Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lizard Point, Cornwall (Part 1)


After spending a good time at Porth Beach, we quickly made our way to Lizard Point. It was suggested by our co-travelling buddies, Fath and Yati. Thank you guys, it was so worth it. ;)

The journey which took  about 30 minutes of driving was never boring! We enjoyed the view especially the valleys and passed few English towns in the countryside.

When we arrived at Lizard Point little town safely.. my eyes automatically caught at the Cornish ice cream shop! i was dying to taste it and could not wait to buy some. hehe..

But we had to park our car first and finally found near a picnic area, just nice for us who had not take lunch yet!

So Yati and me quickly unloaded our picnic baskets and quickly booked the table near our cars. Without wasting time, we started to eat.

When hubby finished he bought all of us the Cornish ice creams! Oh my, it was so rich and creamy. Hmm yums..

Then when we're done, it's time to explore the place! 

To go to Lizard Point, we had to pass it's historical town and village. There were variety shops and cafes along the way that we didn't have time to drop by. Too bad..really wished to try their cream teas..:(

Also, the air was chilled with the strong sea breeze so we had to put on our winter jackets but it's still bearable since it's just a beginning of Autumn. :)

When we were in the peaceful village, we managed to take a close peek of English houses within short distance. The design was beautiful and the landscape was well-kept. How we wished we can build one for us like one of it in Malaysia. Hehe berangan memang bestkan..;P

Actually, it was a quite long walk, but we had no choice since the route was too narrow for our mpv. Lucky  we took strollers and some food with us in case we were hungry back after the walk.

The kids were well-behaved too after having some nap and lunch. So the walk was quite smooth and the parents were light-hearted. :)

The pedestrian walk was very nice and we enjoyed the view along with other pedestrians. We stopped here and there to take pictures. Excited when we saw the sea from afar and also delighted to see the hay-rolls on one of the farm alive! selalukan tengok dalam tv je, so jakun ok!! Heheheheee..

Everyone was happy especially the Eins. :P

Actually, when we arrived at this point, we did not expect we had to go down the hill to go to the Lizard Point, but the mission must be accomplished right, so we kept walking before we finally reach at the destination.

To be shaa Allah. :)


nurbijen said...

baru tahu benda yg gulung2 tu adalah hay rolls....
Jauh juga nak menapak ke lizard point tu... tapi mesti tak rasa bila ralit dgn pemandangan, kan?
tak sabar nak tunggu next update...

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

cantiknya pemandangan...selalu tu tgk dalam tv ajer...hehehhe

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Jauh betul tak terasa pon hihi. Ok nti sy update lg, in shaa Allah. :)

ishamizu said...


Tu la sebelum ni tgk kt tv bpeluang tgk depan mata, sungguh kagum dgn ciptaan Allah yg indah. :)

Yong Is My Name said...

Mama 2 Eins & Baby Zafri

bestnya ..

ps: dengan muka tak malu nak tanya, lama lagi ker kat sana?kihihkihhh

Mama Haraz said...

sedapnyer cornish ice-cream! :D

ishamizu said...


Hehe in shaa Allah ada lagi setahun..kalau datang sini roger2 la k. ;)

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Sedap!! ktrg sebelum balik repeat mkn ice cream lg tau..maklumlah penat mendaki bukit..hihi so as a reward esp for the kids yg sporting. :)