Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Tentative


I just want to share our Europe tentative roughly. Hopefully, we can fully follow the discussed tentative. InsyaAllah klu tade aral melintang la kan.

31/3 (sat) - we'll be departing fr our house at 3pm. On the way to south england, we might stopped by Canterbury for short sightseeing before heading to Dover. Then our ferry will embark fr Dover harbour at 11pm.

1/4 (sun) - arrive at Calais, France est. At 2am. Then, we'll drive to Leuven, Belgium at 4am. Then will go sigtseeing at Leuven town at 10am.

2/4 (mon) - we'll be going to Paris at 8am. Have the wholeday for exploring the city. And will sleepover for 1 night.

3/4 (tue) - at 8am, will off to Disneyland. By noon we will start our journey to strassbourg. After short sightseeing there we will be going to kak Nana's house at Kaiserlautern, Germany and sleepover. (tq kak Nana ;))

4/4 (wed) - will go for sightseeing at Kaiserlautern and wish to go to Heidelberg as well. By evening, we will return to lokman's house at Leuven.

5/4 (thu) - at 8am, will off to Brussel. After waffles treat and belgian choc factory visit, we will continue our journey to Holland.

6/4 (fri) - will spend the day at Keukenhof.

7/4 (sat) - will visit Amsterdam, volendam etc. Then will return to leuven.

8/4 (sun) - free xtvt. And lastly at evening, will drive back to Calais to take ferry return to Dover, England.

That's it. :)

Smg perjalanan kami selamat dan dipermudahkan-Nya. Amin. Kawan2 doakan sekali ye..first time travel naik kereta ni ke Europe. Kereta dah servis, rule n regulation dah check n dah beli the car european kit as well such as sticker great Britain, triangle n first aid etc. Selain usaha, doa kami bertawakkal sajalah kpd Allah..mudah2an dijauhkan dpd any accidents or disaster. Amin.

Ps. Will try to update klu ada wifi kt mana2. Klu tak will update when we come back fr the vacation. :) Ok jmp lg nti. InsyaAllah!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sunny Spell

~ The Eins're sunbathing at our backyard. :D~
We heard happy kids playing with each other since early in the morning today. They were neighbours. Their sound really made us want to join them right away. The sun also shined so brightly, it's a very lovely day today. :)
So after having a breakfast and taking a bath, the Eins went out to the backyard. They rode on their bicycle, looked at the flowers before picking them and soaked themselves under the sun. Hoho they truly enjoyed it! I can see from their faces and their happy mood. That's when i took their picture! ;)
Hopefully, we could have the sunshine and temperature like today in Europe through next week so that we can fully enjoy sightseeing and have nice pics. Amin!
Ps. We had sprung the clock 1 hour forward last sunday so the time difference with Malaysia is 7 hrs now. :)
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Carboot Datang Lagi!

Hehe carboot sales dah start since three weeks ago. Cuma tak sempat je nak update. But so far ktrg baru pegi carboot kt Marks Gate je every thursday. Carboot ni plg dkt dgn rumah weol. ;)
So lps hntr Zahin to school, ktrg terus pegi. Zahin cuma pesan belikan dia itu atau ini je. Biasanya dia mmg suro beli buku je. Actually, ktrg relax sket pegi without her sbb klu dia ada, cepat je dia ajk balik. Boring betul! Hehe.
Kt carboot ni, mcm2 ada! Dpd latest stuff smpila ke brg antik. New n used. Sellers are either private seller or trader. Tip: brg trader sll nya mahal. So ktrg mmg tak pandangla trader2 ni. ;p. Tapi klu ada brg yg perlu sgt, tpaksa la beli jgk hehe. Still murah lg la dpd kt store. ;)
Kalini, ummi suka cari house deco item je mcm wall painting, flower vase, lamp shades etc. Then, toys n books for kids.. Tapi tak byk kt Marks Gate ni. Novel pon ummi pandang sepi je, sbb tak de yg menarik. Hehe.
Tade yg menarik pon..habis jgk round satu carboot tu hokey. Besar! 3 jam konfem! :D jadi sblom pegi, kasi isi dulu perut n bawak bekal lg esp utk si kecik. Kt carboot adalah bbrp gerai mknn tp tak halal kot. So the best, bring our own food. :)
Ps. Rindu pegi carboot dgn Yus, kdg lps carboot ktrg picnic n bwk potluck.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheeky Zafri

~ bangun2 tdo je trus posing ;D~

Nway this boy is very cheeky nowadays. Ada2 je yg dia buat sampai tak kering gusi weol. Hehe.

Skill baru, dia suka angkat2 bahu. (as if 'tak tahu') hehehe sgt comel, gegham weol. Klu weol suro angkat bahu, dia buat!! Paham lak tu angkat bahu tu apa!! Hehehe. Ada amik video tp upload ikut iPhone ni sll aje error tu yg malas. :( Nak blogging proper guna lappie plak tak lappie lak ada prob, klu nak wat assignment kene pinjam hubby's which is kene amik giliran huhu..

Nway, zafri dah kenal orang so dia langsung takmo kt org lain selain weol. Few weeks ago, 2 org cousin hubby dtg London. Both nak dukung Zafri tp Zafri melalak2 takmo hehehe..dgn org sini mcm Mummy Na yg jg dia masa hubby smyg jumaat pon dia takmo..makin clingy skrg ni..sama je mcm the Eins jgk. :)

Selain clingy, he's sooo active! Alhamdulillah. Tp mmg tak reti duduk diam, mana tak slim kan? ;p Hobi baru dia pon exercise! Exercise mcm mana dn kt mana?? Ha Kt bouncing seat dia..bouncing seat dh jd tpt Exercise! Diterbalikkannya seat tu, then dia pgg besi blkg tu, then dia buat ala2 pumping! ;D Video ada tp again tak leh upload lg. Nantilah eh..ummi compile then upload sume video one free day..;D

Last nite, dia 'kejekan' lg b ummi smpi bdarah..huhu tak seteruk aritu smpi lubang kan..huhu hubby pon dah tahu, klu dia asah gigi kt B ummi, cepat2 hubby bwk dia lari..hehe. Gigi Zafri dah ada 3! 2 kt bawah, 1 kt atas. Gigi dia mcm sama mcm gigi angah Iris, besar! ;D

Aihh penangan bby i know why mommy yg ada boys slim2 ;D selasak-lasak the Eins, Zafri ni super duper lasak..! Ya Allah, sabar je lah..hehehe.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mother's Day

~ Mother's Day card by Izzahin Hisham ~


Last week, i was speechless when Zahin said that she had a surprise for me. Then I asked really, so where it was but she quickly replied, not now mommy, Mrs. R asked me to wait until sunday (18th March). It's Mother's Day! Haha terus tak surprise..i already imagined that it must be a cute card made by herself at school. :)

Being such a curious mom, i kept asking her for the card and she was gigling n teasing me to wait until the special day arrive. Cheeky girl she was!! Hehe so i decided to give in..but she cant take it as she's the one who can't be patient enuf to show and give me the surprise! Hahaha.

At first, i kindly declined her offer when she asked whether i want to see my surprise or not but when i looked her carefully, i said OK gimme now, ummi dah tak sabar ni! Hehehe. Then her face turned to glow instantly and off she went upstairs to get the surprise for me. Hmm patutla sampai2 rumah terus cpt2 naik ats, simpan surprise ropanya! Hehehe clever..;)

After a while, she came and handed me a very creative card with a cute drawing picture on it! Awww, i was so speechless and impressed with her at the same time. Hehe. I said thank you to her, hug her n praised how beautiful the card was..and how i really like it. She just smiled. :)

Seriously, it's the best Mother's day gift ever! Alhamdulillah, this year i've got something that purely from her. Before this, all effort were from hubby on behalf of kids but not this year! Ehem2 hehe. Hoorey My girl's grown up! Aihh..Sob sob..(sedih plok hehehe)

Instead of the lovely card, hubby has also given me a green light to go to Next half price sales tomorrow which i will take it as Mother's Day treat! Hehehehe. The sales will be started as early as 7am so let's see if i can escape myself around that time because the kids will not be up fr the bed yet..wink wink! Hubby lemme drive but If not, i'm sure hubby will give me a ride to Next store nearby..heheh. Yo2 la Mother's Day treat, tgk2 nti shopping utk kids jgk yg lebihhh..hehe what to apparel are so irresistible! :D

Anyway, hope not too late to wish Happy Mother's day to all wonderful mommies..! Let us cherish our love ones and treat them best! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Vacation Mode

I'm so tired, my body has been ached from sitting for hours in front of the laptop doing assignments. I am truly exhausted so i really need a break. I wish i can put all these research thingy away and just go for a vacation. But sadly i will only be able to do so in two weeks time!

Hopefully, i still have a time to plan our holiday properly coz hubby relies on me. (abt the places i wann a go ;))And some friends will be joining us too so i should make a proper tentative. Insya Allah.

We plan to visit tulips at Keukenhoff, Holland. InsyaAllah klu ada rezeki sampailah kami ke sana. Pic Credit to Google.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eleven Months Old

My lil boy turned 11 months old last monday. Hmm wanna know What did he get?? Some bruise on his cute lil nose as in the pic above! Huhu Who did it? Hmm Who else if not his beloved sister..Iris.

Hubby told me that Iris wanted to hug lil Zafri but as usual she cant control it until she bumped him hard and his face hit onto the carpeted floor! Aih Iris..Iris..nasibbaik bercarpet. But issokay, you didnt mean to rite angah? ;)

Luckily, there is no serious cut. It might have some internal bleedingbut so far zafri's fine. Hopefully, the bruise will be healed as soon as possible. Sll klu jd mcm ni, tuam dgn tuala balut dgn ais, then it willbe ok..

By the way, zafri can already climb the staircase until upstairs!! It happened on the day he turned 11 months. I was mengucap pjg as soon as i keluar fr bathroom tgk dia dh kt tangga ats skali huhu. Actually I left him n Iris downstairs to go to the bathroom but apparently he followed Iris upstairs while crying at the same time. Adoilah! Mujur tak jd pape..Alhamdulillah.

So it's time for us to put a safety gate now. I hope we can solve some problem, then hubby can put the safety gate As soon as possible. InsyaAllah.

Till then

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Scooter Girls


The weather was so lovely the Eins had fun scooting in our garden.

It's good to see and hear the happy faces and joy of laughter! ;)

Ps: so many things to share but yet so lil time n bz to do so. Huhu.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Well Soon

I was surprised to know that my nephew has been admitted in Hospital Klang since yesterday. My brother emailed me this morning. My first nephew Izzrizz is three months old and he was admitted because of prolong fever, rashes and strawberry neavus. Yea you heard me right, strawberry. When i first time read it, i was like what is that? But my bro did explained a lil n he asked me to go google if i wanted to know it further which i tak dan lg nk google.
Btw this Strswberry Neavus is like a pimple on his cheek at the beginning. But my bro said it's getting bigger n bigger so he called his doctor friend to come over to his house in Shah Alam. The doctor then discovered it n she whom is also working at Hosp Klang made a referral letter for the check up. That's why izzrizz was admitted.
Up to date, my lil sister told me that izzrizz's temperature is already stable and might be discharged soon. But we still dunno abt the strawberry neavus result. I hope and pray that the thing will be gone asap. Poor my brother, as today is his 28th Bday! But he celebrated his special day at hospital with his wifey n their sick baby. :(
Anyway, get well soon Izzrizz darling! Mak long sekeluarga doakn Izzrizz cpt sihat k. To my dearest brother and SIL, hang in there n take care!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Party Fiesta

While we were hunting for Iris's present  for her 3rd Bday at Westfield Stratford City, we suddenly tumbled upon this shop called Party Fiesta. With the star shaped entrance, it is not too hard to be visibled at least to me. Hee I can't help to go inside and to see what it has in there. 

Since that was the first time i visit a party shop, i kinda crazy looking at all the variety choice of party stuffs. Seriously I felt like buying all of them. They got variety themes from Mickey Mouse to Smurfs. So cute! Too bad i cant spend at any since Iris wanted hers to be a princess theme. So what i bought were just a princess table cloth, a princess tiara and yummilicious lollipops. ;) 

I definitely want to visit it again. The price is affordable and the location is strategic plus it is in the same floor with Mothercare, Lego City, Primark, food court (kfc, mcD, halal subway etc) and to name a few. 

Eventually, we just bought a set of four story books from Disney princess for our bday girl. But, we had a plan to treat her something else since she could not read yet. But what was it, i'll update in the next post. Insya Allah. 

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Lil Rascal

This pic was just taken. It's already 1am in the morning but he's still wide awaked! Though, i felt restless but how can i get annoyed with this cheeky lil rascal of mine, rite? Muka mintak kene ciom ajer hehehe..

Nway, i have a problem since his top n front tooth has showed up. He likes to bite my B as if my B is a teether! And my B has wounded badly esp the right side oned. Serius berlubang and it's damn painful when he is direct feeding. Huwa i cried at first but not anymore. Though it's still painful but i have to df him esp during nite. Malam lg la malas nk bg ikut botol ;P lgpun i already decide that i dont want to bottle feeding him anymore. Now We used sippy cup only. Kt UK mmg disarankan spy bottle free by age of one.

So far, the hole is still there. Dah lama jgk la rasa dh seminggu lebih kot tp tak bcantum2 lg..ngeri gak tgk though it's just a small hole. Mcm mata ikan bley bukak tutup huhuhu..shud i consult with gp? Tp segannye la haii..sigh. Masalah masalah. Nk consult gp pon segan padahal our gp is a female. Tgkla mcm mn lg seminggu ke..haha lama gil kan. Yelah kot2 la by that time it will fully healed naturally rite. Amin.

By the way, Zafri dah 10 months old serta boleh berdiri sendiri! Just waiting for his first step now. Anytime je. We cant wait though we were warned that it will be more tiresome once he starts walking! Huhu org2 kt sini tgk dia pon nmpk dia soo active..hehe. Habislah kita Yang but if that makes us to shed some more KG that would be great aite! Hehehe..

So far, we are happy to see he has catched up with the milestone and he's doing fine. Recently, he conjured up with conjunctivity. Keluar tahi mata byk ! Biasa dgr my mom kata panas dlm ;) iris pon kene jgk..ank kawan pon kene jgk sbb bjangkit dgn ank kawan yg lain tgh sakit mata masa bday iris. Even though it is contagious but it's not really dangerous. Gp pon tak bg ubat, just suro bersihkan aje mata derg dgn air suam sll. Tp skrg zafri dh ok, iris blom fully recover lg. Smg cpt baik ye Iris. Tp Bkn derg je tak sihat, actually ktrg sume tak brp kata sbb peralihan musim fr winter to spring. May be..hope everybody will get well soon! Amin.