Friday, March 23, 2012

Mother's Day

~ Mother's Day card by Izzahin Hisham ~


Last week, i was speechless when Zahin said that she had a surprise for me. Then I asked really, so where it was but she quickly replied, not now mommy, Mrs. R asked me to wait until sunday (18th March). It's Mother's Day! Haha terus tak surprise..i already imagined that it must be a cute card made by herself at school. :)

Being such a curious mom, i kept asking her for the card and she was gigling n teasing me to wait until the special day arrive. Cheeky girl she was!! Hehe so i decided to give in..but she cant take it as she's the one who can't be patient enuf to show and give me the surprise! Hahaha.

At first, i kindly declined her offer when she asked whether i want to see my surprise or not but when i looked her carefully, i said OK gimme now, ummi dah tak sabar ni! Hehehe. Then her face turned to glow instantly and off she went upstairs to get the surprise for me. Hmm patutla sampai2 rumah terus cpt2 naik ats, simpan surprise ropanya! Hehehe clever..;)

After a while, she came and handed me a very creative card with a cute drawing picture on it! Awww, i was so speechless and impressed with her at the same time. Hehe. I said thank you to her, hug her n praised how beautiful the card was..and how i really like it. She just smiled. :)

Seriously, it's the best Mother's day gift ever! Alhamdulillah, this year i've got something that purely from her. Before this, all effort were from hubby on behalf of kids but not this year! Ehem2 hehe. Hoorey My girl's grown up! Aihh..Sob sob..(sedih plok hehehe)

Instead of the lovely card, hubby has also given me a green light to go to Next half price sales tomorrow which i will take it as Mother's Day treat! Hehehehe. The sales will be started as early as 7am so let's see if i can escape myself around that time because the kids will not be up fr the bed yet..wink wink! Hubby lemme drive but If not, i'm sure hubby will give me a ride to Next store nearby..heheh. Yo2 la Mother's Day treat, tgk2 nti shopping utk kids jgk yg lebihhh..hehe what to apparel are so irresistible! :D

Anyway, hope not too late to wish Happy Mother's day to all wonderful mommies..! Let us cherish our love ones and treat them best! :)


Nadine said...

Heheheh, comellah Zahin ni! Clever..cantik kad tu. kalau la Nadia yg dpt dari anak2 mmg sah menangis terharu punye. haihs, lambat lagi nak tunggu ni..hihi.

happy mother's day to you Izu. you are one of the great mom that I've known and adore ;)

ummi_ziz said...


THanks aunty fr Zahin! Xoxo! U dont worry k, tak lama je lg tu..dpt la u cute card fr Faaz ;)

Awwh, i cant take it yet. But tq! I hope i can be a great mom..amin! Nway i adore u too u know, bkn sng nk mbesarkan twins but so far u've done a good job. Im sure u'll be a great mommy too..

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Good job zahin!

Salam Izu,
Tu la kdg2 rasa terharu sbb skejap jer anak2 ni dh besar, dh pandai macam-macam.
Mcm Ajwad, walaupun baru 4 tahun, tp dia pandai pujuk klu tgk sy nangis (mummy agak emo sikit ....dusshhh...kdg2 termenangis dpn dia......)...

dyana "his other half" said...

ala, best sgt dpt card macam tu. the most expensive card of all kan :). pandai zahin lukis. ummi siap pakai skirt hijau lagi. hehe.

happy mother's day to u dear. kat sana celebrate awal ye.

mommyNadia said...

So sweet..
Tak sabar tgu turn Nadia pulak ..ntah macane lah gmbr Adam lukis ;)

Happy Mother's day Izu ;)

ummi_ziz said...


Zahin said thanks aunty

So sweet Ajwad..ank2 skrg mmg advance tmasuk emosi ;D mOmmy's sweetheart indeed kn..;)

ummi_ziz said...


Tq dear..mmg mahal, tak de jual kt tpt lain. ;D
Hadif nti mst lg kreatif sbb skrg pon dh nmpk..;)

ummi_ziz said...


Thanks dear. :)

Tak lama lg dptla u mother's day card fr Adam lak.

Frau Azmir said...

alalalalalala sweet nyer :)