Friday, November 9, 2012



Been very busy! The Eins has started the new half term last Monday and we also have some guests at the moment. Hubby's also not feeling well, he has conjunctivitis! Poor hubby. :(. We also attended Parents's Evening at Iris's Nursery and had a most positive report from her class teacher. Alhamdulillah. Hence, Juggling both family and guests needs had kept me busy through this week.

Well time really flies. Without i realize, the school break was already over and in no time Winter will be here soon. I have not update any Autumn stories yet, not even finish the Summer's :( Anyway, i had taken some photos at the park, did not want to miss it since It's the most favourite activity during this season, capturing the colourful leaves. Hehe.

Hopefully, i can gear up my speed to the max and update this blog like everyday, perhaps. InsyaAllah. See you soon!!

PS. Be Positive!!!


nur said...

Hobby akak pun sama... tangkap gambar autumn leaves! Kalau boleh rasa nak kutip dan frame kan lagi :)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Yay, Kita sama tapi tak serupa. boleh geng! hehe..

sitiezahim said...

gamba into tu pon dah lawa beno...heheheh...caiyok2 izu

ishamizu said...


Itu je la yg mampu as a teaser. Gmbr2 lain tatau la lg. :D