Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home Sweet Home ;-)


We already arrived in Malaysia on 16th May with MAS A380 airbus. It's a very adhoc decision but Allah had made it easy for us. Alhamdulillah :) Hubby was taking a temporary leave so We might come back to London soon or later if God's will In shaa Allah..there's still unfinished business. Hopefully, Allah make it easy for us again..amin.

By the way, we got night flight so we slept most of the time during 12.5 hours journey. Before leaving, i wasn't worried with my girls but my major concern was only Zafri. he usually wake up in the middle of the night and cry loudly because of his eczema :(. But that night on the plane, he only cried once, not too loud and just for a while..Allah  has definitely answered our prayer, subhanallah alhamdulillah!  

Well, hello Malaysia!! It's super duper hot here..hehe. Iris said she didn't expect that it's still hot at night in Malaysia. pity her..:). I think it's hotter now than what i remember during 3.5 years ago... Anyway, who are we to complain about it. ;) We really looked forward to having Summer in our beloved country so we will try to enjoy this nikmat to the fullest, in shaa Allah..:) 

Also we couldn;t wait for Cuti-cuti Malaysia and guess what, we already did it! hehe. Actually, my family's going to Langkawi a day after we had touchdown so we managed to squeeze in ourselves and joined them though we were all jetlagged! :D But all were fine, alhamdulillah. It's just the slow sluggish internet here that seems hard to be compromise with! huhu..we just got ourselves a celcom prepaid broadband for temporarily..

Anyway we were glad we made it to Malaysia! So happy to be reunited again with our beloved parents and siblings. They patiently waited us all this time so We will commute between our parents place in Muar and Sg Buloh but now we are already at our own crib in Melaka. Home Sweet Home!! ^_^

Till then, wassalam.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Dandelions Picking in The Backyard

This London boy lurveeees being at the backyard aka our secret garden! ;p

As usual the garden is extraordinary lush green during Spring time..hence the grass looks delicious, no? Hihi

The existence of the wildflowers such as bluebells and Dandelions make the garden even more lovelier!:)

And Zafri likes to pick them up especially Dandelions! Why? Because he just likes blowing it! Hihi Masha Allah..the moment was priceless! It kept flashing at the back of my mind until now. :)

Nway, updating this make my heart wrenched and eyes teary. We gonna miss this secret garden soon..sobs! There were so many events happened here from Winter to Summer! Building a snowman and bathing in the pool and etc will not be forgotten..:(

It's really hard to say good bye..:'(

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweet Child of Mine

Playing cars is definitely his hobby!

So far carboot sales save us a lot. Mostly, we buy the toy cars there. Ridiculously cheap, sometimes can get it at 10p each! (Normally 50p) can you imagine how this little boy went crazy everytime we go to carboot sale? Kalau boleh semua dia nak! Hehe.

I'm just glad he's truly a boy and boyish, does exactly the same like other boys like to do. We were kinda worried if he likes more girly things since he has two elder sisters but luckily not..:D

Anyway, this sweet child of mine is growing too fast. :'(. Sometimes i can't believe he's already 3yo while he still look likes a baby to us..but he's quite matured.

Once i asked him,

Me: Zafri, kalau mummy sakit..sape nak jaga mummy kt hospital?

Zafri: Zafri..!

Hehe masha sweet of you, Zafri! Mummy loves you, always! ^_^