Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Puas Hati


Masuk je bulan puasa ni, hujan dah mulai reda dan suhu pon semakin hari semakin meningkat. Bahangnya sekarang dah terasa sampai ke dalam rumah sampai sakit kepala. Nak keluar pon takut tapi kene jugak keluar nak beli barang keperluan. Tapi susahnya nak melekat sunhat masing2 kt kepala! Geram ummi.

Hari ahad lepas kitorang pergi lah ke Asda Leyton. Leyton ni dkt dgn Stratford area rumah sewa lama. Rindu sbb Kt situ lah kitorang selalu shopping barang dapur tahun lepas. Kt Ilford ni kitorang selalu pergi Tesco je. Huhu tak samalah dgn Asda Leyton. Kt Asda tu macam-macam ada, dekat dgn Next, KFC Halal dan TK Maxx. So lepas shopping groceries, boleh pergi makan dan cuci mata lak..Hihi.

Nway, hari ahad lepas beli some groceries kt Asda tu, tiba-tiba Hubby kata nak bawak kids pegi swimming pool lak. Mula-mula Zahin dh ajak balik rumah tp lepas dengar swimming pool terus tak nak balik. Hihi excited nak mandi pool. Hmm padahal tak bawak swimming suit!

Kitorang pergi public swimming pool dekat dgn UEL. Sampai je sana tengok pool open dan ada few kids dalam pool. Without swimming attire. So Memang rezeki Zahin, Iris Zafri lah. Hihi. Masuk pool dgn tshirsts je!

The Eins were so happy! Iris pon dah tak takut..ikut je along ke mana along dia pergi. Keluar masuk pool. Zafri pon ummi bawak masuk pool. Aritu pegi beach tengok dia tak takut air laut. Ni kt pool lagilah! Bila terlepas tangan tu, dia siap berjalan selamba je dlm pool tu! Ummi plak yang berlari2 dlm pool tu kene kejar dia. Hehehe..

Alhamdulillah tercapai juga hajat the Eins nak mandi dlm pool. Mandi laut je belum lg. hmm..tak pe lah yang penting diorang puas hati mandi dlm pool. Cuaca mmg panas bahang mmg sesuailah diorang berendam haritu. Hehehe..lain kali ajak pergi lagi tu! Huhuhu insyaAllah klu ummi dan babah larat. :D

Seronok tengok diorang main dlm pool aritu. Siap berkawan lagi dgn other kids. Aih rasa mcm nak pergi lagi harini. Tengok weather forecast today's temperature will reach 30degrees celcius, paling tinggi so far in this year..hmm tengoklah dulu macam mana..

Ps: update blog mcm apa skrgni. Sori tak smpt nak reply komen kt last post as usual. :( ada jg blogwalking tp tak smpt nk tgl komen. Bila nk komen, hang plak ! Hmm..risaula mcm ada yg tak kene je dgn my phone ni..sobs

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Selamat Berpuasa!


Tup-tup tingal satu hari je lagi nak sampai ke bulan Ramadhan yang mulia. Bagaimana persiapannya? Bersediakah kita? (Huhu saya belum..:'()

So many things had happened lately and it really had taken a toll on us. Apapun, kami redha dan bersyukur atas ujian demi ujian yang datang. Sesungguhnya ujian itu membuatkan kita insaf dan lebih dekat kepada yang maha Esa...dan sedar betapa kerdilnya diri kita ini. Kalau Allah nak tarik nikmat kita, bila-bila masa saja Dia boleh tarik. Allahu Akbar!

Dikesempatan ini, saya ingin memohon maaf zahir dan batin jika ada salah dan silap selama ini. Saya berdoa agar Ramadhan kali ini saya dan kita semua menjadi lebih baik, insyaAllah.

Lastly, selamat berpuasa! Semoga kita sabar dan tabah menjalani ibadah puasa walau di mana kita berada. InsyaAllah.. Take care!

PS: Doakan saya ye kawan-kawan agar dapat menghabiskan thesis saya dengan jaya dan pada masa yang ditetapkan..thanks in advance coz i really need it. (semangat, come back quickly to me pls! Time's running out..:()

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bonding Time

Bonding time between Father and son.

So sweet..I really love the photo. The best shot i've ever had this week! Hehe.

Being a housewife, i have 24-7 to be with my kids. I'm truly blessed. Alhamdulillah. Though it was a tiring job and i did whine on and off but believe me it is still the most satisfying and sweetest job in this world. Masya Allah. :)

Dont get me wrong, After i graduated I got a job as a system enginneer at one of the biggest telecommunication company in the world but it's just for a while. I resigned, hated the superior and the working environment. Hubby who worked in the same company also resigned. We never regret at all. Hehe.

Since then, i stayed at home. I got pregnant with Zahin, Hubby got a new job and then furthered his master study in Coventry. So i followed him and when we returned to Malaysia, i got pregnant again. Rezeki :D. After i gave birth to Iris, i had a chance to be a teacher based on 6 months contract. Again, it was rezeki. When the contract ended, i was a bit dissappointed when they did not renew the contract. But Looking at the bright side, i got to take care my doters 24-7 back. Iris got direct breastfeeding again all the time And they were much much healthier under my care. Not longer aftet that, we got a good news, that hubby got offer to do his phd at oversea again and i got pregnant as well! more rezeki..alhamdulillah.

Now as hubby is on study leave, he gets to spend more time with us. He will be at home if not going to uni. My son adored him so much. Because it's hubby who helped me taking care of him during my confinement period. No Tok Mak, or other. when i go to class, hubby took care of him. We did not trust any babysitter plus it's damn expensive. So Both hubby and son are very much close. ;) Hubby loves to know the fact that his son wants him. before this our daughters always prefer me more than him. Hehe.

But now I'm thankful to God that we are away here. Just us. We had so much time to spent together. Hope to cherish every moment left as much as we can before we return to Malaysia. Glad that my kids now has this kinda string-attached to hubby. Love to see everytime they bond to each other. It's amazing!

Everyday, Babah will walk Zahin to school. Everynight, Babah's hands will be Iris's pillow. Every day and night, Babah will be buddy2 with Zafri. Hehehe.

Syukur alhamdulillah. Though there are ups and downs, but as long as we have each other, we couldnt be happier. Of course If God's willing...amin!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zahin's Special Guest


As i promised in the previous post, today i will update about my eldest one, Zahin. ;)

Last week she had a special guest that was not a human. Hehe it's a cute bear named Kass, her class's bear! Each term, Kass will visit every children in RR class and stay with them during a weekend. ;)

Last friday, it's me who fetched her from school. Mrs. R told me about Kass and it's diary also comes along with him. I got excited because it's first time for me and i never heard about this kind of visit in Malaysia so i cannot wait to share about it in here. :)

So during that weekend, Kass had joined Zahin's activity such riding a bicycle, watching tv's, reading, etc. coincidently, the strawberry tree at our backyard had riped so Kass also had a chance to pick some strawberries
with her. Hehe very cute!

We took many pictures of her and Kass. Zahin also introduced Kass to her and Iris's beloved teddies named Rosie and Elisa. ;) it was our pleasure to have you Kass!! Zahin was glad to have you around and Iris was fond of you too. Hihi. Sometimes they did quarrel over you. :D

Anyway, we need to return Kass safely on monday. :( but before that, we need to put some photos and write Kass's experience as her teacher required in his diary. Yup on his behalf ;P.

Well, we did it very last minute on monday morning since we were quite busy that weekend, went to Canterbury on Saturday and had invitation to BBQ at friend's place. So Kass and Zahin arrived a lil bit late that day as we were running out the ink when Babah tried to print out the picture collage of them. But, we still made it anyway though the colour outcome was not that satisfying but nevermind hihi and it's Ummi who wrote Kass's experience in the diary! Yay! :)

Hopefully, Mrs. R and your friends enjoy it, Zahin!! :)

Ps. Mrs. R also informed me that Zahin's doing very well and had skipped 4 groups to be in the first top reading group. Meaning she can read almost everything now. Alhamdulillah! We're so proud of you Along Zahin! Keep it up k darling..;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Such A Motivated Girl


I see this blog has been ignored for quite some time. Very busy bee me!

Nway, there were many things going on within the silence period. One of them was all about kids!

But today, i want to update about my lil girl, Iris. She had started potty training officially on 24th June which was on my birthday. Haha senang nak ingat :P

So far, after a week plus, i say she's doing very well. She can control the urge to wee until she found her potty. hehe. Even she could poo poo it there too! Well done to her!

Actually, we tried to start potty training earlier in May after i finished my semester but that time she's still not ready. So we postponed it.

So now wanna know what has motivated her now? i'll tell after you see the picture below. heheh.

Here is she at her current toilet. Hehe. This small room is under the stair has been a store in this house. But credit to hubby who made this store becomes a temporary loo for Iris! ;)

Hmm there were accidents though. But just a couple times. The rest, alhamdulillah she can do her both business in her toilet. It's has been just a second week ok! We are so proud of her! *clap*

Actually, we had a welcome meeting on 21st June at Mayespark school. The purpose of the meeting was to welcome new children to their school nursery. Yes, Iris had been accepted to the nursery and will be started on this coming september, when the new school term starts. Yay!

Our beloved Iris was at the school lobby, waiting to be called to the meeting. She was all excited that day! hehe..All these while, she has been waiting to go to school like her Along Zahin. :)

Got this at the hall. cute right?

non stop talking this girl..all very excited. hehe

After the ice breaking session, the children including Iris were ushered out by the nursery assistants to the playground to mingle with other kids. ;)

Apparently, the children were brought to their classroom to get the feeling. :P I was surprised to see her doing great there when the meeting dismissed. This photo taken without her notice. hehe..

But as i expected, she's way friendly than Along Zahin. hehe. A lady in this photo was one of the nursery assistants. she said, Iris didnt make any scene like crying or asking for me. hehe..Surprisingly, she had a conversation withthis lady! Oh wow, she amazed all of us!

Fyi, since then she was all ready to potty train after we said she needs not to wear a nappy if she wants to go to school. The idea really motivates her so much. After that, all become easy, She can tell when she wants to wee wee or poo poo. Alhamdulillah.

So, the potty training is in progress!

Ps. Credit to Along Zahin as well as she was very patient joining me in the meeting until the end while Babah waiting adik Zafri who's sleeping in the car. Along Zahin was good sport though she just finished her school assembly just before the meeting and we both were happy watching Angah Iris constructing a tower by using lego block in her classroom! hehe. and InsyaAllah after this i will try to update about her too. ;)