one day we could have the chance.

So last Summer, my cousin came visiting us for a week after had a training at Munich. She was too busy to plan so she just passed it to me. And i was happy to make the tentative for her and I thought that would be our last chance to visit Stonehenge so without further thinking i quickly put it in the tentative! Haha..

On the tentative day and date itself, the weather was extremely bright, dry and sunny. We were glad of the nice weather and really excited to go there. So we quickly packed food to have a picnic there and off we went heading to Wiltshire, about two hours and half driving from our house in East London.

As expected whenever it's sunny, any popular site and place of attractions in all over the UK should be crowded. Indeed, Stonehenge was flooded with people around the world and it caused a slow-moving on the road but still bearable since its still early in the morning. ;)

Alhamdulillah, we arrived there around 11am. There was an ample parking space nearby. After parking the car, we dashed and joined the queue to buy the admission tickets at the ticket tills. It was not taking long until we got our tickets that came along with decent booklet and audio aid about Stonehenge for each person. 

(For more info about the ticket price and more details kindly visit here.)

Luckily, we managed to go to the toilet near the parking lot first because there were none to be seen once you have passed the entrance barrier at the ticket counters. :D BUT unfortunately, we totally forgot to bring the packed food and beverages in the car! Oh my gucci..though there was a shop on the way to the world famous prehistoric monument but apparently it was only a souvenir shop! Huhu..

I was not worried of us the adults, but the kids! They can be cranky without food and drinks. huhu i prayed hard they won't make a scene and thankfully they didn't, phewww. But Iris was bad mood knowing we left our food in the car but luckily without the scene. Poor my lil girl, hungry..:( Zafri was also bad mood and refused to sit in the stroller but it's because the heat and crowds not the hubby and me had to take turns to carry him. 

Fortunately, Zahin was happy and enjoy the place until forgot to eat and drink once she got the audio aid. It  did kept her busy for a while and i truly regretted for not taking the audio aid for her and Iris at the first time and place..huu me being an underestimate of their ability..instead they could make out the explanation better than me about Stonehenge from the operator's who have a heavy british accent..huhu shame on me..haha..even Iris had asked me to open the stones for her because she said the stones were blue-ish colour at the inside. hihihi..and she heard it right when i read the booklet. ;)

Absolutely happy and thankful to Allah the Almighty for the beautiful weather that day, alhamdulillah! :) Not much of camera setting need to be adjusted as there was enough lighting. ;) Only the place was crowded, so it was difficult to take a family photo while people keep passing in front of us..hihi. But luckily the crowds were sporting when they finally noticed us and our tripod so they waited until we done..:P we were shy to the max to pose while they watched at us..made us all stiffed n schema!! haha..

There was obviously none other activities can be done at the site besides watching and taking photos with the stones..hihi. Wish they don't put the barrier like years before then we can go nearer to the stones and touched them..:P Anyhow, Zafri was once passed the barrier and wanted to escape toward the stones but hubby was really fast to catch  him. Phewww..and since then he was tightly monitored n guarded by us or in the stroller..hihi..

How i wished i didn't forget to bring along the food and drinks. So jealous seeing other people having a good time picnic at the site. Some of them even sleeping okkk..(sorry no pic, afraid to take without a permision..:P) maybe they wanted to spend long time there until sunset..i dunno but clearly not for us..cant wait that long especially when it's summer where Maghrib was around 9pm..huhu cant imagine how my kids could stand it even for another hour without food, drinks and other entertainment there..(the lunch was already due..:D)

We enjoyed taking photos here and there at the site..but had to find less crowd spot to do the private photoshoot. ;D Looking at others who made a jump photo, i took the chance to do the same too!  i was not too shy to jump if no one watching. :P  but cannot do the high-jump one lar...berat! hahahaha...but hubby who took my jump-photo said it was graceful...yer la tu...hihi but thank you, Sayang! Love you..;D

Only towards the end, the kids seemed to be laid-back. Iris also smiling when i took her photo on Babah's shoulder. Good girl! Zahin nowadays very hard to take her pictures, so we took her in candid! :D While Zafri was also relax but still refused to smile..hihi...we let him out of stroller so he can play with the grass for a while..and hubby quickly took photo of him showing the dried grass. Love the shot! :)

My cousin, Along Ya was happy too, she said the place was awesome! hihi Glad that she enjoyed it and we couldn't believed we were there! hihi. Then, she was being our family photographer at the side, i loveee the pic so much though Iris n Zafri didn't look at the cammie ;D! so credit to Alg Ya..;) And I was being her photographer too, i took quite number of pictures of her but using her own camera..hopefully she likes the outcomes. hihi.

check it out ;)

At this point, our tummy had already been growling for along time..:D we were extremely hungry and thirsty! huhu...can't wait to eat my nasi berlauk already..hihi...When we arrived at the exit (back at the entrance area), we were surprised to see more crowds in a very long queue..Phewww, luckily we came early! hihi..and luckily we already bought the souvenirs (fridge magnets only ;D) earlier ..seriously didn't think could wait in such a queue. :D 

And cannot wait any longer to eat and drink!!! hahaha...panasss, so thirsty okkk..on the way to carpark, the kids wanted ice-creams and cookies so we stop-by at the stall for a while to buy for them..kesian derg, too hungry and too thirsty. So they had their yummy starter on the way to the car before eating proper meals.

moral of the story, don't ever forget to bring your food and drinks! Huhu..

Anyway, so relieved to get to the car and without any delay took out the food basket. There were picnic tables provided but we prefer to sit on the grass near the car..and at the same time, the kids got to running around the huge field. While my cousin and i were happily eating and just sitting and chit-chatting..Hubby took the Eins to see the sheep not far, but they did not dare to go near though..:P On the other hand, Zafri was clinging to me all the time..enjoying all the food and drinks with ummi and amiya (he refers to my cousin ;D). 

Finally, i was glad that all of us had a great time at Stonehenge! i guess that would be the first and the last visit..but glad it was awesome and for the nice weather so couldn't ask for more..alhamdulillah!

So long, Stonehenge. :):)

Friday, January 17, 2014


Salam Jumaat!

Jom amalkan doa ni! In shaa Allah..:)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WW: On Sunny Day


On sunny day, we always take the opportunity to go out though it's Winter.

Usually we go to the park nearby to get some fresh air and get some exercise.

At the end of the day, everybody's happy! :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kek Chiffon :)


Sempena Maulidur Rasul, I made Nasi Tomato and Chiffon cake. My kids really love Chiffon cake, bila ada this cake maka tak lakulah nasi tomato ummi hehe. 

So this is my first debut of chiffon turned out quite well, lembut, gebu dan sedap wpon krg sket rasa pandan tue..heheh. Reason being, i didn't use air daun pandan..i used pandan flavour instead..:D 

But the most important thing, the kids loved it. skjp je dah nak habis satu loyang. ;)

Nway for the recipe (dah lama tak share recipe :D), i took out from Aneka Hidangan Kek book. it's so reliable! First time buat kira menjadilah jugak. :D


300g gula kastor (i used normal sugar ;P)
240g tepung serbaguna 
125ml minyak jagung (i used sun flower oil..)
7 biji telur (asing putihnya)
1/2 cawan air daun pandan (i used pandan flavour :D)
3 sudu kecil baking powder
1/2 sudu kecil garam 
1/2 sudu kecil krim tartar (i omitted it..:D)
sedikit pewarna hijau

Cara Membuat:

Panaskan ketuhar pada suhu 180degree celcius. Lenserkan acuan chiffon/loyang dengan marjerin.

1. Putar putih telur, krim tartar dan sebahagian gula hingga kembang.
2. Dalam bekas lain, pukul kuning telur dan baki gula hingga kembang. Masukkan minyak jagung dan adun hingga sebati.
3. Kemudian masukkan tepung, airdaun pandan, garam, baking powder dan pewarna hijau. Kacau hingga sebati.
4. Masukkan adunan putih telur dan kacau secara kaup-balik perlahan-lahan.
5. Tuangkan adunan ke dalam acuan. Bakar dalam oven selama 45 minit.

 PS. thank you for leaving your cake book to me, Yus. She's now a cake sifu in Melaka..hehe..

Sorry for these not so good quality mobile lazy to use DSLR nowadays! and the cake's appearance  is bad too. I never ever good at cutting cake..or should i blame the knife? :p

Semoga kita sentiasa mengamalkan sunnah-sunnah nabi dan sentiasa ingat untuk berselawat ke atas junjungan Nabi Muhammad SAW setiap masa, mudah-mudahan kita tergolong dalam golongan umat yang mendapat Syafaat baginda di Akhirat nanti. Amin ya Rabbal alamin!

Salam Maulidur Rasul 1435H! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Little Sunshine


Salam Jumaat, everyone!

If you're living in Johor (my home state ;)) i know some of you who works at government sector already cuti right? hihi new year, new arrangement..hopefully, everything works smoothly. :)

Anyway, today i'm sharing a video, Zafri's quite a talker now so we enjoyed recording him..:D In the video clip, you can see his hair was tied up. It was started when my girls trying out their new hair accessories..Oh, i went crazy buying all those cute hair bands, hair clips, and hats at Claires recently ( got discount up to 70% :D)

Seeing her sisters both with pretty hairdo, Zafri also wants the same! He asked me to tie his hair too..Oh i did after he cried. :P But I told him that he's a boy..boys don't tie their hair. Surprisingly, he said he's a girl because i tied his hair!! Many times..sabo je la that's why i managed to record it. hihi..and i never give up asking him to get the right answer! Eventually, he did say he's a boy! pheww tak sempat record plak..instagram kan limited time..:)

Ok, that's all! :D

Have a nice weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kingston Upon Thames


I just realized that we didn't take many photos here. Busy keeping eyes the kids who were excited running around the place..especially Zafri! As soon as we arrived, he refused to stay put in the stroller, so we had released him.. ;)

Anyway, this is Thames River at Kingston that's why it's called Kingston Upon Thames..hehe.

There were many boats but the one in the pic above was the most attractive. Santa's boat, uols! But unfortunately he had fallen asleep while drinking otherwise i might try on my luck by asking his permission to get on his boat and take photos. i wish!

Anyway, it was good to get strolling along the riverside that day. The place was so serene..we enjoyed taking photos and watching swans.

Actually, Zahin and Iris managed to feed the swans. Luckily i brought some crackers! ^_^ Hubby had taken their pic and recorded their video using his phone but as usual it was tedious for me to upload here..:D

Till then, Wassalam.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Kingston Street Art


Since we are going back for good this year, we wish to cover as many interesting town and place of attractions in London. Hee will see how..:D

Anyway, during browsing Cath Kidston website last December, i saw an advertisement about Kingston All Wrapped Up For Christmas altogether with a picture of red telephone boxes which have been wrapped with Cath Kidston classic Spot Red print! Cool ok...!

So after a quick discussion, off we went to Kingston a week before Christmas. Hehe..

The street art is called 'Out Of Order' was built in 1989 at Old London Road in Kingston in South West of London. Initially, it consists of twelve plain red unused telephone boxes, which the first box stand upright, while the rest tilted to each other by various degrees while the last one almost flat on the ground. Awesome! :)

As we can see, my kids really enjoyed themselves as we granted their request to go by train. And the train journey took us almost 1 hour and half from East to West okkk..just so you know, London itself is so huge!! Huhu..

There is also Cath Kidston store at Thames Street, Kingston but i just knew it! But it's okay otherwise it could have done some damage to my purse..:P

Ok that's enough for now. I will share where else we went in Kingston in the next post. In shaa Allah! :)