Monday, December 19, 2016

Our New Pet


Having a pet is like a new adventure. It takes your time and requires patience. It also teaches you to be diciplined and learn new things at the same time.

Our kids adore cats. Whenever they meet this loveable creature they could play on and on with them. But our daughters have Athma so that is the reason we always reject their request to have a cat.

But few months ago, there was this one cat kept coming to our house. It asked us food so we gave it food and water. We even bought a special cat food and also milk! :D

Suddenly, we found her pregnant! So we even made a special shelter for her. Then we were kinda excited and looking forward to meeting her babies hihi.

One day, she delivered four cute tiny kittens! The kids were all over the moon! They hold and caress them. Every morning they wake up, the kittens are first in their mind! :D

Recently, when we returned home from a long weekend break at our parents, we found out that the kittens were missing and it's mother had a cut and blood near it's neck!
we searched for the kittens high and low but to no avail. The kids were sad..

We suspected that some wild animals such as a snake or wild boar from the jungle had eaten the kittens huhu.

Surprisingly on the next day, the mother brought back it's two kittens from only God knows where. Even though only two, we were more than happy! Now the kids get to play again with the playful kittens. :)

Anyway as a mother, i still feel worried thinking if my daughters' Athma get worse since we have cats now.

But so far, Alhamdulillah. And in shaa Allah we will make sure that Iris will not skip her preventer inhaler everyday and night.

Till then wassalam.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Visit to Zoo Melaka


I took my kids to Zoo Melaka yesterday. It's kinda impromptu, but the idea just suddenly popped up in my head. After all the weather was bright and sunny.

It's a waste if we just stay at home while the weather was beautiful right. So we went there. Hubby could not join us as he worked but he kindly dropped us at the zoo so i don't need to trouble myself finding a parking space. Thank you, my love! Hee

First, we purchased tickets and bought the zoo map at the counter. The price for adult is RM17.90 and RM7.10 for a child including GST. RM1 for 2 maps. If you want to ride on a tram, it will cost you RM5 for each person separately.

And just before we started, i bought some snacks and drinks at the cafe nearby to make sure the kids's tummy happy.

Then we got to see animals such as rhinos, giraffes, elephants, emu, orang utan, ponies, peacocks, tiger, lions, leopards, monkeys, various type of birds, bear and many more! But most of the animals were taking a nap. Huhu.

Nevertheless the kids were still excited and had fun. They talked about the animals animatedly and read their details from the signboard. Their faces were glowing with smile and laughter though it was a hot day..surprisingly they did not complain much. Thumbs up, guys! :x

But too bad, my phone battery was low hence not many pictures were taken..that's the downside of adhoc plan...:(

Anyway, i'm so glad we made it. It took us about two hours to cover the zoo. We did skipped some animals though, it's the reptile house and missed some animals as well :D

All in all, the zoo now have more animals compare years before. So it was quite satisfying. There are tram service, small cafes around, toilets, a prayer room, and even a playground. So convenient!

My kids still talked about the funny Orang Utan who asked a soda drink from one of the visitors. The visitor was eventually relented and threw it to the Orang Utan after it being sulky clever ok minta simpati, haha.

hopefully it would not give it any harm. The visitor did it just out of pity. It's a hot day and the Orang Utan must have been thirsty. Poor little thing!

Lastly, a visit to the zoo is always entertaining and educating. If you come to Melaka, go visit Zoo Melaka. I'm sure you and your kids will enjoy it as we did. Please wear hats, shades, sport shoes and bring your own drink too as it is quite expensive to buy inside.

Till then, wassalam..

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Assalamualaikum and hi.
I am here to inform you that my youngest child, Zafri has finally started kindergarten so our daily routine have slightly changed! ;D
I have been searching high and low for a good kindy since we return from London end of 2014 but none had caught my attention until just recently. 

So it has already been two weeks Zafri at Tadika Al Baghdadi Furqan, Bandaraya Melaka.If you ask me, its their unique Quranic memorising technique and islamic modules which interested me to enroll him there. I'm not ambitious, but if Zafri could memorise Juz Amma i would already happy. :)
Actually, the person in charged told us that they already finished the syllabus for this year but they still offerred him a place if we want to try.
And glad we tried. So far, Zafri seems okay, never throw tantrums in a morning before going to school (it's what he called :D) or cries when we left him. Unlike his beloved sisters who made scene on their first days at kindy! :p
The teachers are also nice and warm and always give us good feedback too about his wellbeing at the kindy so i feel relieved to hear that. Zafri also told me what he did at school animatedly once i fetched him. He made friends with Iman and Imtiyaz quite fast too. So for me it's a good sign. :D
For us mothers, it is very important for a kid to feel happy and secure being at the kindy. For a stay at home mom like me who all this time take care of Zafri since he was born i got worried too much. But then to know my son now have awesome teachers and friends around him is such a big relief. Hihi!
So far, i feel satisfied. Though it is still early to tell, yet i hope Zafri stays looking forward to school everyday and have fun learning as well as making friends. That's all we hope for a start.
If everything is fine, we would like him to continue at Al Baghdadi next year before going to primary school in 2018 which we already registered him at St. Francis Primary School. 
Last but not least, good job Zafri! We are so proud of you darling! Hope you always enjoy being at school and please know that we'll always be there for you no matter what. All the best, dear! Xoxo. ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Count Blessings

All praises due to Allah for giving us another chance to  breathe today. We must always be greatful and thankful that we are still alive and kicking. There are other people who are less fortunate than us and struggling for their life. Hence stop complaining but let's start counting all the blessings.
Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus. I have been logged in here on and off since these past months but I still could not bring myself to write anything at all, unbelievable! Actually there are so many things that I would like to share so hopefully I could start all over again and do it one by one.
September is almost gone, gosh! This month is among of my favourite month of the year because it is a birthday month for three special people in my life; my daughter (Sept 17), my husband (Sept 20) and my father (Sept 28). If last year, we went celebrating at Pulau Perhentian but not this year. Hu hu. Nevertheless, we had a small celebration and gathered at my brother's place. It was really 'sempoi' one! The men cared about EPL and JDT matches more than the celebration
.Huhu. Anyway, we bought a cake from Secret Recipe and my SIL cooked yummilicious food. Many thanks! ;)
Earlier, i managed to bake two cakes each for my daughter and husband on their big day. Plus a birthday dinner treat for hubby at Vivo restaurant. And they got what they want for their big day too! ;) Then, we also took my father out for Thai cuisine dinner on the next day. Yum! And glad to know that he also likes his gift. So happy birthday again dearies! :x
By the way, my mother has not feeling well lately. It's kinda worrying me to see her like that. When we go back to my parents, i always try my best to do all the cookings, cleanings and make sure my mother have a rest and takes her medicine on time. As children, we still need our mother and her blessings in our life. Therefore I pray hard so that both my parents and my parents in law will be given more time in this world by Allah for us the children to repay their love, care, sacrifice and everything towards us since we were born. Ameen ya Rabb!
Lastly, let's try our best to attend our beloved parents needs devotedly while they are still with us. Let's visit them and make them happy. In Shaa Allah!
The heaven lies under the  feet of your mother.
Till then, wassalam.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ramadan Kareem


Ya Allah pejam celik dah masuk hari ke 9 kita berpuasa. Cepat betul masa berlalu. Blog sendiri pon tak sempat nak jenguk. Huhu.

Di kesempatan ini, saya mewakili keluarga saya Ishamizu & Co. ingin memohon ampun dan maaf sekiranya ada tersilap kata, terkasar bahasa atau ada melakukan kesilapan kepada sesiapa sahaja yang sedang membaca ini.

Saya hanyalah manusia biasa yang tidak sempurna. Sekiranya kita pernah dan masih lagi berkawan, maafkanlah saya jika ada gurauan atau kata-kata serta tingkahlaku saya yang kasar sehingga mengguris hati dan perasaan anda. Minta halalkan juga makan, minum n etc.

Sejak kebelakangan ini, saya jarang blogging, blogwalking serta bertukar khabar berita dengan kawan-kawan kerana begitu sibuk menyendiri dengan hal-hal duniawi ( duh! ). Duduk di rumah ini saya sendiri rasa terpinggir dan jauh dengan kawan-kawan huhu. Harapnya kawan-kawan tidak menganggap saya sudah sombong. I'm still the old me, in shaa Allah cuma sibuk melayan karenah dan aktiviti anak-anak di rumah hehe. I'm sure all mothers will understand right. Let's keep in touch! :)

So doa saya semoga kita semua dirahmati Allah, diberikan kesihatan yang baik untuk beribadah di bulan yang mulia ini. Take care in whatever you do and wherever you are, ok! :)

Last but not least, saya teringat kata-kata Prof. Dr. Muhaya:

♡ Untuk mencapai ketenangan, bertaqwalah.

♡ Untuk mendapat kebahagiaan, bahagiakanlah orang lain (jaga sillaturrahim)

♡ Untuk kesihatan yg baik, makanlah makanan yg menyihatkan bukan makanan yang sedap (payah ni :D)

♡ Untuk mencapai kejayaan/kekayaan, berusahalah sunguh2 sambil mengharapkan redha Allah semata2!

Again, do forgive me for all my wrongdoings and writing in this blog. Please remember me in your prayer.

Ramadan Kareem...!! ♡♡

Friday, April 8, 2016



Oh no, this blog has been abandoned again. The last post was two months ago, unbelievable! I miss blogging.

For a start, i just went through my photos folder and our photos at Lake District appeared from the first file. Great! Looking at those beautiful pictures again brought so much joy to my heart. 

Therefore, i'm sharing some of them here now as a booster for me to write more later. I wish for a writing mojo to come in..:D

For your information, Lake District is one of the beautiful places in England. The are so many lakes there hence the name. It was the second visit for my husband, Zahin and me and the first for Iris and Zafri. 

Ever since we arrived in the UK for the second time, we always wanted to go there again but our dream only came true during our last Summer there. Hmm talking about save the best for last i think! Hehehe.

 So it was a day trip, babeh! Yes, a bit crazy since we lived in London and we did not transit anywhere between London and Lake District. The whole journey took us about 5 hours but life is boring without taking a challenge. So we proceed and departed from home almost midnight. And it was a great decision because the kids slept most of the time. Accommodation saved, brilliant uh! ;D ( Everything in Summer season is beyond expensive)

We only stopped once at one of the Service for some rest after a long drive and Subh prayer. We resumed our journey at 6am and arrived at Lake District around 7am. It was still early in the morning for English community. But it was not dark anymore as the day time starts early during Summer. ;)

For me, the advantage to arrive so early that day was as if we owned the Lake District! We even stopped our car in the middle of the road. Almost no one else there and i had all the privacy to take pictures at any pit-stop that i wished to! The views were all stunning! Subhanallah...

By the time all my kids wake up, they also got out from the car and we had posed here and there. :)

Then we had a short break somewhere for a picnic and had breakfast. We had Nasi Impit, chicken curry, peanuts sauce, pasta, fried chicken, sausage and nuggets. Alhamdulillah, it's all homemade..cook with love! Happy tummy..;D

Anyway, the place was like a resort, gorgeous! Hilly, greens and fresh air! Love it! Also some people came there for hiking. Active lifestyle! We met a family from Germany, the lovely couple was so friendly and had a cute baby girl. We had a nice chat and took a picture together. So sporting! ;)

We really had a pleasant time and falling love again. Zahin, Iris and Zafri were jubilant at Lake District. They got to play with water at the lake side and threw stones into the water happily. :)

Actually there are much more to tell for this trip but i think that's all for now. My son has stirred and he'll wake up in any minute. He is quite demanding of me, very clingy. Hehe.  

Hopefully, i will share more next time, in shaa Allah. 

Till next post! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thank You Mom, Dad!


Tiba-tiba malam nie terasa rindu sangat pada my mom and dad. :(

Minggu lepas seminggu my parents duduk teman me and the kids masa en husben 'outstation'. This week, terasa bagai kehilangan. Huhu.

Honestly, i don't think i could do alone without Mak and Abah. 

To Mak...

Terima kasih sebab sanggup ambil cuti lama untuk teman along anak beranak.
Terima kasih sebab teman along hantar dan ambil Zahin Iris ke/dari sekolah tiap-tiap hari.
Terima kasih juga masakkan breakfast, lunch dan dinner yang yummy2..
Terima kasih tolong layan karenah ZIZ yang macam2.

Sesungguhnya along amat merindui momen2 bersama mak selepas hantar anak2 ke sekolah.

Rindu masak dan borak di dapur dengan mak. Teringat kita breakfast roti canai berdua je di kedai mamak lepas shopping groceries. 

Aaahh..such a precious bonding time between you and me. :)

To Abah...

Terima kasih sebab sama2 jagakan Zahin, Iris dan
Terima kasih sebab tunggu Zafri di rumah masa along dan mak hantar Zahin Iris ke sekolah.
Terima kasih sebab tolong angkatkan kain di jemuran dan buang sampah..hehehe.
Terima kasih juga tolong buka dan tutupkan pintu masa along nak keluar masuk rumah.
Terima kasih tak terhingga especially abah sudi volunteer untuk drive kita semua dr KL-Melaka and vice versa.
Terima kasih sebab teman along ambil ZIZ balik daripada kelas mengaji malam2. Hee..

Biarpun berkali ucapan terima kasih namun tetap tidak akan sama dengan kasih sayang, jasa dan pengorbanan mak dan abah terhadap kami

Semoga Allah jua yang membalas segala kebaikan mak dan abah dengan pahala Syurga. Mudah2an Allah panjangkan umur mak dan abah agar dapat kami berbakti dan membahagiakan kalian berdua.

In shaa Allah ..ameen!

My beloved mom and dad :)

Waiting for Zahin at school. 

Again, thank you Tok Mak, Tok Bah for your time, love and support from Zahin, Iris, Zafri, mummy and Babah...We seek an apology for everything. We really love and miss you so much...

IshamIzu n Co.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pass PhD Viva

Fr left: Dr. Pappa (internal examiner from Imperial College London), Dr. Leo (external examiner fr Loughborough uni, my husband and Prof. Dr. Andrew Holmes (hubby's supervisor fr Imperial College London) 


Akhirnya hari yang ditunggu telah pon tiba dan berakhir dengan sebuah kejayaan. :)

Alhamdulillah en husben dah pon lulus PhD viva nya kelmarin, 12hb Januari 2016. Masya Allah, Syukur dan lega sangat! I'm so happy for him as for all his hard works from 2010 till 2014 have been paid off! 

Heartiest congratulations, dear Dr. Mohd Hisham Nordin from all of us!!! We can't wait to fetch you at KLIA soon! We mish you hehe..

My Little Pony for Zahin n Iris

Spiderman pjs and London briefs for Zafri fr Primarks.. Owh I miss Primarks! :(

Bumblebee for Zafri

And for mummy..heheh

 Habis je viva en husben terus pergi shopping kt Argos. Haih Zahin yg bagitau babah kt mana nak beli my little pony diorang tue..kemahin! 

The next day eb husben pergi Primarks plak kt Westfield Stratford.. shopping some stuffs for himself, and for us. So generous of him! ^_^

Thank you en husben. Semoga bertambah2 rezeki lagi lepas ni. Ameen..!

By the way, Once en husben bg green light, barulah announcement dibuat kt my instagram then i shared it at my Fb as well. 

En husben tak ada fb so most kawan2 UIA kami ada in my fb friend list. So ramai yg like dan wish him congratulations. Same with some of his colleague. Then I told him and he's so touched by everyone and their kind wishes.

So, thank you so much on behalf of my husband!! Jazakumullah..may Allah bless you all and reward your kindness. :)


Monday, January 11, 2016

Nasi Kandar Line Clear


Ok hari ini nak share cerita pasal JJCM kami di Penang that day. :)

Actually, tak berapa expert bab food hunting ni. Masa di UK dulu tak pernah pon beriya nak food hunting. Asal jumpa kedai atau restaurant halal  terus on je..;D

Tapi bila balik Malaysia aka syurga makanan ni yang mempunyai more halalan toyyiba choice maka food hunting wajiblah dalam list! ^_^

So bila je sebut Penang, instantly teringat nasi kandar, char kuey tiaw dan pasembor. Tu diaaa..hehehe. 

Kami pilih nasi kandar line clear ni sebabnya memang one of the top nasi kandar in Penang kan. Senang je nak cari address, just search at maps google terus keluar. Apalagi kami pon follow je la google maps.

Alhamdulillah sampai juga akhirnya walaupon jalan sesak sepanjang dari Batu Feringgi ke Georgetown.

Lepas parking kereta di private car park in that area pastu kami jalan kaki dalam 5 minit dah sampai. Tapi hati-hati ye, lintas jalan kt situ kalau bawa anak sebab banyak kereta. Pastu jangan lupa beli kupon parking! En husband beli di kedai 7e dekat2 car park tu jugak. ;)

Bila dah jumpa kedai Nasi Kandar Line Clear masing-masing macam tak percaya tengok venue nya. Ingatkan dalam bangunan sekali bukan! Hehehe. It is located between two shop lots! Tapi orang beratur masa tu punyalah panjang!! Huhu pasrah je la beratur sama. :D

Tapi tak lama lepas tu staff depa panggil pelanggan yang beranak kecil dulu masuk ke dalam. Kira macam fast lane gitu ha.. Alhamdulillah..!!

Oleh kerana dah lapar dan malas nak fikir panjang, kami terima je lauk-lauk yang direkemenkan waiter yang in charge kami. :D

kami order 2 set di mana setiap set include lauk kari kepala ikan, ayam goreng rempah, sotong dan udang berlada serta sayur kobis goreng. Air rasanya 2 jenis..satu jug besar air sirap limau dan lagi satu air barli kot..lupa sudah. Hee.

Once nasi kandar dan segala lauk sampai ke meja, kami pon makan macam ikan piranha. Hehehe tak la...makan dengan gembiranyam.. sebab memang thorbaekkk!! Tengoklah gambar 2 beranak kt atas tu..;D

Maka semua makan tanpa toleh kanan dan kiri lagi. Licin semua lauk..alhamdulillah tiada pembaziran. Anak-anak pon enjoy nasi kandar. First time rasanya my kids makan nasi kandar ni hehe..

No wonder Nasi Kandar Line Clear ni begitu famous..walaupon lokasinya agak tersorok, crowded tapi berbaloi. Harganya pon berpatutan! Rasanya nanti depa nak buka cawangan di Kg Baru, KL! ;)

Lastly, kami sangat berpuas hati dengan makanannya yang sedap dan servisnya yang mantop! :)

Anak saudara mengamuk pon ada staff kindly approched us and tried consoling him by offering him some finger food.. So Highly recommended! :)


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Persediaan Travel Musim Sejuk


Syukur sangat bila Babah whatsapp beliau dah selamat sampai di London dari Amsterdam. Fuh, lega dengar! Masa lost contact, asyik berdebar je jantung Mummy nihh. :(

Oleh kerana Babah dah pon selamat sampai London awal pagi maka keadaan sekeliling masih gelap lagi. Sekarang di sana tengah musim Winter, hari lambat siang dan cuaca pula sejuk di bawah 10 darjah celcius. Huhu Mummy pon masih teringat-ingat lagi sejuknya tuhh.

Minggu depan ni diramalkan lebih sejuk lagi, kebarangkalian untuk turun snow pon ada. Huhu rindunya nak main snow! Kalau snow turun memang rezeki babah :)

Apapun diharapkan Babah tak lupa untuk makan vit c supplemen yang dibawanya. Orang lelaki bab supplemen ni kalau kita tak ingatkan memang mudah lupalah jawabnya. Hehe.

Since Babah pergi time Winter, maka 2 minggu sebelum berangkat kami sudah mula buat persediaan. Pertama buat Checklist. Checklist Babah lain dan lebih panjang sbb termasuk hal viva PhD nya.

Tapi Di bawah ini antara checklist Mummy utk Babah:

1. Pengambilan vitamin c setiap hari untuk meningkatkan daya ketahanan diri dan prevent daripada selsema.

2. Packing pakaian seperti long john, jumper/sweater, coat, winter jacket, socks, snowcap dan gloves serta trainer/shoes yg sesuai. Mujur kebanyakannya masih elok dan dibawa balik Malaysia. So jimat. Cuma Babah perlu membeli boot atau shoe lain sekiranya snow turun semasa beliau di sana.

3. Ubat-ubatan. Since Babah juga ada athma maka Mummy make sure beliau tidak tertinggal inhaler nya.

4. Travel light. Since Babah pergi sorang so senang la. Lagipon orang lelaki tak kisah nak bawa banyak2 baju macam kita kan. Hee.

5. Winter Sale!! Haha ni bahaya..kene pandai kawal nafsu ye. beli yg perlu sahaja dan kalau lebih murah daripada harga di sini. Hehee.

Babah ZiZ nie boleh tahan kemurahan hati beliau..silap haribulan memang dia shopping sakan nanti. :D

Zahin and Iris plak dah pandai demand..siap diorang send pic lagi barang yg diorang nak kt babah thru whatsapp. Zafri pon nak 'car'. Haih la anak2..

Mummy kirim tak? Hehe off course lah Kiki..tapi in shaa Allah brg ringan je. En husband kata nak bagi hadiah, hah yang tu lain..hehe ;P

Ok that's all.

Ps. Lain orang lain persediaannya kan. Ini cuma pengalaman mummy yang sama2 buat persediaan untuk babah sebelum berangkat ke London haritu. ;)


Friday, January 8, 2016

Away For PhD Viva


Alhamdulillah akhirnya en husband dah pon selamat terbang ke London pada awal pagi tadi untuk viva PhD nya iaitu pada minggu depan di Imperial College London, in shaa Allah...

What a good start for 2016! :)

First time kami terpaksa berjauhan antara satu sama lain nie. Mujurlah seminggu je..kalau sebulan tataulah macam mana. Huhu.

Mula-mula semua macam ok tak ada apa-apa. Tapi bila babah dah beratur untuk check in mulalah sorang-sorang buat drama air mata. Hehe.

Kalau nak tahu Zahin la paling dramatic, maklumlah sejak dia lahir memang tak pernah kena tinggal. Hehe kesian...

Tak apalah..babah pergi viva bukan bercuti. pergi sorang dapat lebih fokus dan concentrate! ;)

Next time in shaa Allah ada rezeki babah janji nak bawa kita semua 'balik kampung' London lagi. Bila tu tataulah..:D

Maka hari ini Zahin dan Iris terpaksa dicutikan. Adey baru naik sekolah dah ponteng. Tapi tak pe lah hantar babah itu lebih penting, kan! :)

Ok babah, kami di sini akan sentiasa mendoakan babah agar sentiasa dilindungiNya, sihat dan selamat pergi serta selamat kembali.

Lastly, good luck, Babah!!
In shaa Allah mudah-mudahan babah lulus cemerlang dalam viva PhD dan pulang dengan kejayaan. Ameen! :)


Just arrived. Muka happy lagi..zahin je tak nak bgambar huhu

Babah dah masuk ke departure hall. Sedih sgt masa ni..:'(

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hello 2016!


Assalamualaikum...makin lama makin pantas masa berlalu. Pejam celik dahhh masuk tahun 2016. :)

Iris pon dah darjah 1! Yay...Happy betul dia dapat satu sekolah dengan Along. Hehe. Masya Allah dah besar dah anak-anak mummy. Sobs.

Apapun syukur alhamdulillah masih diberikan nafas lagi di dunia ini untuk memperbaiki diri dan mencari bekal di alam akhirat sana, in shaa Allah.

Sebelum itu sedikit update tentang penutup tahun 2015 yang lalu. ;)

Alhamdulillah pada hujung cuti sekolah yang lalu dari 20 hingga 24 Disember 2015, kami sempat cuti-cuti Malaysia ke Penang dan Perak bersama mak, abah dan keluarga adik belah mummy. Memang best especially JJCM di Penang! 

Nanti in shaa Allah ada masa mummy akan cuba share detail cerita cuti-cuti di sana dan juga tentang Iris dan sekolah barunya! ;)

Ps. Doakan mummy supaya rajin update blog tahun 2016 ni k! Hehe