Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WW: My Favourite Models ;)


Alhamdulillah the kids aka my favourite models are all getting better now..syukur. :))

Hopefully, i could take a lot and more pictures of them since they're still small, cooperated and not camera shy yet. Hihi. Nowadays, Zahin doesn't really like to be photographed anymore. Unlike Iris, she's so sporting whenever i ask her to give a pose. It's hard to capture Zafri because he usually cannot sit still hence the blurry pictures. :D

Anyway, i never give up to capture them! Love uols Zahin, Iris and Zafri! Xoxo

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Big Boy!


Our little boy is not little anymore...He already turned 4 years old on 12th April last week. Well actually we already had a small celebration at my mom's place. But too bad, the pictures were taken all blurry..huhu

I feel bad about it thats why i wish to redo it again and properly inshaa Allah :)

Time flew so fast! I still vividly remembered the day he was born 4 years ago in London. I had emergency ceasarean but to cut it short, it's such a meaningful experience for me. And it's priceless to have a son, such a precious gift for me, hubby and daughters who had longed for a baby boy :)

Now, we are so blessed to have him around. He is very cheeky, quite funny, smart and talkative. Also notti! SATU HARI KALAU TAK MENYAKAT Along and Angah TAK SAH! My life is so hectic and handfull with three of them!! But merrier of course hihi :D

Alhamdulillah, up to date he's recovering quite well from high fever. So far we gave medicines on time BUT Since he seldom gets sick comparing to her sisters, so it's quite difficult for him to take up the medicine..huhu sabar je laa!

Lastly, Happy belated birthday, Zafri! Be a good boy, ok Sayang! May you grow healthy, wisely and successfully in this world and the hereafter. Ameen! There are so many hopes i put on you (and your sisters too) in shaa Allah but we must try our best and as best as we can..Ameen..

Love always from Mummy, Babah, Along and Angah. Xoxo ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2015



I think i have a Writing Block syndrom. It takes ages for me to brain out a word now. Many times i feel like to private this blog but yet something inside keeps holding me from doing it.

I really hope i can get back into the rythm as soon as possible and keep blogging for the sake of my family. My husband really encouraged me because he just loved to read our activities.

So there are many things that i would love to keep in here for the kids in the future even though my writing and grammar sucks! Huhu. (Please bear with it, guys :D)

By the way, nowadas i always update on my Instagram instead because it's quick and easy. Just upload a picture and put a caption, i'm done! :)

Below are the most recent pictures that i have shared there.

As you see all of them are food But actually i share many other pictures as well. ;) I love taking pictures though i'm not really good at it but i love to learn and try hihi

Last but not least, my favourite subjects/models aka the kids were all under the weather at the moment.

It's sad looking at them being unwell and also tiring taking after them but what i really hope is they will be healthy again as soon as possible.


Well, till then. Breakfast is calling! Have a nice weekend! :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Sister's E-Day


Alhamdulillah, my beloved sister was already engaged to her boyfriend on 27th March. :)

The event took place after friday prayer at my parent's place in Muar. As soon as the men's side arrived, it rained. Hujan rahmat! ;)

After a short tahlil, both family discussed together about the solemnization date and the dowry. In shaa Allah the akad nikah and the reception will be on saturday 19th Sept the first day of school holiday. The reception event at the groom's place will be a week after at Besut Terengganu.

Anyway, after the Sarung Cincin session, all the guests were served with nasi putih, asam pedas tenggiri, sayur nangka masak lemak, ayam goreng berempah, sambal belacan, ikan kering, ulam-ulaman, and punch drink.

Alhamdulillah it was succesfully done. May Allah bless both of them till the big day and then be happy till Jannah. Ameen!

Thank you to all cousins and relatives who came and helped during the event. May Allah always bless you wherever you are. :)