Monday, March 4, 2013

Snowgirl Returns


This is the continuation from my Winter Wonderland entry. The next day, we just stayed at home as hubby had a mission to build a snowgirl. Again? Yes...though i discouraged him because it's was tiring job hehe. You can read the first snowgirl he built last year here.

As usual, i just volunteered myself to be a camerawomen, not too keen to join mr. hubby and kids since i already caught with cough, cold and fever, for being in cold at the park the day before. it was still cold though the snow already stopped falling that day. I had also warned my kids especially the Eins just to stay inside but kids, they rather be outside. Hmm..the next day was when Iris caught Athma..:(

Anyway, hubby took few hours to build the snowgirl. The Eins and lil Zafri helped him a bit here and there. As for me, sometime i snapped their pictures from inside and sometimes i went outside for a while..only for a while..because i can't stand the coldness for too long. And tried my kids to come inside but to no avail.

So now Enjoy the pictures taken at our backyard. ;)

Hubby managed to measure the thickness of the snow. It was thicker than last year but it started to melt really quickly..the temperature rose quite abruptly!

Look at them, they were happy and ready as early morning to play with the snow. First i reminded hubby to scoop some virgin snow to be made as ABC. he really did it for me. Hehehehe...

Hahaha really make me happy to look at all the pictures above!! Ummi really love you all so much, very funny. up at this point, just a small hill ready. That's when hubby put lil Zafri sitting on it. It Reminds him when he's at Zafri's age, he did the same when he's in US when my father in law pursued his PhD. :)

Taraaaa...snowgirl was done! they made other version too. :P The Eins were happy but when hubby called me out to take a family photo, Zahin already tired hence the made face..hehehe..that's the only one family photo we took..i believe if we take more, Zahin will not still cooperate..:D

hehehe lil Zafri took back his sunglass from the snowman...;D and time to go inside and makan ABC! ^^

ABC di perantauan yang tak cukup bahan. :P tp okla, ada sweetcorn, syrup and susu cair. hehe. 

We had fun especially the kids. Credit to my darling hubby. Good job, darling! :)) Hubby was also satisfied though he had backache afterwards..Kesian babah..Babah kata, apa sajalah untuk anak-anak dia. So sweet! We love you always, Babah! =)

P.S It ain't easy to build a snowman ok..only a skillful person can make it! ;) 



sitiezahim said...

kami tak pernah berjaya buat yang besar..semua comel2 je..hehe..sbb kadang2 seleji dia kering so susah nak kepal2kan dia..huhu..btw jeles la u all ada backyard..:P

ishamizu said...


Ala jgn la jelly..backyard tmasuk dlm sewa rumah bulan2 yg tinggi itew..hihihi

Anyway, okla tu snowman kecik, klu saya belum tentu jadi. :D

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Kak Izu

Betul tu buat snowman susah. Sakit pinggang nak golek2 dia atas snow. Somehow cantiklah snowman tu. Bersih je. Kiteorang buat kat park baru ni kotor. sebab snow tak tebal sangat kot. Best ke minum ABC snow? hehehe

ishamizu said...


Kann..? Tu yg akk surrender awal2. Akk ni dah la mmg sakit satu badan sbb tak berurut2 since deliver Zafri so tak nk cari pasal lagi. hehehe..Ala..of course la tak sesedap kt Msia ABC tu..hehe so-so je la :D

nurbijen said...

wah, sempat lagi buat abc.... telan air liur jer bila saya tgk :)

betul la, tak semua org pandai buat snowman.. pernah baca satu blog yg sampai ke sudah dia punya snow man tak jadi... My Irfan is very good make a snowman.. siap my friend panggil tokey snowman lagi... ntah dari mana dia belajar skill tu

Akhmad Muhaimin Azzet said...

Duh... duh.... asyik buanget yaa bermain salju....

Salam kenal dari Jogja.

Mama Haraz said...

Bestnyer! Sporting je babah die :)
KL 40 degrees... panas!

Yong Is My Name said...


ps: sodap ABC tu!