Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Me


It's Mother's Day here in the UK yesterday. Well, what did i get?? Hehe i got cards, wishes, hugs and kisses of course!! ;)

At first i thought i will not get anything since Zahin said i had already got last year. Bertuah, kan? ;D

But when we went to Asda for running some errands suddenly there was an activity for children to write Mother's day card. It was free and the Eins were sporting to join! (They usually don't as they were Very shy girls!! ;P)

So i got two cards, each from Zahin and Iris. Alhamdulillah, it's more than enough. Thank you, darlings! I love you two so much always and forever. Mmuaahhh!

My precious cards from my precious beautiful princessess :)
My precious smile from my precious lil charming prince :)

Hmm What did hubby gimme? Hehe Hubby apologized for not giving anything as a present but i quickly comforted him and said i don't mind. I already assume that our Europe holiday this coming Easter break as the most precious gift. so he actually has given me something that i always love and needed most (holiday!)

Thank you very muchhh in advance, sayang! (Xoxo. Hugs u ketat2 ^^)

Happy mother's day to me and to all gorgeous mommies wherever you are..:)


Mixed-family in da house.... said...

happy mother's day izu, heheheh...being a Malaysian who stay in UK, boleh sambut dua kali camni setahun kan,....HEHEHEHE

Yong Is My Name said...

Happy Mothers Day - Mama to Zafri & 2 Eins!
Since anak cik yong syllabus pun British , so semalam dapat la card ;-)

Nadine said...

Happy Mother's Day to u, superummi! untungnya dpt lovely cards from your daughters..mana nak dpt kat kedai? ye tak?

Iris dah pandai tulis eh? bestnyeee! Faaz alphabets lepas lah, words not really, he can only write few words that he remembered to spell only! :P

nurbijen said...

wah, the Eins tolak malu ke tepi sebab nak buatkan card utk ummi... so sweet :)

Happy mother's day to us :)

ishamizu said...


Hehe betul2. That means boleh dpt present 2x jgkla kan ;D

ishamizu said...


Ic, kt sana pon sambut sama dgn UK eh? So happy Mother's Day to you as well! ;)

ishamizu said...


Yup you are so right! Kt kedai tak dpt cards mcm the Eins buat tuh ;D nway, iris baru bley tulis nama dia je dear hihi yg lain blom lg :) tak pe Lambat-laun mesti Faaz pon pandai tulis. ;)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Tu lah tak sangka. Maybe sbb excited nampak magic pen kot, diorang mmg suka sgt colouring. Hehe. Happy mother's day to u too sis! :)

Farah said...

Hi kak, wow comelnyaaaa the cards!! You must have felt soooo loved ;) Hehe. And your children are such angels!!!! wish to see them one day inshaAllah ;)


ishamizu said...


Indeed! Hehe thanks for the compliments..;) nti klu dtg London roger2 la, manatau ada rezeki boleh kita jmp. Jmpt dtg rumah akk k :)