Friday, July 25, 2014

Langkawi Hot Spring


Good Friday everyone..we are almost at the end of Ramadan and today is the last Friday in this holy month. How we wished every month is Ramadan, right. What a blessing month it is...Nevertheless, let's pray so we could meet Ramadan again next year, in shaa Allah...amin!

It's very hot here in London with 28 degrees Celsius! I have got migrain haha..but i simply love the weather. It reminds us with Malaysia. It didn't stop us to go out and about and we also got Breakfast invitation at a friend's house at Dagenham but I will share about it later.

Today i would like to continue on our family vacation during our short return to Malaysia that day. :)

After visiting Perdana Galleria which i already shared in the previous post, we went lunch at Kedai Kak Nah first..( now forgot the location but i think org Langkawi sure know this shop ;))

After feasting our tummy with the delicious authentic Malay dishes like Asam Pedas ikan jenahak, ayam masak kicap, sayur kampung, ayam goreng, ikan goreng, sayur ulam with sambal belacan and two jugs of air sirap limau...(just writing all of them here makes me mouth-watering! :P) we quickly found our way heading to Langkawi Hot Spring.

(Credit to my brother who made all the research and did the tentative, good job bro!)

For your information, the day we flew to Langkawi was only the second day we arrived in Malaysia. Basically, we were still jet-lagged on the third day but i think we had pushed ourselves to enjoy the trip as best as we can. Cuma Babah je yang tak boleh tahan mengantuk hehe. So my brother took over driving  job most of the time while Babah's sleeping at the co-driver seat. 

He even doze off while waiting our turn to dip our feet at Langkawi Hot Spring! (in the pic above :D)

While waiting for our turn, my brother and I went looking around the place. Actually the place has a beautiful landscape but i had just wondering why the lake was full with floating weeds..? i think it will look nicer without those thingy. :D

There were few shops selling souvenirs as well as a cafe near entrance. As soon as we arrived, my mom kene pau bubble-blower dengan cucu-cucunya kt situ. Hehe.

Hmm price wise,  the souvenirs are quite expensive here. But mind you the admission fee is free here, so do not miss to come this place if you are in Langkawi! ;)

For your information, it is natural salt water hot spring not a common fresh hot spring which is rare. 

When it's our turn, we went towards the hut nearby and took position before dipping our feet in the hot spring well. Whoaa, it felt so good as the water was warm AND clean! 

Our hut was not the big one but it's very nice. The hot-spring well was under it. It's shady though we could still feel the heat and it's privacy. If you are coming in a big group like my family, you do not have to share the hut with strangers. :) 

We just sat and talked and laughed during the session except my dearie hubby who was asleep while dipping his feet in the well! :D

Pok de pon nak main bubble..hehe

Iris always with Tok Mak :)

my nephew Izzrizz with his happy go lucky pak ngah..:)

Zahin kepanasan, babah ketiduran...:D
Suddenly, we had a chance to go to the bigger hut after other visitors left. Again there were not many visitors came as it's on Monday.

The bigger hut is located at a bit higher level of ground. You would need to climb few steps of stairs to reach it. The seat design is special as we could lean our body this more relaxing while dipping feet in the warm water.

But the well looks deeper than the first one so you need to be extra careful especially if you bring children..;)

Babah dah bangun kt big pool ni..yay! :)

Kesian Zafri, penatand jet-lagged tapi dia je tahan mata...

half picture of me as most of our pics were too 'sexy' to be shared .:P

the hot-spring well at the bigger hut :)

leaving the place..and hoping to see a clean lake next time. huhu..

playing bubbles while waiting the adults praying at musolla

singgah pantai pasir hitam beli air kelapa and keropok lekor..nyums! 

All in all, we truly enjoyed ourselves at Langkawi Hot-spring. Feeling healthier and refreshing after the session. :D

Apart from the lake, we highly recommend the place! Cantik, best dan lengkap dengan musolla, sauna and jacuzzi, bathroom and toilet. Massage service pon ada. Such a good place for spending a quality time with family. :)

Lastly, I would share about other places that we went in Langkawi next time. Till then, wassalam

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back In London


Hi peeps!

We have been arrived in London for three days. Our flight with Emirates had safely landed at Heathrow airport at 6.45am on last sunday (KL-Dubai-London). I know it's hard to believe it even myself! 

So sad you know to make the journey and leaving our beloved family behind again, especially when Hari Raya is just around the corner. Obviously i'm so disappointed that we could not make it again this year but luckily our family both sides were totally understand our situation..Miss them so much..:(

But what to do, Allah's plan is ultimately the best. I'm very sure everything happens must come with a good reason. In shaa Allah..:)

on our arrival at terminat 3, Heathrow airport

Well, hello London! Never we know that we actually miss you until we see you again. :)

I teared a bit whenever i saw Thames River, Tower Bridge and London Eye from above when the plane was about to land. It's kinda sentimental to see those famous iconic landmarks of London again. I thank Allah for this golden opportunity and His bounty, seriously i never thought that i could be in this city after only a short period of time. 

happy face!

The kids could not be more happier as well. Each of them expressed how happy they were to be returned here. I remembered Iris's exclamation exactly like this, "Mommy, I love UK because it's cold here." :D For Zahin, I can't wait to go to Ain, Sarah, Alya's and Adam's house (their BFF here :)) and Zafri pulak siap cakap depan atuk-atuk like this "Yay, kita nak balik London!" :D and instantly got the respond from atuk "Oo eksyennya dia nak balik London." Haha dapat sebijik..:D

summer flowers at Yati Fath's neigbour 

Anyway, as soon as we passed the immigration at UK Border at Terminal 3 Heathrow airport last sunday, Babah called uncle Fath. Fath was kind to fetch all of us though he had to make two rounds from the airport to his house at Uxbridge. It's about 20 minutes driving. Since it was early morning and non-working day, the traffic was smooth that day. Alhamdulillah.

We had overnight at Fath's house and happily catching up with each other's story. The kids were so excited to meet Adam and Nuha again. So I would like to thank Fath and Yati for their warm hospitality while we were staying at their house..Jazakallah!;)

East London neoghbourhood ;)

Since this time around, we just have only four months until November before we go back to Malaysia for good. Since it is impossible for us to rent a house especially in London within the short period of time so we were invited to stay at our friend's house in Stratford. 

Currently, we are at Mummy Na and Uncle Daddy's place. They both really insists so we could not be more thankful other than accepted their invitation. Sungguh Allah permudahkan..semoga Allah sahaja yang membalas budi baik mereka sekeluarga. Amin..ya rabbal alamin..!

This morning, it's their turn to return to Malaysia for Hari Raya. How jealous i am!! :( So in shaa Allah we'll be seeing them again in a month time from now. We pray for their safe journey and happy for them to be able celebrating Eid with their loved ones in Tawau and Sandakan, Sabah. :)

while shoping groceries at ASDA :D

Anyway, as long as we are together, we are happy masya Allah. And the most important thing is we are always be there for Babah during this critical stage of time and give our fully support to Babah to finish his PhD with flying colours. In shaa Allah. May Allah ease the journey for Babah and for us too. Amin!

Last but not least, thank you Babah for taking us along with you back in London again. We loveeeeeee you so much! ^_^

Thursday, July 17, 2014


This Ramadan is definitely emotionally challenging for us. It is really devastating thinking of our brothers and sisters in Gaza Palestine who are now struggling for life in that land. Especially in this holy month of Ramadan. :(

Up to date, the missiles and bombs attack are still on-going by zionist Israeli. They had already killed many Palestinians, including children and seem they would not stop. They are so mean and cruel!!

I feel so miserable everytime i read news from Gaza. Sometimes i even skip reading it since my heart seems couldn't take it anymore. Sigh. Whenever i come across the picture of dead babies in such a brutal way my eyes got teary. I feel so useless! :'(

Therefore whether we are Muslim or non-Muslim we should all stand for Gaza, if we are human. Seriously! We must stop Israel from killing more Palestinians.

So what we can do, we must boycott all the products from Israel and US now!! No matter what. Yes it's hard because most of them are theirs but let's believe that we all can do it!! Take action step by step is better than doing nothing at all.

Let's start with McD and Starbucks at least! And then try to stop purchasing the rest of their products. In shaa Allah we can make a difference! Every cent/penny counts. We don't want to kill our own brothers and sisters, right?

Also the most important thing is donation. Let's donate as much as we can. There are many things can be donated as well and there are many ways to donate. Our brothers and sisters need our help! They need especially food and medicine. Let's help them.

Lastly, the last ten days of Ramadan will be around the corner. Without we know, Ramadan will be leaving us. So sad..hopefully, this will not be our last Ramadan :( let's try to perform better in this last ten days in shaa Allah.

Allahumma Innaka Afuwwun Tuhibbul Affuwa Fa' Fuaani. :( and hopefully we will be given a chance to witness Laylatul Qadr..amin! And let's make alot of dua and PrayForGaza as well.

Ps. Latest news. Mh17 was shot down. :( Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihirajiun..PrayForMH17. 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bazaar Ramadan


It's already fourth day of Ramadan, time really flies!!

We were at my parents' on the first and the second day. Then yesterday we already arrived at my PIL's place. Having Sahur and breaking fast with our beloved parents are the most happiest moment. Could see their happy smile, Alhamdulillah..:)

Besides mom's cooking that we've been looking forward this Ramadan, we also couldn't wait to go to Bazaar Ramadan!! missed it three times (in 2011, 2012 & 2013) while we were abroad. Hihi..

On the first of Ramadan, Johor makes it as a public holiday hence my mom's not working that day. Thus, we cooked together so all the breaking fast menu were homemade. ;)

So only on the second day, we managed to go to Bazaar Ramadan. ;)

Upon our arrival at Dewan Jubli Intan, Muar where the Bazaar Ramadan took place, i felt like jumping! Seriously it's a food galore. Macam-macam ada! Hehe.

But i quickly reminded myself to refrain from buying too many food. Hihi.

Lastly, we only bought asam pedas ikan pari, paru goreng bercili. Mabeles ok!! ;D Then some murtabak as well some fresh water melon juice, air jagung soda and air sirap bandung soda. My mom only cooked sayur kacang panjang once arrived at home. Alhamdulillah rezeki..:)

Hopefully, could go to Bazaar Ramadan while we're in Sungai Buloh too. :D