Thursday, July 17, 2014


This Ramadan is definitely emotionally challenging for us. It is really devastating thinking of our brothers and sisters in Gaza Palestine who are now struggling for life in that land. Especially in this holy month of Ramadan. :(

Up to date, the missiles and bombs attack are still on-going by zionist Israeli. They had already killed many Palestinians, including children and seem they would not stop. They are so mean and cruel!!

I feel so miserable everytime i read news from Gaza. Sometimes i even skip reading it since my heart seems couldn't take it anymore. Sigh. Whenever i come across the picture of dead babies in such a brutal way my eyes got teary. I feel so useless! :'(

Therefore whether we are Muslim or non-Muslim we should all stand for Gaza, if we are human. Seriously! We must stop Israel from killing more Palestinians.

So what we can do, we must boycott all the products from Israel and US now!! No matter what. Yes it's hard because most of them are theirs but let's believe that we all can do it!! Take action step by step is better than doing nothing at all.

Let's start with McD and Starbucks at least! And then try to stop purchasing the rest of their products. In shaa Allah we can make a difference! Every cent/penny counts. We don't want to kill our own brothers and sisters, right?

Also the most important thing is donation. Let's donate as much as we can. There are many things can be donated as well and there are many ways to donate. Our brothers and sisters need our help! They need especially food and medicine. Let's help them.

Lastly, the last ten days of Ramadan will be around the corner. Without we know, Ramadan will be leaving us. So sad..hopefully, this will not be our last Ramadan :( let's try to perform better in this last ten days in shaa Allah.

Allahumma Innaka Afuwwun Tuhibbul Affuwa Fa' Fuaani. :( and hopefully we will be given a chance to witness Laylatul Qadr..amin! And let's make alot of dua and PrayForGaza as well.

Ps. Latest news. Mh17 was shot down. :( Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihirajiun..PrayForMH17. 

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Masitah Abdullah said...

Akk eta and husband stop shopping dkt tesco n sainsbury jugak, sedih kan, hari2 menangis, sekarang pertempuran darat pulak digaza, Malaysia Sabah n mh17, akk kita doa sama2 ye, 10 mlm terakhir, harap dapat berdoa malam lailatul qadr utk org islam seluruh dunia

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Sedihnye... xsanggup tgk video yg org share di FB.. kesian sgt.. mula la air mata meleleh