Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Count Blessings

All praises due to Allah for giving us another chance to  breathe today. We must always be greatful and thankful that we are still alive and kicking. There are other people who are less fortunate than us and struggling for their life. Hence stop complaining but let's start counting all the blessings.
Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus. I have been logged in here on and off since these past months but I still could not bring myself to write anything at all, unbelievable! Actually there are so many things that I would like to share so hopefully I could start all over again and do it one by one.
September is almost gone, gosh! This month is among of my favourite month of the year because it is a birthday month for three special people in my life; my daughter (Sept 17), my husband (Sept 20) and my father (Sept 28). If last year, we went celebrating at Pulau Perhentian but not this year. Hu hu. Nevertheless, we had a small celebration and gathered at my brother's place. It was really 'sempoi' one! The men cared about EPL and JDT matches more than the celebration
.Huhu. Anyway, we bought a cake from Secret Recipe and my SIL cooked yummilicious food. Many thanks! ;)
Earlier, i managed to bake two cakes each for my daughter and husband on their big day. Plus a birthday dinner treat for hubby at Vivo restaurant. And they got what they want for their big day too! ;) Then, we also took my father out for Thai cuisine dinner on the next day. Yum! And glad to know that he also likes his gift. So happy birthday again dearies! :x
By the way, my mother has not feeling well lately. It's kinda worrying me to see her like that. When we go back to my parents, i always try my best to do all the cookings, cleanings and make sure my mother have a rest and takes her medicine on time. As children, we still need our mother and her blessings in our life. Therefore I pray hard so that both my parents and my parents in law will be given more time in this world by Allah for us the children to repay their love, care, sacrifice and everything towards us since we were born. Ameen ya Rabb!
Lastly, let's try our best to attend our beloved parents needs devotedly while they are still with us. Let's visit them and make them happy. In Shaa Allah!
The heaven lies under the  feet of your mother.
Till then, wassalam.


Farikica said...

Hi good to hear from u:) i love birthdays..:)

ishamizu said...

Tq dear Farikica! 😀