Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Convocation Day


My master journey had ended up with my convocation ceremony in last November. It was one of the memorable day in my life. :)

Two weeks after my oral assessment in early October, the result had came out. And thankfully, i have passed it with Merit! ^^ therefore i was qualified to join the nearest convocation ceremony which was in November. Alhamdulillah..ala kulli hal..*happy mode*

At first, I didn;t feel like i was up for the ceremony. Not only until the day before the big day. Then i started to be So nervous ok..i did not know what to wear and decided to wear a jeans and shirt. Sempoi2 sudah la kan, tak ada dress code pon. But hubby did not agree with the idea especially the jeans. So i decided to wear my coat suit from Next which i also wore during the oral assessment day. Hee.

Big congratulation to myself! I did it! Alhamdulillah
The ceremony was held at O2 Arena, London.We departed two hours earlier before the ceremony started. When we arrived there, it was hard to find a parking bay so i had to go first while hubby looked for the available parking bay. 

I managed to find the registration counter. It took me only few minutes to do it as they had opened many counters. What i need to do just find a counter which in charged for surname M(Murat ;))Very efficient! After the resigtration, it was time for me to take my gown and mortar hat. On the way to the gown-hire venue, i noticed some of my classmates but did not managed to say Hi since i was rushing to get my attire, :P
me with the Eins, with coursemates...after getting my gown and hat. outside and inside the hall :)
As soon as i was out from the gown hire place, hubby called asking where i was. After telling him the direction of where i was, he and kids came to me. The Eins were 'adoring' me for a while while belek2 my attire. hehe..and we took some photos before finding our way to Indigo hall where the ceremony took place at 2.30PM.

In front of the hall, students and family were long lined up to show their tickets before entering the hall. Yup you heard me. Unfortunately, the seats were not free, we must buy. GBP25 per seat. So hubby had to pay gbp75 for three seats, for him and the Eins. Huhu everything is all about money here..sewa gown and mortar hat tu dah la kene gbp 50 ok..i did not take for photography package..because it was expensive. Gbp150 per person!! Hoho That's why i don't have proper and professional photo. :D

some of the pics happening inside the Indigo hall
Oh yea before entering the hall, there was a drama scene by my darling Iris. Hehe she was crying loudly as she was not allowed to go with me. Poor my lil Iris. Even i still heard her crying once i already found my seat.  Very loud ok. :( Their seats were in level 1 whereas i and all the students were at the ground floor. 

In between listening to UEL cansellor and  vice cansellor and waiting to be called onto the stage, i was chit-chatting with Elham and her husband, my coursemates (MSc. Technology Management) aka classmates. They are from Iran and Elham also got the acaedemic award for our course that day. Congratulations to her, as she deserves it. :) 

sekejap je duduk diam kt seats masing2... lepas tu...? hmm..
Poor hubby had to monitor our kiddos alone during the ceremony. He said as usual, they cannot sit still. They were loud and played at the stairs. Climbing up and down the stairs. Knowing that they were bothering other people, he ended up taking them outside. Huhu.

So hubby did not managed to capture the moment i was on the stage shaking hands with the VC and also when we all throwing our mortar hats just before we dismissed from the hall. Huhu Tak ada rezeki...but issokay, because still managed to capture quite number of  pictures during the ceremony. 

Thank you so much, Sayang! :)

Iris trying out the mortar hat. Hopefully, one day ummi and babah will attend the convocation of you, along Zahin and adik Zafri. Amin!

pics with my loves and Fiza's family after the ceremony..

When i was outta the hall, i bumped into Fiza, another classmate. I met her parents who they were coming from Malaysia. A bit jealous there as my parents didn't make it to come as they just visit us in the previous year. Huhu.

Anyway, we managed to take photo together. She was kind and offered to take our family photo. But the kids were already too tired to cooperate. Muka sume masam je..hihi. kesian diorang dua jam kene tunggu ummi. So after returning the gown and hat, we just went home. With that, i have already graduated!  Yay, Alhamdulillah. :)

PS. Convocation omputih tersgt la simple. Tade rehearsal or dress code bagai. Ucapan pon ringkas je. Patu dah salam VC tu tak dapat apa2 pon. Transcript diorang pos ke rumah je. Though i wished i didnt attend the convocation sbb expensive but actually i was glad i attended it. Hubby kata bila lagi nak merasa convo kt oversea haha. Thank you hubby for encouraging and insisting me to go. Hugs u ketat2. :)

Thank you for reading! :)


mommyNadia said...

Congrats again Izu. Takpelah kan walau simple, memory tu yg penting..

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

congrats izu...yeay dpt master dah umi !

ishamizu said...


Aah tu la..thanks Nad! :)

ishamizu said...


Terima kasih :)

lady lavender said...

tahniah sekali lagi izu :-)

baca entry dr awal sampai akhir + plus tgk gambar, baru nak komen kata grandnya convo, tapi at the end izu ckp tak grand hiihii..

p/s; kalau kat finland mcm takde convo. setakat ni student msia yg grad belum ada sorang pun yg attend convo. Tapi acara grandnya dorang ada formal dinner hari yg sama lepas present thesis (utk phd). Masa suami buat master kat sini dulu pun, convo nya cuma ala2 majlis kecik aje(acara tertutup)

sitiezahim said...

tahniah izu..gamba kecik2 sangat la hehe..btw germany lagi hampeh. takde konvo langsung..kalau phd, viva tu la ceremony nya. lepas abis viva, pelajar tu provide jamuan makan untuk kawan2 lab dia..haha...

ishamizu said...


Hihi convo omputih ni memang tak se grand convo kita di Malaysia kan..kt Malaysia lagi hebat dan meriah!! Lagipon buat time Autumn, dah la siang pendek sejuk plak tu huhu. Tp tak pe la bukan selalu dpt peluang mcm ni tu yg husband paksa jg sy pergi wpon kene bayar mahal2..pengalaman dan kenangan terindah katanya. Hikhik

nurbijen said...

Tahniah Izu... terharu baca your post :)
Bila la nak sampai giliran tu.... masih jauh perjalanan kak nur utk pakai jubah.. hehhe, doakan sama yer :)

Farah said...

Congratulations kak Izu!!!! Such a prestigious day! :) So, so happy for you!! :)) Iris looks soooo cute in the mortar hat, she'll be following your footsteps one day inshaAllah ameen!! <3 <3

ishamizu said...


Hehe gmbr byk tu yg tpksa kecik kan ;p

La ye ke kt Germany tade convo? Kesiannya..student tu plak kene belanja kwn2 lab mkn ye ..nasiblah budaya tu tade kt uni sini klu tak kopakla sy haha

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Thanks kak nur. In shaa Allah sy doakan utk kak Nur plak ye. Amin..! :)

ishamizu said...


Hehe thanks dik! ^^ amin..

rostina76 said...

congrats izu..bangganya dah grad. terasa nak further plak (aish!!!takut le)

ishamizu said...

Kak Ros

Hihi sambunglah shaa Allah akk boleh ;) nway terima kasih kak..alhamdulillah dah grad. Hehe.

aku dan rojak petis said...

congratssss kak long!

thanks sudi jengah blog gg yg sgt-sgt humble tuh.. ;-)

take care ya!

ishamizu said...

No problem GG! Thanks and you take care too ok?;)

Mama Haraz said...

Congratulations! :)
It's not the simple ceremony, it's not the rope ke apa pun but what it means and what it carries with it. I'm sure your husband is very proud of you ;)

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Auwww kak iza ada air mata keluar di mata saya bila baca pasal konvo akak. Ni terus semangat nak smbg belajar jgk. Hehehe

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Agreed. Yg ptg majlis tu dibuat utk kami, students jd ianya amat bermakna buat sy dan kawan-kawan. :) thanks dear, i think yes, he is. Hehe..:))

ishamizu said...

Mami little hero

Ye ke Farah? Aww, akk pon terharu. Tq shaa Allah akk doakan Farah dpt smbg plak lps ni..k? Sama2 la kita berdoa..amin!