Saturday, April 18, 2015



I think i have a Writing Block syndrom. It takes ages for me to brain out a word now. Many times i feel like to private this blog but yet something inside keeps holding me from doing it.

I really hope i can get back into the rythm as soon as possible and keep blogging for the sake of my family. My husband really encouraged me because he just loved to read our activities.

So there are many things that i would love to keep in here for the kids in the future even though my writing and grammar sucks! Huhu. (Please bear with it, guys :D)

By the way, nowadas i always update on my Instagram instead because it's quick and easy. Just upload a picture and put a caption, i'm done! :)

Below are the most recent pictures that i have shared there.

As you see all of them are food But actually i share many other pictures as well. ;) I love taking pictures though i'm not really good at it but i love to learn and try hihi

Last but not least, my favourite subjects/models aka the kids were all under the weather at the moment.

It's sad looking at them being unwell and also tiring taking after them but what i really hope is they will be healthy again as soon as possible.


Well, till then. Breakfast is calling! Have a nice weekend! :)

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Mama Haraz said...

Sama! I'm torn between making it private or continuing. Finding time to write has been so challenging. The there is the privacy issue. But there are always people who frequent to read reviews and tips. Susah nak decide.

I enjoy dropping by here, keep at it and your kids are so cute, seronok tgk they all grow.