Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ramadhan is Leaving

Salam everyone! Must be excited preparing for this upcoming eid ul fitr aite! I'm sure most of you're already at your parents's. Bestnya!!
Actually, i want to update on our final week of Ramadhan. There is So much to share but so little time to do so. Plus my lappie is too slow to upload photos so i simply gave up and i guess i have to skip it. :(
Nevertheless, i'm so blessed and thankful that up to date i still fully fast and i have already khatam 30juzuks al-quran with its translation today. Alhamdulillah Tabarakallah. And I just cant wait to start back from juzuk 1 asap.:)
Anyway, So sad that Ramadhan is leaving us! Even sadder knowing that not much i have done during these last 10 days. :( Hopefully, Allah S.W.T panjangkan umur ini dan kita semua untuk bertemu lagi dengan bulan Ramadhan yang akan datang. InsyaAllah! Amin!
So on behalf of my family, i would like to wish all of you Eid Mubarak and seek for your apology for our wrongdoings/sayings/writtens either directly or indirectly. Kosong-kosong eh!;)
Lastly, Eid Mubarak again from all of us here in London. Take care!! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Migrain Attack

Ok honestly i dont know how migrain feels like? But i've been head ached for two days already. Not straight 24 hours though, but it always attack during night in my case. And it s so painful only at the left-side of my head. Adoi berdenyut2! (is it really called migrain?)
I feel like lying on the bed all day when it attacks but that seems impossible as i need to cook for iftar. Hohoho..anyone knows what cause that can trigger migrain? Is it wind?:(
To make it even worse, anak jiran bawah ni datang bertandang ke rumah plak..hihi. Actually, hubby turun sebab nampak van parcelforce or wutever, ingatkan parcel ktrg rupanya parcel derg.
I was cooking lunch for the Eins suddenly hubby told me that bdk2 tu terkunci kt luar while mak derg keluar..(rasa dia biasa buat macam tu) then derg tanya hubby boleh tak derg naik ke rumah?
Ok hubby asked my permission by using his contemplating facial expression hihi. But being me yg jns tak sampai hati ni terus ckp okla ajkla derg naik ats. Kesian ok, yg sulong lelaki baya zahin, patu 2 lg adik dia bwh. Sorang lelaki, sorang perempuan. Mujur yg baby mak dia bawak kalau terkunci dlm rumah tak ke nyaya kan..( ktrg jgk yg ssh.. Ssh hati la ;P)
I have to put aside the eins maggi i dont have heart to feed mine in front of them. Bukan tak nak bg derg makan sekali, cuma takutlah kot2 derg ada allergics ke kn. Ada telur i ltk..klu tak pon mmg tak bg laa kang klu sakit takut derg salahkan ktrg plak. Aihh last2 bagi zahin 1 paket oreo suro bg kwn2. Boleh dia kata 'zahin malu lahh, mi' ya Allah pemalu betullah dia ni..mcm sape la agknya..;P
Alhamdulillah, derg mkn oreo, main tak ingat mcm buat rumah sendiri plak. Masuk bilik ikut zahin. Ummi nk bf bb pon nk ikut. Adey, dah derg nak ikut jgk..hiruk pikuk dibuatnya! The eins je dah bingit tmbh lg 3 org haa mcm nk pengsan hubby yg tpaksa keep an eye derg kt luar while i bf bb in our bedroom.
Tak lama tu mak dia blk, kt sini dgr tak leh tgl ank lbh sejam ke 2 jam mcm tu so igt kan mak dia gelabah la tgk ank2 takde dlm rumah. Hmm tade maknanya..ktrg ni kelamkabut nk bgtau ank2 dia kt atas, dia cool aje. Ok lg la, bila dia ajk ank2 dia turun ank2 btuah dia tak nak plak...igtkan dia nak paksa jfk ank2 dia blk rupanyA dia kata ok just dont be naughty. Hohoho.
Cant u imagine? Takkan kita plak nak suro balik kan? Hihi hubby n i just stared to each other n u know la how we made our face rite kikiki. We love to see the eins happy to have friends coming to play with them as that was first time cuma we thought it wud be better if their mommy are around too. Sbb ktrg pon tak cukup tgn dah nk handle ank2 ktrg apatah lg nak cara ank2 org wee2 ke poo2 ke kan. Huhu.
Fortunately, hubby had made an appointment with we told the kids that we were going out so they should leave for their home which is just downstairs tapi boleh yg sulong tu tanya ktrg boleh ikut tak? Ngeee. Kesian betul, siap nak bwk blk our toy robots n bus..of course la zahin tak bagi kan..SEKALI dia nangis daa..panic kjp nasib mudah pujuk..terpaksa ckp lain kali boleg datang main lg baru dia boleh terima..but obviously not again to us esp hybby, dia pon boleh migrain layan budak2 tu. Hihihi
Okla, nak tidur. Sahur td makan panadol tapi still berdenyut2 kepala ni.:( hopefully, ill be much better when i wake up later. InsyaAllah.

Monday, August 22, 2011

White Sauced Beef Lasagna

I always make lasagna again and again as per request from hubby and sometimes family too! (Suka cheese punya olang!hehe.) after all it is easy-peasy, so recently it was hubby who had made it for our iftar. Bravo!;)
Only, it's the first time we used the white sauce and the taste was undeniably better plus it was prepared with love kan..;) So the outcome turned walla and it was churned with love too!
So here it goes the recipe..;)
The ingredient:
1 bombay onion (chopped)
2 laddle of unsalted butter
400g of mince beef/chicken
Ready made lasagna tomato sauce and cream (white sauce and i used Dolmio brand)
Lasagna sheets
Mozzarella cheese (grated)
Some vege if you like
The instruction:

1. In a pot, melt the butter with medium heat, then cook the chopped onion with beef chicken until brown and tender. ( can put some water to quicken the process)
2. Pour the tomato sauce and vege then stir them evenly for about 5-10mins. Off the heat.
3. Prepare the ceramic casserole and arrange lasagna sheet into it. Then pour the tomato and meat gravy onto it and make sure it covers all the surface. ( tips: layer the sauce thinly so u can have layers of lasagna sheets;))
4. Then sprinkle the grated cheese on the gravy and start repeat no.3.
5. Once finished, this time you spread the white sauce onto the gravy and again must cover all the surface.;)
6. Repeat no.3 with no.5 & 6 (selang-selikan) until no more space left in the casserole. The final layer should be layered with grated cheese.;)
7. Preheat oven for 10mins and then bake for 45mins at 160degree C.
8. Then serve it best when its cool and with the white sauce. Yummy!:)
Thats all! I know that i owe this recipe to some of my sweeties who had request in my FB..really sorry for this delay..;( nway happy trying and enjoy it k!:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 21

We are much better now. my sore throat healed quite fast this time. Hubby and iris are also recovering from flu..Zahin and Zafri are never better. Alhamdulillah.
Well, Time flies really fast! Its already day 21 of sad thinking that i didnt get to perform terawikh every night. :( nevertheless, the fasting and Quran reading are still on track. Alhamdulillah!
Anyway, we dont have much to prepare for the eid this year. (sedih je bunyi :P) i also decided not to make any cookies because our beloved moms ave sent some to us here(they are otw :D) for baju raya, all settled though zafri will not be wearing a baju melayu but that will be fine. ;)
Btw, hubby had already paid zakat earlier last week. It is £5 or almost RM25 per head here..kt malaysia RM7 je eh?.takpelah yang penting dah tunaikan kewajipan.
Lastly, May Allah make easy for us to fully fast, khatam alQuran and beribadah pada 10 malam yang terakhir ni. Mudah2an kita terpilih olehNya utk 'bertemu' lailatul qadar. InsyaAllah! Amin!
Take care!:)

Friday, August 19, 2011


The music of my heart! ^_^

Hihi hubby has discovered a new technic to make Zafri laugh yesterday! Apparently, Zafri loves to be lifted up in the air and he giggles! So I had recorded the moment though there was other background noise to only hear his giggles. Huhu.

Nway, we're not in the mood as not as feeling well. I have sore throat, but i still fully fasting. I dont have appetite to eat so better i fast rite. ;) Hubby and Iris caught with flu. Pity them. But Zahin and Zafri are healthy. Alhamdulillah. Just It was cloudy, rainy and a bit colder in spite of summer now..somehow it had affected our mood as well..but today, it is bright and shiny. Plan to go out and about...but will see how..;)

OK, will get back soon. Take care! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Agar-agar Rainbow

I made agar-agar rainbow or jelly rainbow during our 14th Iftar. I got the recipe informally from one of The sisters i just met during yus's house warming last month. So ingat-ingat lupa I simply improvised it here and there.hihihi.
1/3 of packet striped jelly
2 cups of water
1 cup of granulated sugar
1 egg
1 cup of fresh milk
2 Tbs of custard flour
A little essence of vanilla
A little cocoa powder, red and green colour
The method:
1. Soak the striped jelly for awhile then cook in the pot with two cups if water and 1 cup of sugar.
2. Mix the custard flour into a cup of fresh milk and filter them by using a sieve.
3. Pour the mixture into the pot and stir Them evenly until boiled.
4. Divide the mixture into 3 bowls. Put each with cocoa powder, red colour and green colour. ( u can divide into 4, 5 or even 7 as well ;P)
5. Prepare the casserole which one end is a little higher than the other. Then start pouring each mixture one after another. ( cocoa mix, red, green and repeat the process)
6. Once finished, cover the casserole with cling film and cool it in the fridge as long as you want!:)
The outcome was Walla walaupon tak segebu yang i nak. (hihi banyak songeh plak ek :P) May be next time kene tam-bah telur kan, tak gitu?;)
Nway, recipe Credit to kak ibah. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Over Creative

Though, we don't have a garden for the Eins to play at, it doesn't mean the girls can't play. If we have a garden, we will let them play outside especially during summer.
But what to do, we dont have one and we can't go to one as this year ramadhan falls on summer..itupon hubby bawa juga the Eins ke playground berdekatan and I guess it will be the first and last!:P
So being creative, they always know what to do at home and sometimes they tend to get over creative that make us turn green.:D.
But I don't blame them as I'm busily coping with zafri while hubby is busy with his research study so sometimes we totally ignore them...
Later we will found out that our living room is just like a sunken ship with papers, painting tools, clothes, and books and toys are everywhere!! O.M.G.
Fine but not until I saw my avent via cup was used as their water container with the paint brushes in it AND my laptop was covered with Upin & Ipin stickers all over it then I feel like to pass out!
Huhuhu why la my avent via cup anak2ku? Aihh Kalau Ada banyak macam mommy Adam tak pe la Jgk. ;P lg satu lappie tu, Malu wey ummi nak bwk Pegi school klu dah mcm tu rupanya. Isk3.
Talk about them being over creative..T_T

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 4 Months Old

Today our little man turns 4 months old. Yay! Happy 4 months old, dear zafri!! Ummi cayang n guwam sgt kt adik debap! Babah pon guwam n cuka cgt peluk anak debap dia ni! Hihi. Along n angah pon sayaaaang sgt kt adik smpi selalu berebut nak peluk-cium adik taw!

Anyway, zafri can laugh and giggle every now and then. Boy, how cute! We love tickling under his chin and around his tummy just to hear his laughing. Hihi Suka dgr. It really makes our day!^_^

Now he can spot us and recognize our voice way better than before. He has a good grasp at anything near his hands especially our hair! Smpi tcabut Hoho.

He mutters A Ba instead of only Aaa..and Ooo ;) and he responds well whenever we talk to him. He can 'talk' back and 'talk' through phone as well! Hihi boleh tahan jgk pot-petnya! =D

Up to date, he is still fully breastfeeding alhamdulillah! And I hope it stays that way until he is 6 months old even if he always look hungry and eat his hands and even had tried to grab his angah's bottle when she drunk her milk. Pity you my dear but shall you wait just in couple months time, ok.

his weight was 8.28kg of during his 3 mos checkup last month. MasyaAllah! His next checkup will be on next monday to know his current weight But guess what, malam td hubby timbang tgk2 berat adik dah plus minus 9kg!

Hoho No wonder la ummi and babah dah makin tak larat dukung adik lama2 skrg ni. sakit2 urat ummi dgn babah ni ha! Hee. Apapun, ummi doakan adik sentiasa sihat ye.:)

Hmm, the only problem IS he doesnt want to be bottled-feeding now. :(He prefers direct feeding. Actually Ummi dah start storing ebm sejak dlm pantang lg n then train zafri bg ebm ikut botol seawal umur zafri 2 mos, he seems can accept it at first but then he started to refuse it bit by bit especially klu susu tu dah sejuk. Sini cpt sejuk wpon letak dlm insulatored bag! So how? And that made me giving up on bottle feeding. (Fail!:() now Ummi's so panic already.

Macam- mana ni adik..ummi's going back to school in three weeks time taw! Uhuk2. Was that because he knew that I was around?? Oh, what should I do? Is it too late to re-start now?

Dear friends, pls share some tips and experience about this k. Tq!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sticky Chicken Wings

8 large chicken wings

For marinating:

2tbsp honey
3 tbsp dark brown sugar
3 tbsp tomato ketchup
4 tbsp soy sauce
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1-2 tsp sundried tomato paste
Pinch dried chili flakes to taste

To prepare:

1. Mix the marinade ingredients in a bowl and add chicken wings, turning so they are coated. 

2. Cover and chill for 30 minutes or overnight if you have time.

3. To cook on a preheated barbecue, spread over direct heat for 6-8 minutes, turning at least twice, then give them 10-15 minutes over indirect heat, turning often until burnished or cook through.

4. If using a conventional oven, spread out on a lined baking tray and cook for about 45 minutes at gas 6, 200'C, fan180'C turning halfway through the cooking time.

Easy-peasy! Nway I used no.4 method. ;)

We loved it to the bits and surely will do it again n again..hihi. And Next Iftar I'm gonna make chicken rice with this chicken style..;)

Credit to tesco magazine.

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P.S 2-3x I tried to work out with this n3..sigh.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Riots

It has been four days since the riot happened! Meaning, it has been four days for us being quarantine at home. Hmm hampeh.
Dunno why they rioters can't get enough. Cukuplah setempat je klu nak buat riot ke apa tanda protes kt polis sbb tembak kawan depa kn tp knp nak prolong Dan menyusahkan tempat Dan orang lain tak pasal2..Tak cukup dgn rompak kedai, bakar bangunan, depa bakar kereta n mbunuh org awam Jgk!! So heartless! Aih tak paham betul! Org sini pon tak paham!! Humph.
So far, we are safe and sound in Stratford. Hopefully, it won't be spread la in our town ni. Stok makanan dah nak kena refill we plan to go today no matter how worried we are. Doakan ktrg tak apa2 ye! Nak Pegi asda je jap lg..huhuhu.
Also we pray for our friends safety around the uk especially the one whos in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Student Malaysia sorg dah kene, skrg Ada di London royal hospital katanya. Kesian dia!:(
Ok stay safe wherever you're! Kt mana2 pun dah tak selamat!huu!:(

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Monday, August 8, 2011

My Fasting Review

Today is 8th day of Ramadhan. So far I have been fully-fasting even though i breastfeed my baby plus the 18 hrs fasting duration and even had 2 times missed the sahur! MasyaAllah. Alhamdulillah.
Here, we break fast at 2041 and we must sahur before 0259. So we just have only about 6 hrs to eat, drink, and solat terawikh. And they can't be done peacefully! Hihi. But, we already get used to it. ;)
In the beginning, the spirit to cook was there but now it vanishes into thin air. Sigh. The only special menu so far was nasi lemak, sambal tumis crabstick, ikan bawal hitam sweet sour and pizza that we had yesterday. Still, it turned out to be so-so..sigh. Kinda sad..uh. But hubby is always being sweet by saying issokay, sedap ;P nway tq darling! Hihihi.
First time sahur, I had eaten rice but in smaller quantity than during breakfast. Afraid that my tummy can't stand to fast up to 18 hrs but once i made it without bersahur, I hadn't eaten rice. I joined hubby's who take lighter something like a bowl of cereal, couple toasts with milky drink and not forgotten, a plain water, a date and alfalfa to boost my BM! As i expected, it did wonder!! Alhamdulillah, mencurah2 n murah rezeki zafri. ;) Credit to hadha for alfalfa n my mom who has posted it last week. Tq!;)
So, 7 days down, 23 days to go! Hopefully, I could fully fast till the end of Ramadhan. InsyaAllah! May Allah make it easy for me, hubby no matter how challenging it is. Also, i wish i can khatam(finish) all the 30 juzuks of al-Quran in this holy month. Amin!
Lastly, happy fasting and tadarus to my Muslim friends too!:)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shopping for Raya

So far we prefer to shop at designer outlet outside London. It's easier because we can go by car compare to shop at designer shops in central London. Susah maa parking, patu tak sesuai la ktrg 5 beranak ni naik tube kang mana nk jg hasil tangkapan dgn mana nk jg anak2 lg tak larat!
So last Sunday we went to Braintree designer outlet. This outlet is 1 hour drive from our place but nearer from carboot at Boreham. Alang2 Pegi carboot ajak yus n Hadzley ke outlet lak! Hihi tq yus Hadzley bwk kami..;)
Since the budget was low, I decided to shop for hubby only as he's still not shopping for raya. But as soon as we entered Clarks, my legs wobbled like jelly hihihi!
Memandangkan Ada sales, byk choices n nak pulak yg ummi bkenan tu Ada saiz... Ummi pon rembat je la! Wee dapat sandle raya! Kekeke. Selalu susah betul nak jmp saiz 4 1/2 and as low as £9.90. Mst mok su nanie si hantu kasut tu jeles! :P now I know why kakak2 abg2 yg dtg study kt uk ni Suka kumpul kasut clarks!
I was so rambang mata there! Mark n Spencer Ada clearance sales last2 masuk next clearance sales je beli Baju raya hubby..nak beli jeans tak jadi sbb yg tgl Cuma yg tahape2 cut tah. Hubby Suka straight cut jeans.
That's all. Mujur la kids punye baju raya dah shopping...klu tak kesian derang. Hihi.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Strawberry Smoothie

We had strawberry Smoothie for Iftar yesterday. I wanted to finish up the strawberries that we picked ourselves at a farm. Will try to update about it insyaAllah.
Lemme share the recipe! So long since I last shared one eh ;)
Some Strawberries
Two seedless clementines
One third tin of carnation evaporated milk
Some sugar, cool water and ice cubes ( no exact measurements. It's up to you ;))
Then blend all of them together n it's ready to be served. Here it goes my first hommade Smoothie ever.Kesian.. Hihi tp yg ptg Hubby kata sedap!! Yay!! ;D

Tq blackcardomompods for your help! From now I can upload photos n update via mobile.;)

The First Car

Hubby bought Vauxhall Astra car through Auto Trader website three weeks after arrived in London. At that time, it's winter and snowing week in December. The Eins were unwell so the need to get a car was very high. it's very important to  have a car if there's an emergency rite. We can't imagine if we needed to go to hospital in the middle of cold night. Same goes even if it's during a day, it's still hard to go by bus as to get a bus we need to walk in the very bad weather first to the bus stop at the main road. It will be a real pity especially to the Eins.

BTW, i can never forget the day we got the car. It was tough but yet a memorable journey. The location of the shop was still in London(North West to be specific) but it felt like it's in the other side of the world. :P Ok may be i was exeggerating a little, but as most of you knew that we live in Stratford (South East London), which is in the Zon 3, seriously it's still faraway for me as the shop was in the zon 9!!

In the beginning, the plan was only hubby who will go there alone to buy and get the car. As a wifey, i was worried to death! My hubby ni klu i tade dia mmg boleh sesat..i kan the best gps dia...hihihi. So i decided to follow him no matter how unwell the Eins were that time..but at the end i was relieved that i'd made the best decision. I can't imagine if the eins were left at home with me alone, they would have cried for hours through hubby's absence and that definitely would have drove me crazy!

So off we departed from our house by walking to the bus stop at the main was 15-20mins i guessed. Hubby claimed it would only take him 5-10mins if he's alone. :P luckily when we reached the main road, the bus stop was just in front of us so not long until the bus came..At that time, ramai juga orang nak naik bas yg sama, berebut2..tak sabo2 nak naik bas may be dah tak tahan sejuk sgt kot. As the bus was stroller-friendly, so senanglah bagi kami yg bawak 2 stroller ni. ;)

Riding on the bus was kinda excitement especially to the Eins as the bus was a double deckered! ;D Although we just stayed at the bottom, it felt good just to be in it..though it's not our first time. :P What made the journey even more troublesome was we didn;t know whether the bus will be stop at Stratford Station or not. To be safe, when the bus stopped at the Stratford Centre, we walked out the bus. Since the Stratford Station is in the opposite of the building center (the mall) again we had to walk there. Huhu. Next time, will carefully check about the bus info, such its number, it's route and it's stop. Lesson learnt! Anyway, still ada hikmahnya sebab we dropped by one of the stall and bought two pairs of gloves for the Eins as I forgot to bring theirs. :D
As soon as we arrived at the station, hubby quickly bought the underground train (tube) tickets. Oh yea, we were going to Amersham (Zon 9) from Stratford stn (zon 3) and if i'm not mistaken we had tto change the lines three times to reach our destination. In spite of the terrible whether, there was a major delay at one of the line. Ya Allah sabo je lah masa tu...lama gila tunggu tube datang kt platform. Nak jadikan cerita, platform tu plak bukan underground, it's on the ground and open aired so it was damn cold and freezing!! I thot the temperature that time was subzero as well. huhuhu..Actually, there was indoored waiting area but only me who waited in there most of the time as the Eins preferred to tail hubby wherever he was but still damn freezing. *eye-roll*

OK, finally the train appeared, it took us to Amersham, its last stop. Even though the journey was still afar to be arrived but the view along the way masya Allah was so beautiful! Dah la snowing, then lalu kat pedalaman yang berbukit-bukit, so sumenya nampak putih bersih dilitupi salji. Subhanallah! We were like 'is this London?' :P but it was,  apparently London is so big itself...klu luar London mana ada servis underground rite. so percayala (ala Ct ye...)hihihi..!

when we finally stepped on Amersham ground, hubby checked out the map. Alamat n direction sume dah ada..tapi energy yg dah nak tak ada...ihihihi. We first thot to take a cab to go to the shop but the cab driver's said it's just around the corner. Hmm kuang asam tade nya dekat, jauh jgk hokey....Sakit2 kaki ktrg menapak dgn beratnya menolak the Eins dlm stroller ats snow, hew3 hanya Allah shj yg Tahu. the Eins pun dah smerengek memasing tak tahan sejuk dahh..kesian betullah.

Snow tgh turun masa tuh, jalan kaki pun laju2 sbb takut kedai tutup pukul 5. Tapi keadaan dah gelap mcm dah malam! (Waktu siang musim Winter sgt pendek) Apapun Nasib baik sempattt. Alhamdulillah, sampai2 kedai lagi 5minit nak ke pukul 5pm rasa lega tak hengat. Sementara hubby sign agreement/document/bayar weol duduk kt sofa dlm bilik ofis tuh..Of kos pasang heater, so it kept us warm for awhile.

OK lepas dah bayar danpuas hati dgn car's condition..cuma ada kesan kemek sket kt lampu belah kiri..issokay yg plg ptg heater works! Then ktrg pun bertolak bila nampak restaurant fast food halal ala2 KFC tepi jalan hubby berenti. Perut dah lama minta diisi. Hiks. So Hubby pon pegilah beli set ayam ghoreng, fries..awpon just mkn dlm keta je ttp nikmat..hihihi pengalaman sungguh la. Pegi ambil masa dekat 3 jam. balik naik keta satu jam satu jam jgk ye wpon dalam satu London. Tgk la btp jauhnya. Huhuhu.

Anyway, the car was tip-top, good performance and fuelsaver. Start end of December until mid of April we kinda satisfied. Never meragam. So far, plg jauh hubby bawak sampai Kent, south of England. Masa buat kt Coventry 4-5 tahun yang lalu ktrg guna keta jenis yg sama jgk sampai ke Scotland sana, Ok je ;) byk jg jasanya, pegi balik hospital bawak i checkup..dapat la ktrg gi jenjalan pegi pasar, pegi Asda, caboot rumah Yus Hadzley hihhi..mmg sentimental ar..

Since hubby has bought mpv, so he sold Astra last tuesday. Finally, dapat jgk buyer yg nak beli dgn harga yg ktrg offer. Tade bargain2 lg dah, he's very happy with the car. Alhamdulillah, rezeki di bulan Ramadhan rupanya. Dkt 4 bulan baru terjual. :)

OK Begitulah kisah keta Astra. :D

P.S Can anyone teach me how to upload photos via IPhone 4?T_T

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan Mubarak

Doa Malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan,

"Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa umat Muhammad, apabila sebelum  memasuki bulan Ramadhan dia tidak melakukan hal-hal berikut:

Tidak memohon maaf terlebih dahulu kepada kedua-dua orang tuanya (jika masih ada)

Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu antara suami-isteri

Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang sekitarnya

Maka Rasulullah pun mengatakan Amin sebanyak 3 kali. Dapatkah kita bayangkan, yang berdoa adalah Malaikat dan yang meng-aminkan adalah Rasulullah dan para sahabat dan dilakukan pada hari jumaat.
at Bristol Harbour.
Since Ramadhan falls in summer, we'll be fasting as long as 18 hrs. Masya Allah. It will be a real challenge for me but hopefully, i can fast without fail even a single day Insya Allah! Amin.

Teringat kembali Ramadhan 08, masa tu tgh pregnant kan Iris plus Zahin was still BF tapi berjaya puasa penuh. Alhamdulillah. Tapi Ramadhan tahun lepas, pregnant kan Zafri pula plus BF Iris i was so 'lembik' so gagal utk puasa penuh. Sedih sgt. This time around, i will try my best even though i BF Zafri plus 18hrs. Chayok to me!!

So to my dearest blog readers,

Hopefully, its not too late for me  to seek for your forgiveness and wish you all happy fasting! May Ramadhan this time will be better than the previous one and as well will bring more barakah. Insya Allah! Amin.

Lastly, salam Ramadhan al Mubarak again from us here in London. Take care! :)