Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bicester Village Again


Actually, we were not planning to go to Bicester Village until our guests requested us to go couple days ago. Anyway, it was my pleasure! haha. So we went there after school around 3.30pm..

We arrived at the famous chic outlet at 5pm, after 1 hour and half driving. All the way there Zahin was crying, frustrating that she cannot sit beside me. Hmm zahin, zahin..big jealousy there. :D

We arrived there at 5pm, still had 2 hours before it close. I really hope it enough for kak Fauziah to do shopping. For us, we didn't buy much, just a new sling bag for me, a chidren baking set for iris and a pencil colour set for Zahin at Cath Kidston. :D

It was freezing cold, very hard for the kids. So hubby stayed with Zahin and Zafri in the van while Iris accompanied me window shopping. I managed to enter Burberry, Kate Spade and Tods only..Tods because kak Fauziah happened to be in there ..otherwise i will not there to go into the boutique. :P

Anyway kak Fauziah bought two handbags at Tods and Prada, purses and wallets at Michael Kors and Ted Baker for her daughters, husband and son..glad that she was satisfied with the shopping because i was worried if two hours were not enough. hehe.

After shopping, kak Fauziah wanted to take photo with us..and then asked hubby to find any halal restaurant nearby as she wanted to treat all of us dinner for taking her and her son to Bicester Village. Aww, so generous of her. :)

Then we finally found Halal indian restaurant at Oxford city center and had a very lovely dinner with Chicken and Lamb biryani, fish fingers and fries for the kids, other side dishes that i don't remember their name. Zafri was a little bit cranky by that time in the restaurant. He threw things, he cried for me, refused to sit in the baby chair. He wanted to sit on my lap..

i think he was restless and awkward to be seated afar from me between hubby and Hamza, kak fauziah's son. hihi..nak buat macam mana Zafri, Along and Angah dah berebut nak duduk sebelah ummi dulu..:)

Anyway, we had fun. After thanking kak Fauziah, we went home. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WW: Blackberries Picking


Venue: Crockford Bridge Farm, Surrey. UK.
Summer 2012 ft. sis in law's family. :)

first time experience in picking blackberries

merimbun banyak tapi banyak yg tak masak lagi

hahaha dapat beberapa biji je yang dah masak

yg hitam tu dah masak, yang merah masih belum :)

sampai merah2 tangan :D

my fav model :)

Hubby kene jaga kids hihi

me n my sis in law

nak pegi pettik raspberry plak ;)

best farm ni siap ada playground lg

my niece, Syira dgn papa dia..:)

semua geram kt pipi the only prince ni..hehe

apalah yg the Eins tengah wondering kan. btw, nice shot, babah!

my sis in law's family

lepas bayar for berries, masuk garden centre lak

most of them ialah hasil product Crockford Bridge farm

happy us ^^


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lizard Point, Cornwall (Part 2)


Ok there were two routes to go to the Lizard Point. One was via steps and the other was avoiding steps. Very stroller/wheelchair friendly. So we took the later of course. So tak la pecah muscle ummi dan babah that day since we did not need to lift up, lift down our baby in the strollers to go down the hill. hehe.

Before we started the expedition, we took pictures of us with the spectacular view of the background. At the point, it was the best lookout to view the Lizard Point where the shape of the curved hill seemed like a lizzard! Subhanallah, Allah is the Greatest..

Thankfully, the view down the hill was so breathtaking. There is no words to describe it obviously dangerous as we were really on the clift with the gorge beside us. Once fall, erm can't imagine the aftermath..So we were being cautious all the time to make sure the kids were walking very very close to running. it's strictly forbident..Huhu.

Actually, i couldn't believe that i, myself can make it. I am glad that hubby convinced me! For me it's kinda self-achievement to counter the fear and gather the courage at the same time..not that easy, hehe. seriau you masa turun tu..dah la pakai hi heel boots, haha..nasib baik la boots Next tu memang tak la sakit kaki..;)

All of us totally enjoyed the view from the Lizard Point. The different angles from the one from the lookout point. Much closer. and it's time to take more and more photos la, apalagi kan? hehe

Alhamdulillah, overall the Eins were all excited, happy and cheeky running here and there. Playing with the telescopes or just talking animatedly on the bench sweet! happy to see their faces glowing with smile and laughter.

But lil Zafri was only a little bit cranky as he was guarded carefully even by us or stroller. Takut nak lepaskan dia...!! dia mana reti duduk diam. tak berani nak let him loose...tu dia nangis tak puas to soothe him, i just breastfeeding him..terus senyap :P

Actually,  there was a souvenir shop and cafe but we did not buy anything from there. As i told earlier, we brought some our own food  and we already bought some souvenirs at the town earlier, we believe that must be way more cheaper than the shop, right. ;) Also we did not go down further to the beach, afraid we got too tired to go back up the hill...But The most important thing was we had conquered the Lizard Point! hehe..

The end. Till then, Wassalam. :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lizard Point, Cornwall (Part 1)


After spending a good time at Porth Beach, we quickly made our way to Lizard Point. It was suggested by our co-travelling buddies, Fath and Yati. Thank you guys, it was so worth it. ;)

The journey which took  about 30 minutes of driving was never boring! We enjoyed the view especially the valleys and passed few English towns in the countryside.

When we arrived at Lizard Point little town safely.. my eyes automatically caught at the Cornish ice cream shop! i was dying to taste it and could not wait to buy some. hehe..

But we had to park our car first and finally found near a picnic area, just nice for us who had not take lunch yet!

So Yati and me quickly unloaded our picnic baskets and quickly booked the table near our cars. Without wasting time, we started to eat.

When hubby finished he bought all of us the Cornish ice creams! Oh my, it was so rich and creamy. Hmm yums..

Then when we're done, it's time to explore the place! 

To go to Lizard Point, we had to pass it's historical town and village. There were variety shops and cafes along the way that we didn't have time to drop by. Too bad..really wished to try their cream teas..:(

Also, the air was chilled with the strong sea breeze so we had to put on our winter jackets but it's still bearable since it's just a beginning of Autumn. :)

When we were in the peaceful village, we managed to take a close peek of English houses within short distance. The design was beautiful and the landscape was well-kept. How we wished we can build one for us like one of it in Malaysia. Hehe berangan memang bestkan..;P

Actually, it was a quite long walk, but we had no choice since the route was too narrow for our mpv. Lucky  we took strollers and some food with us in case we were hungry back after the walk.

The kids were well-behaved too after having some nap and lunch. So the walk was quite smooth and the parents were light-hearted. :)

The pedestrian walk was very nice and we enjoyed the view along with other pedestrians. We stopped here and there to take pictures. Excited when we saw the sea from afar and also delighted to see the hay-rolls on one of the farm alive! selalukan tengok dalam tv je, so jakun ok!! Heheheheee..

Everyone was happy especially the Eins. :P

Actually, when we arrived at this point, we did not expect we had to go down the hill to go to the Lizard Point, but the mission must be accomplished right, so we kept walking before we finally reach at the destination.

To be shaa Allah. :)