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Burrito or Taco de Harina is originally come from Mexico. Hmm yariba, yariba! :P Actually, both are the same thing, the difference is only their physical presentation. Burrito is fully and roughly wrap or folded cylindrically covering whole the fillings whereas simply Taco only covers the half of the fillings. ;)

I had my first ever Taco back in Coventry in 2007. our neighbour made it and they kindly gave us some to try. It was delicious and hubby fell in love with it straightly. ;) Back then, that one was improvised by using a pocket pita bread. ;) 

By the way, we went to Halal restaurant at The Exchange Mall recently. El Mexican. Alhamdulillah the Rezq of being East Londoners. :P (East London was most populated by Muslim, hence you can get Halal food easily. Halal butchers, fast food and restaurants are everywhere. ;) ( I did joke like 'This is not London, this is Lahore!!!" :P)

By the way, we had ordered Burrito, Nachos and Orange Crush drink. Yup, just one set to save the money and afraid that the taste was only so so since it was our first time experience with the restaurant. But Masya Allah they had turned out so delish and we cannot get enough of it especially me!! So sad kene share mkn berempat hokey T_T. Wakakaka tak bersyukur kannn. Nak order lagi dah tak sempat, nak kejar masa untuk ambil Zahin kat sekolah plak..hmm tak pelah next time plak lah. ;)

It was yesterday I suddenly craved for it uols! I kept picturing the yummilicious El Mexican Burrito again and again at the back of my mind! Oh i could not help it..T_T. To go to El Mexican again is a thin chance since we just had it couple weeks ago, so unwise and unfair lar just to fulfill my desire rite..;) Maka bermulalah adegan membuat Burrito/Taco senirik!! hehehehe.

Honestly, i just made it by recalling back what i had watched closely the waiter and the waitress put and did during our visit to El Mexican. Ingat-ingat lupa. Obviously, i did not know the exact ingredients they used as all the ingredients were all ready to be put into a container. A customer will first choose the container be it a tortilla or a paper box if i am not mistaken. Lupe dah..makin pelupa lah sekarang..:( Anyway for us, we chose the tortilla one like in the pictures below..;)

 Hmmmm nyums nyums...(credit to El Mexican. ;))

Whereas the rest of pictures below are the ingredients i used and put into my very first home-made Burrito and Taco! I had made both type! ;D

For El Mexican, they put some rice cooked in Mexican style, but i did not put in mine. May be that's the reason why mine was not as good as theirs..heheh :P For the meat, i chose chicken and i just fried them in a small quantity of olive oil which had first marinated with grounds paprika, cayenne, turmeric, salt and cumin. El mexican used Tikka, Masala. Next time i should try using these two herbs as well!

boneless chicken, tortilla wrap, Elmlea Double light cream, Tesco cheese singles, Bramwells mayonnaise, lettuce,  chilli sauce (not in the pic)

making the cheese/nachos sauce first..i just mix the cream, some fresh milk, cheese singles, some fresh milk, salt and chilli sauce. Stop when the mixture turns colour to orangish..:D

sliced lettuce and cucumbers

diced and sliced capsicum pepper (orange), onion and spring onions, again can use anything to our preferable ;)

the chicken looked like this after being cooked

regular size of Old el Paso tortillas..very soft texture and cheap too

there are many ways to cook the tortilla but i just heat it in the microwave..then put the ingredients one by one onto it. for me i put the chicken first, then followed with the rest..and the topping of course the cheese sauce and the mayonnaise! Oh i think el Mexican put theirs with minty sauce. will try next time insyaAllah! Burrito and Taco!! :D

and this is my regular 'customer' who had first bite with his Taco...and as usual he commented  "Hmm sedapppp..."
hehehe i hardly believe him because he always say so everything that i cook. :D

Well, i say it was not bad but was not as great as El Mexican's. (What you expect from this amateur cook, right? :P) But insyaAllah will try it again and again. Practice makes perfect, rite? Also, sesuai jugak ni buat bekal Zahin kat sekolah kan! ;)

Ok till then, wassalam.

PS. Actually, i want to continue the story from the previous post but i can't as hubby's using his lappie doing Modelling where all the pictures were in the  memory card that only his lappie can access them. Instead, This PC does not have the memory card slot. No worries, insyaAllah i will try to update it later k..

Thank you for reading!:D


RuZaNNa said...

Izu.. i showed ur pic yg kat instagram tuh kat ikhwan and ask him whether he can skip nasi for a night and eat taco.. nasib die kata ok.. so i will be trying your recepi soon!!!
Btw, camne masak ayam tuh?

ishamizu said...


Ayam tu mcm masak ayam goreng kunyit je..cuma tmbh herb2 yg lain2 tue..izu pakai ada yg kt rumah ni je, hence paprika, cayenne, cumin..:D tp aritu mkn kt restaurant tu nama dia tikka chicken sumthing, sgt sedap Anne!! may be anne boleh try dulu and buat review k..hehe..masala pon ada masatu tp pedas kn masala so izu chosed tikka sbb ada iris n zafri..:)

hopefully anne punye lbh sedap!! ;))

dyana "his other half" said...

fuhh, nasib baik u share what izu letak dalam tu. smlm masa tgk gamba insta izu mmg kecur la air liur ni. nasib baik tak mimpi. hehe.

ishamizu said...


Izu letak apa stok yg ada kt rumah izu ni..hehe..kt El Mexican tu mcm2 letak, ada nasi, mint sauce, tomato, salsa pon slh satu resepi utk burrito or taco ni tp izu tade la sume tu..ayam plak tikka izu hentam aje ..hehehe...

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Salam izu,
dini pon suka makan ni...hihihi...nantu buleh lah try buat jugak

ishamizu said...


Ye ke..bolehla Dinie cuba jgk nti..mst lg sedap! ;)