Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zahin's Special Guest


As i promised in the previous post, today i will update about my eldest one, Zahin. ;)

Last week she had a special guest that was not a human. Hehe it's a cute bear named Kass, her class's bear! Each term, Kass will visit every children in RR class and stay with them during a weekend. ;)

Last friday, it's me who fetched her from school. Mrs. R told me about Kass and it's diary also comes along with him. I got excited because it's first time for me and i never heard about this kind of visit in Malaysia so i cannot wait to share about it in here. :)

So during that weekend, Kass had joined Zahin's activity such riding a bicycle, watching tv's, reading, etc. coincidently, the strawberry tree at our backyard had riped so Kass also had a chance to pick some strawberries
with her. Hehe very cute!

We took many pictures of her and Kass. Zahin also introduced Kass to her and Iris's beloved teddies named Rosie and Elisa. ;) it was our pleasure to have you Kass!! Zahin was glad to have you around and Iris was fond of you too. Hihi. Sometimes they did quarrel over you. :D

Anyway, we need to return Kass safely on monday. :( but before that, we need to put some photos and write Kass's experience as her teacher required in his diary. Yup on his behalf ;P.

Well, we did it very last minute on monday morning since we were quite busy that weekend, went to Canterbury on Saturday and had invitation to BBQ at friend's place. So Kass and Zahin arrived a lil bit late that day as we were running out the ink when Babah tried to print out the picture collage of them. But, we still made it anyway though the colour outcome was not that satisfying but nevermind hihi and it's Ummi who wrote Kass's experience in the diary! Yay! :)

Hopefully, Mrs. R and your friends enjoy it, Zahin!! :)

Ps. Mrs. R also informed me that Zahin's doing very well and had skipped 4 groups to be in the first top reading group. Meaning she can read almost everything now. Alhamdulillah! We're so proud of you Along Zahin! Keep it up k darling..;)


Lady Lavender said... cute. sure this such of experience could't be gain in schools of our home country. Zahin is so much lucky. Congrats for Zahin too doing well in school :-)

ishamizu said...

Lady Lavender

Hehe yes, it's quite surprising to know that a bear gonna visit us and stay for a weekend at home. It's been our pleasure anyway. :-)

Thank you LL, alhamdulillah and hopefully Zahin can keep it up! :-)

dyana "his other half" said...

wah, bestnya ada experience macam ni. untung zahin :). cd selalu tgk kat tv je. and i like the one yang kena jaga egg as if it is our own child. so kena make sure egg tu tak pecah.

mesti iris pun tak sabar nak bawa balik guest dia nanti.

Nadine said...

Seronoknya Zahin! u know, back then when I was single I was sooo into teddy bears! tanya la kawan2 sekolah, roomate kat uni, berpuluh teddies dlm bilik aunty...hehehe, those were d days! :)

Awwww, bijak anak izu. mcm ummi ngan babah dia la nie :)

ishamizu said...


Oh ada eh yg kene bwk blk telur? Nasib baik la ni bear ketidak aje 1s dh pecah. At least bear ni kene rebut tadela jd pape . Hehe.

Iris bln 9 nI masuk nursery. 3 jam satu hr. tataula ada guest ke tak sbb Zahin skrg kt Reception yr. bln 9 ni naik Year 1. :)

ishamizu said...


Ye ke! Ic, bestlah mst byk collection teddy you kan! :) my doters actually iris je yg minat dpt guest ni je br zahin cam syg terlebih but just for a while. Hehe. I think u mst rambang mata klu gi carboot kt sini byk sgt preloved teddies! Izu pon geram n beli sket2..;)

Nway thanks dear. Mudah2an masin mulut u. Amin! Hugs

Anonymous said...

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