Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Boxing Day 2013 ;-)


Happy new year 2014, everyone! Feel so alived and so blessed today, alhamdulillah ^^

As i promised yesterday, i wanna update about our boxing day. ;)

We went to Swindon Designer Outlet for the first time with our friends. It's 2 hours drive from London so we had stayed one night at Travelodge Swindon Central. (Creepy place, taubat tak nak stay situ lg huhu).

The kids were so happy this time to have their bffs mommies had a pleasant time shopping but not daddies! Lol

Anyway, hubby and i didn't find anything best there..:( Just bought Sketchers shoes for kiddos..that's all!

Most of the catch from the pics (Clarks shoes, Tefal, Ted Baker and perfumes) i bought was purposely for my online biz. Really good bargain! For more info, please kindly visit my fb page D' Eins Boutique ;D

Lastly, I wish you all a good health, happiness and success in 2014! Amin! And hopefully may all of us become a better person and remind ourselves that Akhirah and Jannah is our ultimate goal. In shaa Allah..!!


sitiezahim said...

besnya dapat ber boxing... hehehe..

ishamizu said...


Hmm bleyla dear..seronok beli brg kids n brg biz..hihi..

Selamat berpantang k! ;)