Sunday, March 4, 2012

Party Fiesta

While we were hunting for Iris's present  for her 3rd Bday at Westfield Stratford City, we suddenly tumbled upon this shop called Party Fiesta. With the star shaped entrance, it is not too hard to be visibled at least to me. Hee I can't help to go inside and to see what it has in there. 

Since that was the first time i visit a party shop, i kinda crazy looking at all the variety choice of party stuffs. Seriously I felt like buying all of them. They got variety themes from Mickey Mouse to Smurfs. So cute! Too bad i cant spend at any since Iris wanted hers to be a princess theme. So what i bought were just a princess table cloth, a princess tiara and yummilicious lollipops. ;) 

I definitely want to visit it again. The price is affordable and the location is strategic plus it is in the same floor with Mothercare, Lego City, Primark, food court (kfc, mcD, halal subway etc) and to name a few. 

Eventually, we just bought a set of four story books from Disney princess for our bday girl. But, we had a plan to treat her something else since she could not read yet. But what was it, i'll update in the next post. Insya Allah. 

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Ninie Hanis said...

first time tau Party Fiesta tu..mcm best je kata affordable mesti lagi best kalau nak buat party.tapi kat sini taktaulah ada ke tidak..kena google ni.hihi..

Gigirl apa lagi kalau tak tema pwincess kan.. :) tapi my niece dulu bday 3yo dia nak kek kaler pink bentuk elephant,boleh? :D

ummi_ziz said...


Yes dear affordable, Mcm banner balloon tu lebih krg aje dgn harga kt asda tesco. Aihh knp la akk tatau kedai ni sblom beli sume tu kn huhu. Haah google la, kot2 ada branch dia kt tpt ninie kan ;)

Heheh kaler pink ok la kan! Tp byk2 binatang elephant dia minat ye? But still cute! ;D

dyana "his other half" said...

besarnyaaaa. kat USJ ada satu tapi kecik je. itu pun cd dah separuh tak keruan. kalau masuk party fiesta ntah2 semua nak dibeli. hehe.

Nadine said...

Meriahnya Party Fiesta tu!! Alangkan kat M'sia yg cuma ada Balloon Buzz tu pun buat Nadia dah berpinar mata nak pilih yg mana satu (ikut budget yg ditetapkan :P), inikan pula Izu kat sana kan.

Bestnyeeeeer! :D