Friday, April 8, 2016



Oh no, this blog has been abandoned again. The last post was two months ago, unbelievable! I miss blogging.

For a start, i just went through my photos folder and our photos at Lake District appeared from the first file. Great! Looking at those beautiful pictures again brought so much joy to my heart. 

Therefore, i'm sharing some of them here now as a booster for me to write more later. I wish for a writing mojo to come in..:D

For your information, Lake District is one of the beautiful places in England. The are so many lakes there hence the name. It was the second visit for my husband, Zahin and me and the first for Iris and Zafri. 

Ever since we arrived in the UK for the second time, we always wanted to go there again but our dream only came true during our last Summer there. Hmm talking about save the best for last i think! Hehehe.

 So it was a day trip, babeh! Yes, a bit crazy since we lived in London and we did not transit anywhere between London and Lake District. The whole journey took us about 5 hours but life is boring without taking a challenge. So we proceed and departed from home almost midnight. And it was a great decision because the kids slept most of the time. Accommodation saved, brilliant uh! ;D ( Everything in Summer season is beyond expensive)

We only stopped once at one of the Service for some rest after a long drive and Subh prayer. We resumed our journey at 6am and arrived at Lake District around 7am. It was still early in the morning for English community. But it was not dark anymore as the day time starts early during Summer. ;)

For me, the advantage to arrive so early that day was as if we owned the Lake District! We even stopped our car in the middle of the road. Almost no one else there and i had all the privacy to take pictures at any pit-stop that i wished to! The views were all stunning! Subhanallah...

By the time all my kids wake up, they also got out from the car and we had posed here and there. :)

Then we had a short break somewhere for a picnic and had breakfast. We had Nasi Impit, chicken curry, peanuts sauce, pasta, fried chicken, sausage and nuggets. Alhamdulillah, it's all homemade..cook with love! Happy tummy..;D

Anyway, the place was like a resort, gorgeous! Hilly, greens and fresh air! Love it! Also some people came there for hiking. Active lifestyle! We met a family from Germany, the lovely couple was so friendly and had a cute baby girl. We had a nice chat and took a picture together. So sporting! ;)

We really had a pleasant time and falling love again. Zahin, Iris and Zafri were jubilant at Lake District. They got to play with water at the lake side and threw stones into the water happily. :)

Actually there are much more to tell for this trip but i think that's all for now. My son has stirred and he'll wake up in any minute. He is quite demanding of me, very clingy. Hehe.  

Hopefully, i will share more next time, in shaa Allah. 

Till next post! :)