Sunday, November 25, 2012



One of our good friends will be going back to Malaysia for good soon. Tomorrow, they will be loading all their belongings into a shipping container. So tonight we helped them packing at their place and had dinner together as well. Since it was saturday, ummi made it as ummi's off day literally, so ummi still did the cooking but only the simple one like nasi goreng ;p. Hence, ummi just made sambal telur to bring to kak Sya's house..feeling uneasy, ummi also bought two large pizza at Licken Chicken fast food restaurant nearby. ;p

Due to that, raining and slow traffic, we arrived a bit late. We managed to join them dining though ;) Alhamdulillah, there were beef soup, sambal belacan, ikan kering, chicken Thai green curry and vegies also triffle on the table, which were yummy! Afterwards, we started to work on packing thingy. There were many boxes around the house and so many people too hence a bit suffocated especially for kids. So Zafri was not having a good time there, he was a bit cranky and just wanted to be with ummi so ummi can't help much. :(

Thankfully, there were more friends coming later to help so eventually all things were managed to be packed and wrapped by midnight. While packing, we chitchatted and watched a Korean reality show, Running Man. It was hillarious, i should watch it earlier. :D then managed to watch halfway of Bollywood boxoffice film, the three Idiots. I'm so gonna download this as well ;D

Tomorrow, we will be helping again in loading In shaa Allah, and also having few guest until 30th so we might been busy through this week. Till we meet again. Hope everyone have a nice weekend!

Thank you for reading! :D


Miss Anna said...

Haaaaiiihhh comel nye si gebu ni, rindu la dekat dia. Bila la aunty ana nak jumpe lg ni ye? Hehehe..

ishamizu said...

Hmm bila tu? hehe nti dtg la k..kalini wajib tidur rumah kami ok :)