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Minack Theatre is the world famous theatre located at Porthcurno in Penzance, Cornwall. It is an open-air theatre and built on a cliffside which overlooking the breathtaking view of Celtic Sea. The construction and the architecture design really impressed us! And  it was designed and built by an English woman who was so determined and had a passion for theatre performance named Rowena Cade. If you want to know more about her and the history of this great place and the meaning of Minack itself, kindly click HERE. :)

So on the second day there, we had decided to visit Minack Theatre and Land's End as our first destination. For your information, these two places are among of the top-must-visit-attractions in Cornwall so we do not want to miss it..

Anyway, it took us about an hour driving to reach there from Trevelgue. However, the journey was smooth-driving and my kids all managed to get a nap at the back seats. On the way there, we suddenly saw car boot sales so we stopped by for a while..Bila lagi nak sampai carboot Cornwall kan..:P

Finally, we arrived safely at Minack Theater around 4PM, an hour and so before it close. But I say we had enough time exploring the place and savouring the seaview with heart-contents. Also the weather was very nice with clear blue skies and i did really enjoyed taking pictures of them. We loved the place and we totally had fun! I do not know how to describe the place anymore but i hope the set of pictures below would describe everything..

Enjoy! ;)

Hubby and the kids and their still sleepy face at the entrance..;D

yours truly,  frowned due to the bright sunlight, :P 

The first sneak peek of the blue sea..Oh!

which overlooking the Portchurno Bay. Subhanallah! Beautiful, Isn't it?
the building of the reception adjoined to the cafe..

the stoned seats cascaded on the cliffside..Awesome!!

also some  can use chairs...

far out to the sea

close up to the theater stage on  the left
and here is the world famous theater stage!! Simple but yet so famous.
going down to take a closer look at the stage ;)

and posing here and there :P

My doter and i ..

always running! huhu

Along and her natural model pose :D

Angah always be our model as well :)

the Eins

climbing up the stoned-seats over an over again huhu

Iris and Adam, best friends..

with my heart throb

last but not least, IshamIzu & Co. From Minack Theater with Love....

also our group photo as directed by Fathullah :)

'the stairways to heaven' ;)
Huhu sorry for the never ending pictures but i had warned rite. hehehe.

Till then, wassalam.

Thank you for reading! :D


Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Salam izu,
cantik cantik cantik cantik !!!
fuiihhhh !

ishamizu said...

Mmg cantik Dinie, subhanallah! Rasa tenang damai melihat laut yg tbentang luas tu, mcm teraphy :)

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Masha Allah, 3 lovely kids, one happy family and loads of beautiful photos!

Baru terjumpa your blog via Mommaholic, keep on writing :)

Salam perkenalan :)

Nadine said...

subhanallah, awsomenyer theater ni!
Tgk show sambil ombak membantai mesra batu2 tu...haihs, romanticnye :)

untung tul izu. mcm2 tempat menarik dah jelajah. jeles ok!!

nur said...

Cantiknya masya Allah!
Wish to be there one day :)

ishamizu said...


Alhamdulillah..thank you! And i'm sure your family is beautiful too dear..;) Thanks singgah blog sy, nti sy visit your blog plak k. Salam perkenalan!! :)

ishamizu said...


Hehe tu lah tpt dah romantik tp tak smpt pon nk feeling2 aritu..hehehe

:) Alhamdulillah dear dpt pegi , dh dkt ni org kata klu boleh jgn lepaskn peluang kan..nti dh blk Msia bkn sng nk dtg blk :(

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

InsyaAllah..boleh kak Nur masuk dlm list hehe