Saturday, November 10, 2012



During my in laws visit on last Eid Fitr, we all went to Scotland by train. Thank you to Tok Ayah who sponsored all of us, it was a new and great experience indeed! The journey was only 5 hours from London to Edinburgh, babeh! If driving, it could be 8 hours!! Anyway, it was my in laws first time visiting Scotland but the second and third time for my small family. So far we never get bored with this country. :)

We arrived at Edinburgh Waverly station around lunch time. It was the peak time in Summer as there was having a Summer Carnival in the city center. The train station was so crowded with people buzzing around and it was a bit difficult to find the car rental at the station. When we found the car rental, we were unlucky as all the cars were already hired. 

Alternatively, we tried to search for other car rentals nearby but all of them were running out of cars too. So what we did, we walked around the city and searched for the car rental company. Finally, hubby had settled the problem by calling the car rental company through one travel agency. Then, hubby called taxis to take us to the car rental company near Edinburgh airport. Alhamdulillah, we rented one MPV and one 5-seater car. Then, we straightly went to Stirling to check in at Travelodge. 

Only the next day, we off to sight-seeing the city center of Stirling. Stirling was a calmer city compared to Edinburgh. Less traffic and we enjoyed the scenery from inside the car. I don't really remember which destinations we went first so i won't elaborate it in details. Hopefully, the pictures below would help me a little on the information. :)


At The Thisle shopping mall

my kids with their Tok Ayah, Mama Tok, Chik and Yayih at William Wallace Monument. We didnt go up,  the admission fees were expemsive plus i don't think i can make it with my hyper kids. :D

Stirling Castle

with my beloved SIL 

with my lil prince charming

with my love :)

at the castle compound

my niece at the royal garden

only SIL n her family went inside the castle

happy and satisfied savouring the breathtaking view from the castle

family photo

family photo2

enjoyed the ice creams treat by chik and ayah wa ;)

Mama Tok and Tok Ayah

me n hubby n Zafri. Tetiba Zafri interprem, Tak sempat chik nak amik gmbr ummi berdua je dgn babah..haha

OK, to be continued as soon as possible..:P


Thanks for reading! :D


~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Hi sis,

Masa go Scotland baru ni saya just tengok from motorway je. Nampak gah kan Sterling Castle ni sebab dia seketul atas bukit. Lebih kurang Edinburgh Castle juga. Hehehe Scotland is a must visit place tapi saya betul2 tak suka dengan jalan raya dia especially kat highland.

ishamizu said...

Mami little hero

Hi sis, hehe mmg besar Stirling Castle ni. Pemandangan sekitarnya pon cukup cantik. Tgk dr ats bukit sungguh saujana mata memandang. Nway, betul akk pon tak gemar jln kt Highland..seriau je rasa. Tp masih teringin nk visit Scotland lg. rasa tak puas. Hehe sbb ada tpt yg sis pegi akk tak tatau la ada rezeki lg ke tak nk pegi sana. Btw, thanks singgah sini. :)

sitiezahim said...

arituh kami tak pegi stirling sbb dr edinburgh terus ke glassgow, then naik ke loch2 tu (dh lupa hehe) view scotland mmg cantik hehe

ishamizu said...


setuju! hihi..nway, Loch Lomond and Loch Ness kan. :)

mummy alisha said...

cantinyer pemandangan....