Sunday, November 25, 2012



One of our good friends will be going back to Malaysia for good soon. Tomorrow, they will be loading all their belongings into a shipping container. So tonight we helped them packing at their place and had dinner together as well. Since it was saturday, ummi made it as ummi's off day literally, so ummi still did the cooking but only the simple one like nasi goreng ;p. Hence, ummi just made sambal telur to bring to kak Sya's house..feeling uneasy, ummi also bought two large pizza at Licken Chicken fast food restaurant nearby. ;p

Due to that, raining and slow traffic, we arrived a bit late. We managed to join them dining though ;) Alhamdulillah, there were beef soup, sambal belacan, ikan kering, chicken Thai green curry and vegies also triffle on the table, which were yummy! Afterwards, we started to work on packing thingy. There were many boxes around the house and so many people too hence a bit suffocated especially for kids. So Zafri was not having a good time there, he was a bit cranky and just wanted to be with ummi so ummi can't help much. :(

Thankfully, there were more friends coming later to help so eventually all things were managed to be packed and wrapped by midnight. While packing, we chitchatted and watched a Korean reality show, Running Man. It was hillarious, i should watch it earlier. :D then managed to watch halfway of Bollywood boxoffice film, the three Idiots. I'm so gonna download this as well ;D

Tomorrow, we will be helping again in loading In shaa Allah, and also having few guest until 30th so we might been busy through this week. Till we meet again. Hope everyone have a nice weekend!

Thank you for reading! :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Whoa I had a very long weekend last week. After Iris recovered, then it was Zafri who caught cough, cold and fever. Pity my boy! He has never been sick like this before. He usually had fever for only one day but this time it prolonged up to five days!! Huhu Calpol seemed not effective on him anymore. But we still gave him 5ml shot every 3-4 hours since we have no other choice. If we go to GP, GP will advise the same such as drink a lot of water and give him Calpol. so what's the use of going right. After all, it was Friday too late already to book an appointment at GP.

On the same day, we had travelled to Loughborough to our friend's place. We already planned two weeks earlier to go to Portmeirion Sales at Stoke on Trent together so we can't simply cancel it. :P But alhamdulillah, Zafri was cool and sporting despite he was really sick. I really thanked Hubby for taking a good care of him and the Eins while I had to queue almost 5 hours before managed to shop. Hoho it was the craziest thing I've done, if I was alone I would be surrendered for sure. But since I was accompanied, I stayed in queue though at the end I felt like fainting..and it was freezing cold until I caught cold myself. (I still have it even now...:()

Anyway, Zafri is recovering now. He started smiling yesterday, it was a relief indeed. :) His big appetite has returned as well, syukur alhamdulillah. And he's all active and started climbing back, it's a good sign though. Hehe. hopefully he gets better soon. Amin. While at the same time, I am super duper busy with the online shop and packing customers's orders for shipping by end of this week. But so far, so good. Alhamdulillah. I love what I am doing. Only need to work hard and consistent but looking at my full plates, I think just want to do it slow and steady. My priority is always my family so family do comes first, then other business. In shaa Allah! Please pray for me, k. :)

Till then, Wassalam.

Thank you for reading! :D

Friday, November 16, 2012


The least that we can do...T_T.

If there's a way and will to donate, let's donate and help them, our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Iris was absent for three days on last friday, monday and tuesday. She had a cough, cold and fever complete package. We managed to book an appoinment with GP on last monday, so we went and luckily the Doc said it's just an infection not athma. Alhamdulillah After taking antibiotics, she gets better so we sent her to nursery this morning. Unfortunately, we forgot it's Pyjamas Day. Huwaa!

Actually, Mrs. T, her teacher had mentioned about it during Parent's Meeting last week but she said a letter will be given regarding the Pyjamas Day this week. But since Iris was absent, we did not get the letter. Hence today All other children wore their pyjamas and brought along their teddy bears/dolls, except Iris. Huhu kesian dia..:(

So to make up, i wanted to make a surprise for her. Initially, i have no idea until i read a friend's blog. I saw one of her posts was Danish Butter Cookies recipe. Ha! That's when the idea came up. Iris loves cookies so why dont i bake some for her and all of us rite.

Hehe so i started the project, huhu lama kt mixing process. Jenuh! Dan-dan rasa nk angkat Kenwood mixer plak. Heheh..baking once in a while ada hati nk Kenwood. Tp ok lg tu dpd i wish KitchenAid..ha sendiri pengsan! Hihi.

After the dough's ready, i was running out time to wait until it really cool and harden. Iris dah nk blk dah masa tu, maka i just cut. Cutter yg ado cuma Teddy dgn heart je, sadis betul. Kene beli cutter lain2 jgk ni. ;D sempat lah first tray masuk oven, before Iris smpi rumah. She was happy to see her favourite cookies in the oven. ;)

She's waiting in front of the oven, dah tak sabar nk ngap mr. Teddy. Luckily, it was cook within 10-15minutes! Hihi taklah lama sgt kan dia tunggu..bila keluarkan pon cepat jadi sejuk since the temperature now are decreasing. Hmm lepas tue, ngup ngap je la derang sume. Ummi plak puasa ganti, terliur je tengok, sabar dan tahan nafsu je la smpi waktu maghrib. Isk! Hehe mujurlah pukul 4.15 dah maghrib! Eei mmg sedaplah rasa cookies ni, no wonderlah kids tak berhenti-henti makan. Hihi menjadi jugak cookies ni walaupun main agak2 aje sukatan bahan-bahannya. Nak cepat punye pasal, padahal ada je scale. apapun i'm glad they like it. Alhamdulillah..

Okla, selamat menyambut maal hijrah dpd IshamIzu & Co. :)

Till then, Wassalam.

Monday, November 12, 2012



I have finally done the Pap Smear Test this morning. Alhamdulillah, it was just a quick and no pain procedure. I was so nervous before doing it. Hehe typical me..even if saw the procedure earlier, i guess i still have butterflies in my stomach. Too bad..Nway, the result will be coming out in two weeks time, hopefully there will be no abnormalities down there. Amin.

Well, any Portmeirion lovers here? Below are some of Botanic Garden designs, picture courtesy to Portmeirion website. ;) 

Portmeirion will be having their annual marquee sales starting end of this week. So, I would like to take this opportunity to open Pre-Order for 10", 8" and 6" plates. If anyone interested, do kindly let me know or email  me at for the price quotation. InsyaAllah will try get back to you as soon as possible. For your information, the time zone difference between London and Malaysia now is 8 hours. ;)

Also, we have a good news! We just launched our onlined business on last friday (10.11.12 ;)) So, please support us by liking D' Eins Boutique FB page. Thank you in advanced! For friends who are already like our page, Your continuing support and kindness are highly appreciated. Much Loves. ^_^  

Ok till then, Wassalam.

PS. Never ever give up, no matter what!

Saturday, November 10, 2012



During my in laws visit on last Eid Fitr, we all went to Scotland by train. Thank you to Tok Ayah who sponsored all of us, it was a new and great experience indeed! The journey was only 5 hours from London to Edinburgh, babeh! If driving, it could be 8 hours!! Anyway, it was my in laws first time visiting Scotland but the second and third time for my small family. So far we never get bored with this country. :)

We arrived at Edinburgh Waverly station around lunch time. It was the peak time in Summer as there was having a Summer Carnival in the city center. The train station was so crowded with people buzzing around and it was a bit difficult to find the car rental at the station. When we found the car rental, we were unlucky as all the cars were already hired. 

Alternatively, we tried to search for other car rentals nearby but all of them were running out of cars too. So what we did, we walked around the city and searched for the car rental company. Finally, hubby had settled the problem by calling the car rental company through one travel agency. Then, hubby called taxis to take us to the car rental company near Edinburgh airport. Alhamdulillah, we rented one MPV and one 5-seater car. Then, we straightly went to Stirling to check in at Travelodge. 

Only the next day, we off to sight-seeing the city center of Stirling. Stirling was a calmer city compared to Edinburgh. Less traffic and we enjoyed the scenery from inside the car. I don't really remember which destinations we went first so i won't elaborate it in details. Hopefully, the pictures below would help me a little on the information. :)


At The Thisle shopping mall

my kids with their Tok Ayah, Mama Tok, Chik and Yayih at William Wallace Monument. We didnt go up,  the admission fees were expemsive plus i don't think i can make it with my hyper kids. :D

Stirling Castle

with my beloved SIL 

with my lil prince charming

with my love :)

at the castle compound

my niece at the royal garden

only SIL n her family went inside the castle

happy and satisfied savouring the breathtaking view from the castle

family photo

family photo2

enjoyed the ice creams treat by chik and ayah wa ;)

Mama Tok and Tok Ayah

me n hubby n Zafri. Tetiba Zafri interprem, Tak sempat chik nak amik gmbr ummi berdua je dgn babah..haha

OK, to be continued as soon as possible..:P


Thanks for reading! :D

Friday, November 9, 2012



Been very busy! The Eins has started the new half term last Monday and we also have some guests at the moment. Hubby's also not feeling well, he has conjunctivitis! Poor hubby. :(. We also attended Parents's Evening at Iris's Nursery and had a most positive report from her class teacher. Alhamdulillah. Hence, Juggling both family and guests needs had kept me busy through this week.

Well time really flies. Without i realize, the school break was already over and in no time Winter will be here soon. I have not update any Autumn stories yet, not even finish the Summer's :( Anyway, i had taken some photos at the park, did not want to miss it since It's the most favourite activity during this season, capturing the colourful leaves. Hehe.

Hopefully, i can gear up my speed to the max and update this blog like everyday, perhaps. InsyaAllah. See you soon!!

PS. Be Positive!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012



Time really flies! It is already November and i still have many stories in queue to be shared in this blog. Aaaargh wonder when will i manage to finish all of them with the pace i'm currently in..:( Actually i just uploaded the Summer photos at my FB so the idea and mood came along together to update this blog as well. So here we go! ;)

This story happened last august when my in laws were still here. See, how many months have been passed!!  Urghhh, my bad. Anyway it was when my parents in law were away for Europe trip, we took my sis in law's family to Mayfield Lavender Farm. My sister in law is also the fan of lavender so she's excited knowing that we're really bringing her there. :)

The farm is located at Surrey, about 1 hour drive from our place. It was a journey from East to West. The journey was not as smooth as we would like but anyway we had survived the traffic and arrived safely at the destination. :) 

But unfortunately we were among the latecomers. :( The farm was still have abundant of lavenders at that time but the time was not perfect any longer. The lavenders were not at their best appearance as the purple colour has been faded. My friend went there in july, the colour of the lavenders were absolute gorgeous, it's  still bright purple! How i envied her pics...she did not have to edit her pics like mine. :P

But just ignore the amateur editorial work and hopefully you enjoy the pics! :)

The Lavenders, though the colour has faded but yet their aroma were still nice. 

walking between the rows of lavender. the best therapy, indeed!

my beloved heroes...

My beloved princess, Iris. Though she's not feeling well that day but she's still sporting to give a pose. :)

comforting Zahin who scared the hell of the bees...:D

My babies. Zahin's still scared and then cried..

my brave baby, who really enjoyed himself at the farm. ^_^
he fell into the lavenders and the seeds stuck all over his jacket HENCE he smell  like Lavender for quite some time..hehe

hee, i love this kinda posing when i was alone with Iris :D

Again, pose manja ibu dan anak hehe

zafri jeles ummi berdua-duaan lelama dgn angah..hehehe

along, bila dipaksa senyum. :D


PEACE from Iris...;)

Iris & Lavender. Both are flowers. ;)

hehe mcm2 gaya..

 gaya tara kucha pon ada..hihii

happy chappy :)

A bee in action

lovely lavenders..

and lastly, the lovely us..haha. (credit pic to Izzahin Hisham. ;))

Till then, Wassalam.

P.S My sis in law's family's cannot stand the coldness, so they did not go further up the field with us hence no  picture of them here. Only one or two pics which i uploaded at FB. 

Thank you for reading! :D