Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Back For Good :-)


We've been back here in Malaysia for already three weeks. Alhamdulillah..so far so good. We are very busy catching up with family both sides and spring cleaning our home sweet home here in Melaka. So hectic, tiring but satisfying! :)

The other half had report duty on the 1st of December. The process went smoothly and he was given a week leave to rest. Now, hubby's working 9 hours daily with less workloads so that he could concentrate on his PhD write up. The submission dateline is somewhere in March. In shaa Allah, he can do it! ;)

Zahin and Zafri with their Pak Ngah at Mamatok's house in Sg. Buloh

Anyway, we flew from London Gatwick airport to Istanbul Atarturk airport with Turkish Airlines on 27th of November. Just had a short two nights transit in the city before flying home on 29th of November with Emirates. After transit shortly at Dubai, we flew to Malaysia and finally safely arrived at KLIA on 30th November. What an experience! Huhu..

Istanbul Kami Datang!! :D

The food in Turkish Airlines were yummy!

Reading while waiting for our next flight at Istanbul Atarturk airport

Blue Mosque or Blue/Sultanahmet Camii
Istanbul is a very interesting city. Being unwell and two nights were just not enough to cover Istanbul itself. But still grateful to be there..;) I will try my best to find some free time to share about our short transit there later, in shaa Allah. :)

Luckily, the weather is not too hot in this rainy season so all of us are in the pink of health now, alhamdulillah. Most of the time we just stay at home when hubby's at work. Spring cleaning are still ongoing..am getting rid old stuffs before our stuffs in London arrive so am still super duper busy. Huhu.

Hopefully, 2015 will be less hectic once we have really settled down, in shaa Allah..

Till next post! ;)