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I can never imagine myself in a caravan until recently. Thanks to The Cranstar Holiday company and The Sun newspaper to make my dream comes true. :) 

The Cranstar Holiday have collaborated with The Sun to give special promotions for 4D3N Caravan Holiday at ANY caravan parks or sites in the UK and some in Europe as well for only 9.50pound per head!! It was  really a great bargain hence we did not want to miss it!

Firstly what we need to do was just collecting ten pieces of coupons from The Sun newspaper and choose the destination together with three choices of the park and send to them before end of July. So we started collecting the coupons one by one within the month, and when we had ten of them, we chose Cornwall as our holiday destination. After choosing the parks in Cornwall, our friend, Fathullah helped us mailing the coupons to The Sun as we were very busy with our study at that time. Thanks Fathullah! :)

Then, three week later, we had received a replied letter and thankfully both of us got the same park at Trevelgue Holiday Park in Newquay, Cornwall. Thanks again to Fathullah as he the one wrote the request letter so both of family got the same caravan park. Thank you to the management for giving us this chance! Much appreciated. :D

So Cornwall, here we come! 

Driving Directions London to Cornwall map (Credit to Google)
Cornwall Map within the purple borderline (Credit to Google)
Newquay map (Credit to Google)
Looking at the first map above, Cornwall seems not too far from London but truthfully, the route had taken us 7 hours to get there. Phewww! Kematu b***** hokey. hehehehe. As you see, Cornwall is a county which is located in the South West region of England. And Truro is the admistrative city as per in the Cornwall map above. The city was also stated once ruled by Romans. (Wikipedia). Hmm patutlah kebanyakan tempatnya bunyi ala-ala Italian..hehe. Whereas in the third map, you can see where exactly Trevelgue is. It is in Newquay district, the park is a bit north but the location is very strategic which is near to the town, beach and a short drive to any other place of attractions around the county!

Let's check it out!

Caravan living area and kitchen (Credit to Google and Trevelgue website)
Trevelgue caravan living area (Credit to Google and Trevelgue website). We were given this type of caravan as it has two rooms. The one in the above picture i think it has one bedroom only. :)

Trevelgue holiday park taken from above (Credit to Google and Trevelgue website)
Porth Beach (Credit to Google)
Aww...aren't they fabulous and stunning?? ;) just looking at those picture above made me want to fly over there right at this moment! Huhu how i miss Cornwall so much! It's totally different from London! hee....How i wish i live temporarily there not London.. Opps, not so..:P 

Ok now, let's take a peep inside our rented caravan, from us, the amateur photographers...the unedited version one...heh tak sempat lagi nak edit-edit, nak update entry ni pon susah nak cari free time apatah lagi nak edit. :P

The kitchen area. It is fully fitted cabinet and equipped with electrical appliances and cooking utensils. Heaven! 
Here is the living area. Quite spacious. Complete with fitted sofa, cabinet, TV, heater, folded table and extra stool. So comfortable, my hubby was asleep on the sofa til morning once! P

This is the master bedroom. Not big but ample for us..with one double bed and fitted cabinet, dressing cabinet, wardrobe (in front of the bed)  and plushy pillows and matresses. 
Again, the living area that we had used for our four days and three nights stay which is fabulous! ;D
All the pictures above were taken as soon as we checked in..klu lambat nanti harus tak sekemas ini ;) 

The long journey was smooth-sailing, alhamdulillah. We arrived at Trevelgue holiday park around 12 midnight. Fathullah already call and inform our late arrival to the park management but they were very understanding and told us to take our keys at Security at the main entrance when we arrive. The security, the English man was also very warm and friendly despite of the time, we felt most welcome as he smiled and joked while briefing about the location of our caravan to hubby and Fathullah. Hehe such a nice man..:)

Though our caravans were not near to each other but it's not a problem at all, we were more than thankful we got placed at the same park at the first time and place. :) Then when we checked into our caravan, we were pleased to see the setting and the interior design. We were very satisfied with our caravan. It's like a mobile house, completed with most thing that our home have but unluckily for this Malay lady that she noticed that they do not provide a rice cooker!! Ok terus gelabah jap, fikir macam mana nak survive without nasi! hahaha :P So the next day hubby went to Reception to pay service charge (not much ;)) and asked if they got a rice cooker but sadly they did not have..:( So i had to cook rice manually in a pot! hehehehe. Tapi ok jer! ;D

Ok back to the pictures, in the first picture of the kitchen, the door you see leads to the second bedroom (kids). It got two single beds and to the left is the toilet. Both room is clean and the toilet has one sinki, toilet bowl and shower compartment which separated from the dry area..very nice but sorry forgot to take the picture la..ingat ada amik  tapi bila check tade rupanya..:( 

For the bedrooms, they provided us with duvet and pillow as well as the sheet as well. Actually, we were told in the letter that there were probably no sheets provided but we had them in our caravan so thank you so much because we purposely did not bring ours due to bringing other prior things.Also  it was very cold at night but luckily there was a heater fitted to the TV cabinet. Otherwise i could not imagine how to survive in the low temperature condition..;)

Then only the next day, we started to go places and sightseeing. But before that, my hubby did take pictures around our caravan and brought the kids to the playground.

Let's check them out! ;-)

And this is our caravan. Macam tak caya je kan dalam dia lengkap dgn dapur, bilik, toilet dan ruang tamu. :D
The caravan village. They have several types of caravans that suit to any budgets..;) Love the view, the park is located near the valley..
On-site adventure playground that made our kids smiling and entertained..
the smaller one for a younger kids like my son. also at the back is the Fish 'n' Chips restaurant. while the kids wearing out themselves, the parents can monitor them and enjoy their Fish 'n' Chips Win-win situation! ;D
Zafri loves playing with slide. Look at his face and big smile, he totally had fun!! ^_^
Zafri really wished he could play this tunnel slide like her sisters and his friend, Adam but...sorry baby, i think you are still not ready for it yet..
but this adventurous lil boy did not take that kind of advice easily...see, what he's trying to do :P Hihi Zafri, zafri...
Turned around when Babah asked him not to proceed instead asking him to go play at the smaller slide..:he did anyway, Isn't he a good boy! ;D
Hi mommy, look at me, i'm about to slide now! says Zafri :P


Yay, i did it! ^_^ hehehe
so did us..and we really enjoyed it, mommy! says the Eins..;P
Hehe it really made my day to see my kids all happy and enjoy themselves..! And it made me consider to stay again in a caravan for our next holiday but if it is only during school holiday which is usually a slim chance as the rent per night could be real expensive. Huhu but will check about this later because i already fall in love with Caravan Holiday due to all the convenience above. I can cook my family's favourite meals, my kids can play at the playground or go to Dino's Kids club for interesting activities and as well had 'splish splash' fun at their indoor swimming pool! (more photos to come..;D) 

All in all, Trevelgue holiday park is a very family-friendly park indeed. Thank you for having us, we had so much fun!! Fathullah also agreed and confirmed that Trevelgue is way better than the park that he and his family stay during their holiday at Isle of Wight. ;) 

Ok that's all for now. InsyaAllah i will share about our visit to the famous open-aired theatre, which is located on the cliff and overlooked to the Celtic Sea. The place is amazing and the seaview is spectacular! with the combination of blue ocean and sky masyaAllah we were speechless..

Insya Allah Soon to be continued! :-)


Ninie Hanis said...

best!!! caravan pun santek,luas and bersih.dulu pergi newquay saya sempat singgah Eden Project.ada annual pass tapi dah jauh sgt tak pegi dah pun.hihi.

p/s thumbs up atas effort kumpul promo The Sun tu.clap2! :)

ishamizu said...

Best Ninie! Precious experience we've ever had, tak sia2 kumpul kupon hihihi. Tp ktrg tak smpt pg Eden project tue..huhu..

Hanis MY said...

Awesomenyaaa best sgt!

ishamizu said...

Indeed Hanis! ^_^ kt Jepun mst ada caravan holiday jgk kan..;)

lady lavender said...

waaa...bestttnya! Semestinya akan jadi antara kenangan terindah kat sana kan!

ishamizu said...


Betul tue, setuju! Balik Msia nti mst tkenang2, terbayang2 caravan holiday ni..kan best klu boleh sewa caravan kt Cameron/ bkt Fraser, sbb sejuk2 and ats bukit sgt sesuai kan..hehe.

dyana "his other half" said...

hmmm, hmmm ,hmmm...beeessttttnnyaaaaa. hehe :).

sitiezahim said...

bes giler. saya tgk pon semangat rasa. haha mmg teringin nak lepak kat caravan camni hhuhu...

Nadine said...

Bestnya!Thanks for the entry dear :)

Entah bila la nak dpt naik jugak. hihihi..

Watson emma said...

great image collection..

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ishamizu said...

Thank you dearie friends! InsyaAllah your time will come one day. Amin!! :)

David Smith by Children Funky Furniture said...

That’s great, I can’t believe this children age so little but babies is so cute and looking good And its superb place collection.Thanks for sharing

ishamizu said...


Totally agreed with you. Thanks for coming over here ;)