Wednesday, October 24, 2012


First time went to car boot during vacation..and am LOVIN' it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012



Zafri has turned 18 months old on last 12th of October. He is very active and he is now in the phase of  climbing, running and talking. He already masters the climbing and running but not the talking yet. Babbling, actually. ;) Talking is still in progress. So far he only can say 'Babah', 'Mama' and 'Nak' clearly. Well, no sign of him saying 'Ummi' yet but i already get used with it by now. I reckon 'Ummi' is always hard to be uttered first by children at his age. At least, all my kids were like that. Their first word are always 'Babah' and i always envy my husband. Hehe. 

According to Babycenter, an 18 months old should have 20 words by now but Zafri is way far from it, obviously. But i am not worry yet, just hope he will be catching everything up soon. Hopefully, insya Allah. But he takes simple direction very well! If we asked him something particular, he understands and knows which one and gives it to us. His habit is like to turn off the Tv while we are watching it. :D But he will turn it on when we asked him to. But boy he just love doing that activity repetitively until her sisters get annoyed and mad. hehehe cheeky boy, isn't he! 

Food-wise, he's not picky. He loves rice, noodles, pasta and ate almost everything including rocks. Hehehe yes. When we went to the beach few months ago, he 'ate' the beach rock! Luckily we saw him and quickly took the rock out of his mouth. Phew..can't imagine if he swallowed it. Dia ni memang tau, tak macam the Eins, semua dia kutip masuk mulut! Huhu. So since i am around 247, i make sure he eats on time and have a balance and nutritious diet. As a result, he's now 12kg. :) It's quite a while his weight had maintained at 11kg so now i am more than happy to know that he had gained 1kg within a month. Hip hip hoorey! Yang tak bestnya berat ummi pon sama naik! maklumlah dah senang hati kan...dok rumah relax goyang kaki je. :P

Furthermore, Zafri is still breastfeeding though my milk production is not that merrier anymore. I can feel sometimes he struggles sucking for the milk. T_T. Since i have finished study, i will try my best to keep my diet in check especially in reducing the intake of the caffeinated drink. During study especially when doing assignments at night, i usually had Nescafe drink  So because of that and due to lack of sleep and pressures as well, it did affected my milk production so badly. :( So hopefully, i can improve it after this because i really wish to breastfeed him until at least 2 years old like both of her sisters. Amin.

Hmm social-wise, he is quite shy but he likes to make friends. When he does, he really do it like a real boy. Kasar hokey! Huhuhuh...i was worried whenever guest comes to our house or we go to visit our friends because Zafri usually does not know how to control himself. He hits and pushes other kid like no body business. I think he learnt that from her sisters who always quarrel with each other. Tsk! so we better keep our actions and behaviour always in check. Zafri is also in the phase of imitating others. He copies what we do. And he has two great sifus, the Eins. Who else? :P Really, Zahin now like to practise safe acrobatic at home since she learnt it from her P.E class at school. Unluckily, this little boy also wants to do the acrobatic thing! See, he is fast-learner but he does not know that can be dangerous to him. T_T

To Zafri, i am glad that you are all active and healthy but you do scare me when you go through some adrenaline rush! huhu. So i always pray so that you will be staying safe all the time and be a good boy in the future no matter how naughty and cheeky boy you are now. We love you so much, son! 

Happy 18 months old, love! Hugs and kisses from Ummi, Babah, Along and Angah. XOXO.


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Thursday, October 18, 2012



It has already been a month since Iris started at nursery. She was very delighted to go with Zahin every morning. She was happy that she also can wear a school uniform like Zahin. Hehe. And she has settled down quite well at nursery now. She did cried during the first three days though..Yup, when we left her under care of strangers and in the new environment..she had separation anxiety and cried out of her lungs! I was worried at first when she said she does not want to go to nursery but not now. :) Kudos to the staffs who always very good at attending and distracting my Iris at that time. Now, she's looking forward to go to nursery everyday! Yippie yay!

Anyway, the nursery is cool and awesome. The teacher and the nursery nurses are all funny and lovely. They have fun and interesting things for kids to play and learn like sand and water pits, legos and play-doughs, cooking and dining play set, alot of books, toys and stationery etc. They even got a reading room, they called Rainbow Room, an ICT corner, a nice kitchen and even a toilet in the class room. Also they have a playground outside. Hmm fantastic! ^_^

Since the nursery time is from 8.50am to 11.45am, they only provide snack to the children in between. Simple snack like steamed carrot, pear, apple and bananas will do. Iris love them! They have same menu everyday and milk drink. It's okay, the most important thing is they are healthy. ;) Also parents are not encouraged to let the children bring their own food and drink to prevent the childlren exchange their food that might be hazardous to other children. Agreed! Ummi pon risau kalau-kalau Iris termakan daging tak'uzubillah! 

Iris in her uniform on the first day . She's very happy knowing that she can go to school with Zahin now. :)

Hand in hands to school. So sweet..:)

Too excited posing in front of nursery..:D

'Mommy, please come with me...' cuak sudah...:D :D :D

the welcome board ;)

at the kitchen and dining and rest area

Let me put my bag here first said Iris..:D
colourful toilet..

with cute sinki...


Zafri played lego...

enjoyed playing at the playground

doll house, her favourite


love playing sand with a new friend...

Zafri and dinosaurs..:D

time to make some cookies...!

now she knows how to take her bag and coat by her own..;)

lastly got milk drink at nursery and leave home with one big smile :)

her first ever draw hands of each of her family member and cut it out! And we had fun doing this! ^_^

big girl already..;)

 To Iris,

Hopefully, you will always enjoy and had fun at nursery! We are very proud of you, darling! :)

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