Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Well Soon

I was surprised to know that my nephew has been admitted in Hospital Klang since yesterday. My brother emailed me this morning. My first nephew Izzrizz is three months old and he was admitted because of prolong fever, rashes and strawberry neavus. Yea you heard me right, strawberry. When i first time read it, i was like what is that? But my bro did explained a lil n he asked me to go google if i wanted to know it further which i tak dan lg nk google.
Btw this Strswberry Neavus is like a pimple on his cheek at the beginning. But my bro said it's getting bigger n bigger so he called his doctor friend to come over to his house in Shah Alam. The doctor then discovered it n she whom is also working at Hosp Klang made a referral letter for the check up. That's why izzrizz was admitted.
Up to date, my lil sister told me that izzrizz's temperature is already stable and might be discharged soon. But we still dunno abt the strawberry neavus result. I hope and pray that the thing will be gone asap. Poor my brother, as today is his 28th Bday! But he celebrated his special day at hospital with his wifey n their sick baby. :(
Anyway, get well soon Izzrizz darling! Mak long sekeluarga doakn Izzrizz cpt sihat k. To my dearest brother and SIL, hang in there n take care!

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