Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WW: Ruislip Lido


During our recent visit to our friend's house in West London, we'd found a beach! Beach in London? Oh yeah, baby! The beach is named as Ruislip Lido in Ruislip. Hihi.

Actually it's a man-made beach. Was surprised myself but it's not has smooth sand! unlike other natural beaches that we already went in this country, most of the beaches are quite rocky. Huhu 

At Ruislip Lido, we could really enjoy walking barefoot on the sand..;) AND there are many activities can be done by kids and adults. The beach is well-convenient where the playground, water theme area, cafe and toilets are only nearby to each other. No need to walk far! 

So that day, Zahin, Iris and Zafri really had a fun playing with their bffs :D We stayed until the sun set and the view was amazing, masya Allah! :)