Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Holiday: Blausee, Swiss


Blausee or Blue Lake is one of the best of mountain lakes and tourist attractions in Swiss. I found it in most of the blogs that i'd tumbled on during my research.. All their pictures were stunning and attractive. So we gotta go there too and see it with our own eyes, hehe. 

Blausee is located in Kandersteg, about 45 minutes driving from Interlaken. Do not know how to go there by public transportation so if you do not rent a car like us, you must research on that ok ;) 

Well, the lake was in the middle of the forest which also known as nature park, we walked a little bit before we see the gorgeous clear blue lake. Subhanallah!! It was so clear and we could see trouts fish in it! Masya Allah so many of them..the kids were excited watching them in the water. 

The entry fee for adults was chf10 per person and chf6 for kids above 5 years old. and with that we could also go on a boat ride. We can't wait to explore the lake!!

Zafri and Iris was so delighted to be on the boat and happy to peek trouts from the tapered glass bottom of the boat. The boat ride was only 20 minutes only.

After that, Zahin and Iris got a chance to feed the trouts when the kind-hearted boater brought a pile of the trouts food approached us and let both the Eins feeding the trouts as long as they like. But I had to stop them you know..Hehe..

Then we went to find a private spot so that we could fill our hungry tummy. Of course there was a restaurant there but we preferred our own food and could save the money. ;)

On the way i managed to snap pictures of these kids too..of course without their permission. :P Glad to know that their parents were not near to be seen.. hehe i did not have a bad intention though

 And once the Eins saw this giant slide..and off they went to play! huhu kids being kids!

 And i took the opportunity to be hubby's model to pose here and there while they're playing...:D

 then we found the playground too..they had a picnic spot too..

 I had to force them eat and feed them while playing.

we found the private spot which overlooking the lake. So we ate while sitting on the bench peacefully...

 And we did not missed the opportunity to do some photoshoot here..^^

Our romantic photoshoot as well..:D Tq Zahin! ;)

and here are Hisham Angels :D

 when we finished, we used other route to go back to the main entrance. But actually it was a jungle trekking path and it's not kid/buggy-friendly so it was a very challenging route for us. :D

 But issokay, we really enjoyed it so much...because we could see the lake from other angle..subhanallah!

 And all of us managed to feel the's very freezing cold, afraid to dip the whole hands in it..

at first, Zahin was afraid to joined me but once she tried..she can't stopped it..hehe

muka puas hati dpt main air
 below are some of the lakeviews taken while passing the jungle trekking path...

the restaurant across the lake


and miss Iris jumpa lubuk ikan :D

Poor hubby had to carry Zafri who was on the stroller..

and now Turn Babah plak posing...:)

Zafri pon nak jugak kt sini...hehe sume org ada pic kt sini..ummmi je tak larat dah nak upload..:P

Zafri was sitting on the snow at the main entrance

Lastly, after went to the toilet and buying some souvenirs at the shop, we bid goodbye and went back to Interlaken. That's all. :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WW: What We Do While Ummi Shopping


We could wait patiently until ummi's done with her shopping without being grumpy but must treat us with food or book ok!!

Ps. Haha ok! Saaayanggg anak2 ummi and Babah byk2! ^^

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WW: Ikea Bissa Shoe Cabinet


I've been wanting this so much! And Alhamdulillah I have finally got to purchase it during our visit to Ikea Tottenham last Friday at 20 pounds only..:D

Bissa 2-departments shoe cabinet
We keep the everyday shoes in the bottom department while the rest in the top department..

The display cabinet has new friends now..hihihi
Anyway, we still keep the old rack at the end for now. But I now hide it behind the hat/coat stand..Oh, the stand is also new, bought together with Bissa..:)

Space savvy ;)
Now, the area in front of the door is not messy anymore with shoes as per previously. The most important thing,  if we have guests coming, at least  either the guess or us will not have hard time to pick our shoes anymore..hehe,

Another angle. ;)
I was regret not to buy two cabinets as hubby planned to..mula takut sempit ruang and takut membazir pon ye..but tengok2 there will be no harm if we bought two cabinets right..ada space lg apa..sigh..sorry Sayang, next visit perhaps? (wink)

Smart looking cabinet, i loike! ^^

Finally, so happy dan tak serabut dah tengok area ni. All the shoes were all well-hidden. :P Thank you Fizah..because you are the one who inspired me to share this..;D 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Treasure Bag of Stories


Last weekend Iris's nursery had a library trip to Mayespark library. So Iris was looking forward it since the previous week when we received a permission letter to sign. She kept mentioning about it almost every day and even asked me to take her to library before the trip. hehe of course I did not take her there, i just did not want her to spoil the trip mood. ;)

The night before the trip, she went to bed early. I said if she did not want to miss the trip, she must sleep early. ;P And when the day arrived, she was first to wake up. She was all excited about the trip and off she went. Then when I fetched her, I saw she had a sling bag across her shoulder and I thought she mistakenly took someone else's bag! Apparently it was a goodie bag called 'My treasure bag of stories' from the library trip..;D

In the car heading home, she told me about the trip and the goodie bag excitedly! And when we arrived at home, after taking off her boots she sat in front of the door and started taking out one by one from the goodie bag to show me off. hehe...There were a pack of pencil colours, one copy of colouring book called Make your Mark, a two copies of children story books called Copy Cat and Don;t Wake the Bear, Hare! and a reading booklet for parents from BookTrust and BookStart UK. Thank you! ;)

Like iris, I was happy, myself! Who wasn't drooling for getting all those colourful illustration books with glossy cover?? Haha so I read for Iris and Zafri right away in front of the door (the door was close of course..:P) At the same time, took some pictures! But sorry it turned out upside down, i took it only using one hand with iphone hence the outcomes..and sadly my photo editor app didn't have a function to rotate the pic..:P

Afterwards, what else..attending my Iris who could not wait to colour her new colouring book of course..^^ 

Anyway, the goodie bag was such a good effort from BookStart and BookTrust UK to encourage children to love books and reading. A very great effort! Hopefully Iris can read by 5 years old once she goes to Reception this coming September. Amin! Right now, we will read the books for you, dear. Always our pleasure! :)

Till then, Wassalam. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Holiday: Snowy Grindelwald, Switzerland


On the second day at Interlaken, we went up to Grindelwald. It is a must visit place and was strongly recommended by our Eurocamp patron as well as our friend who had visit Swiss last November. But the difference was of course the weather and temperature. Since winter had prolonged this year, it's still gloomy and still covered by snow, just like in a 'Winter Wonderland'! 

Let's check it out! ;)

That day the road wasn't busy so hubby just drove slow and steady so that we could savour the view peacefully. ;) Once we reached the entrance, hubby pulled over to the roadside to read the map and take pictures. It was freezing cold up there, so only hubby and I who got out the car. Zahin joined us later but only for a while. And Iris who was still unwell due to lactose tolerant stayed asleep in the car with lil Zafri.

from the lookout point, we could see the Swiss Village at the foot of Alps and cable cars ride up to the Alps mountain! And after that Zahin started begging us to take her riding on it too! Hoho..Since we had planned to ride a cable car at somewhere else so we promised to take her on the next day..:D

I heard there was a stylish and elegant town for shopaholics but since shopping was not in our main objective so we just passed it. :P

Usually, people go there for a ski trip but as for us, sightseeing only! :P Hihi..

finally hubby found car-park at Grund near Maanlichenbahn (cable car station to Maanlichen at 2230m).  There was a bridge across the river nearby the carpark that intrigued us. We wanted to across it but we had to be careful as the skiers who skied down the mountain were too fast while passing through the bridge!

Being at the foot of Alps while the Swiss wooden houses were scattered in the background were awesome! 
The view was so breathtaking indeed. Alhamdulillah, the kids were also well-behaved with Zahin really enjoyed playing on the snow that she hardly enjoyed it in England, heheh while Zafri sleepily sat on his stroller whereas Iris's sleeping in a baby carrier carried by Babah..huhu poor my baby.

We managed to pose with snow mobile FOC! ;D

Lastly, we had a good time enjoying the view and watching the skiers at Grindelwald. It was a precious experience to remember in the future. But It could be so much funnier and merrier if only Iris was healthy that day.  It was so quiet without her animated chit-chat and laugh. :( 

From Grindelwald with Love. ;)

Ok till then, Wassalam.