Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Holiday: Snowy Grindelwald, Switzerland


On the second day at Interlaken, we went up to Grindelwald. It is a must visit place and was strongly recommended by our Eurocamp patron as well as our friend who had visit Swiss last November. But the difference was of course the weather and temperature. Since winter had prolonged this year, it's still gloomy and still covered by snow, just like in a 'Winter Wonderland'! 

Let's check it out! ;)

That day the road wasn't busy so hubby just drove slow and steady so that we could savour the view peacefully. ;) Once we reached the entrance, hubby pulled over to the roadside to read the map and take pictures. It was freezing cold up there, so only hubby and I who got out the car. Zahin joined us later but only for a while. And Iris who was still unwell due to lactose tolerant stayed asleep in the car with lil Zafri.

from the lookout point, we could see the Swiss Village at the foot of Alps and cable cars ride up to the Alps mountain! And after that Zahin started begging us to take her riding on it too! Hoho..Since we had planned to ride a cable car at somewhere else so we promised to take her on the next day..:D

I heard there was a stylish and elegant town for shopaholics but since shopping was not in our main objective so we just passed it. :P

Usually, people go there for a ski trip but as for us, sightseeing only! :P Hihi..

finally hubby found car-park at Grund near Maanlichenbahn (cable car station to Maanlichen at 2230m).  There was a bridge across the river nearby the carpark that intrigued us. We wanted to across it but we had to be careful as the skiers who skied down the mountain were too fast while passing through the bridge!

Being at the foot of Alps while the Swiss wooden houses were scattered in the background were awesome! 
The view was so breathtaking indeed. Alhamdulillah, the kids were also well-behaved with Zahin really enjoyed playing on the snow that she hardly enjoyed it in England, heheh while Zafri sleepily sat on his stroller whereas Iris's sleeping in a baby carrier carried by Babah..huhu poor my baby.

We managed to pose with snow mobile FOC! ;D

Lastly, we had a good time enjoying the view and watching the skiers at Grindelwald. It was a precious experience to remember in the future. But It could be so much funnier and merrier if only Iris was healthy that day.  It was so quiet without her animated chit-chat and laugh. :( 

From Grindelwald with Love. ;)

Ok till then, Wassalam.


roSebud said...

bestn ye izu.lawa sgt n sejuuukkk je rasa..hehe..

sitiezahim said...

ooo u all naik dr Grinderwald ek..kami tak pegi pon situ..tak cukup masa :((

nurbijen said...

bila tgk gambar2 izu ni, rasa skrang jugak nak terbang ke swiss... harapnya sempatla menabung utk ke sana... amin amin amin!
Kesian Iris, mesti ada rasa benda tak lengkap bila one of our children poorly, kan?

Fizah said...

urghh salji...bestnyaaaaaaa

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Ai x dak mood lg nk upload gmbr tulips. hikhikhik. Akak upload la gmbr byk2 suka tgk gmbr. rasa peaceful je tgk gmbr!

lady lavender said...

kami pun penah pi ski resort utk sight seeing. Org lain pi nak berski, kami bargambar aje hihii..

p/s: berangan aje la kot nak sampai swiss :-)

Nadine said...

aaaaa, bestnya bestnya!

i've always wanted to go to Swiss! In fact, we were supposed to have our 1st honeymoon in Swiss sbb uncle Fadzil who lives there invited us to come tak sempat pegi sbb dh pregnant. I guess it was not meant to be :P

One day, insyaAllah...

Mama Haraz said...

love the last picture of you and Zahin, macam adek and kakak je ;)

ishamizu said...


Hehe sejuk tp tak sesejuk kt UK. Nyaman gitu..more fresh air! :D

ishamizu said...


Aah. You all naik kt mana? Hehe. Nway sama je kita, banyak tempat tak cover lg. huhu..

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Amin..! In shaa Allah kak Nur pon sempat visit Swiss sblom balik Msia. ;)

Hmm betul tue..tak kan sama klu sorg tak sihat kan..:( mmg kesian sgt Iris that day..lemah je sbb apa yg dia mkn sume keluar blk..huhu

ishamizu said...


Hehe best best juga tp penatnya la jln dlm snow tebal tu dgn bwk stroller bagai tu ;D

ishamizu said...

Mami Little Hero

Tu la tertunggu ktrg entry tulips Farah kt Keukenhof. Kata org pandai..akk pon smpi skrg tak smpt update lg..hehe nti la update! ;D

Ok nti ai share lg k..habiskan trip ni dulu baru update yg thn lps punye trip! Hehehe

ishamizu said...

Lady Lavender

Haha samala kita. Org lain naik cable car dgn peralatan ski bagai, kita ni relax je sehelai sepinggang..;D patu org ski ktrg tcegat kt situ sightseeing n posing2 only. Hahah!

Ps. Manatau nti ada rezeki pegi Swiss plak LL..hanimun bdua je ke bila ank2 dah besar. ;D

ishamizu said...


Haa tu la Fadzil ada uncle dok Swiss kan? Hmm bolehla pegi nanti one day! Dah save kt acommodation! ;) Swiss mahal yg amat laa. hehe..

takpe, ada tu lg rezeki. in shaa Allah mana tau next honeymoon plak ke dear, boleh plan! :)

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Aww, thank you. Gmbr jauh bolehla nmpk mcm adik dgn kakak, hakikatnya klu tgk dkt2..huhu! ;D

Yus Mohamed said...

salam izu...
bestnya dapat jalan2 kat sana. Bile la bole pegi ni? Kena start kumpul duit ni nak pegi sana.

ishamizu said...

Salam izu

Hehe alhamdulillah. Aah nti ada rezeki yus pegi la plak. Mmg cantik dear! Ktrg pon xpuas sebenarnya hihihi