Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tummy Bugs


Poor Zahin. She was down with Tummy Bugs since Thursday night. :(

She started vomitting at 1 o clock in the early of friday morning. Yup, all of us were in Lalaland when it happened. In fact, She threw up on me and Zafri. I wondered why because she was fine before that.

The next morning she kept vomitting and looked so sick. She claimed her tummy ached and rumbling so we decided to keep her at home. She was absent on friday. During breakfast she did not eat and drink much but she still vomitted again and again. We quickly called GP but unfortunately there was no more appointments available that day. Pffft!

Luckily there is a walk in centre nearby at Barking Hospital so hubby immediately drove us there after fetching Iris from nursery.

When we arrived at the centre, there were quite number of people already waiting. But the service was fast and in no time we were called in by a nurse. Then the nurse confirmed that she had Tummy Bugs or as well called as Stomach Bugs.

The nurse said it was contagious so she might got it from other people. At school maybe..since other than her, we all were fine. Unfortunately, there was no medicine given for Tummy Bugs. The natural treatment is the only way, so we just went home.

In the mean time, we just make sure that she eats and drinks though she did not feel like to. It is very important as to prevent her from dehydration.

After some reading, she needs to avoid dairy products and caffeinated drink. So no milk, no milo for her at this moment. The nurse also advised us to give her only toasts, not even a porridge. huhu.We had to force her to eat and drink.

It really was a battle because she refused everything! She was too afraid to eat due to many times vomit. Kesian ok. She just lying and sleeping on the couch and bed most of the made me sad to see her in the condition. If she's healthy, she will not be like that.

But tonight she already want to eat rice and she ate alot! :) Alhamdulillah she can already walk as well. As per yesterday, she was really weak even to stand and walk. We had to carry her upstairs and downstairs.!

But now, she looks much better and no one else have the tummy bug symptoms. Hopefully no one will ever get down with this bad bug. Amin.

To Zahin, hang in there, dear. you're a very strong girl! Get well soon, love.

PS. Apparently, it was in today's online local paper where Tummy or Stomach Bugs outbreak all over England now. Scary!! Read here.


Farah said...

awwww sayang, looks like an angel sleeping. let's pray to Allah that zahin will get well very, very soon and we can see her happy and active piccies soon inshaAllah ameen!! :(


ishamizu said...


Thanks Farah. Amin for your doa. Mmg kesian sgt sbb klu sihat tadenya dia nak melepek mcm tu sepanjang hari. U take care k..:)

Yong Is My Name said...

Laaa siannya Zahin..
Ari tu adik
Mama be strong okay..
InsyaAllah everything will be fine..

ishamizu said...


Tu la lps sorg, sorg..:( nway, amin! Tq cik Yong!

lady lavender said...

kesian zahin. Gambar tengah baring tu ketara sgt dia tak larat. Moga cepat sembuh...Ameenn..

ishamizu said...


Memang betul, tak larat plus menanggung sakit perut cramp perut tu yg muntah2 tuh. Nway amin..! Jazakallah :)

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Get well soon zahin. Akak farah baca dailymail tu takutlah. Manchester pun dah tersebar virus tu. x leh bawa awosy keluar jalan2 sgt

ishamizu said...


Thank you dear. :)

Aah tu lah takut kan, sbb dia cepat bjangkit kt org lain. so Take care tau!

sitiezahim said...

kesiannya..mmm mmg sedih betul kalau anak2 ni sakit kan..biarlah kita sakit (tp kalau kita yang sakit, lumpuh operasi satu rumah hehe)

RuZaNNa said...

Ohhh.. i hate anything that got to do with vomitting and ceri beri.. sbb sakit ok.. muntah esp.. sejak ikhwan and imran kena rotavirus ari tuh.. mmg sentiasa be aware if suddenly ada yg muntah or ceri beri..
Anyway, make sure you kepp your hygiene well izu..basuh tangan everytime nak makan sbb the germs maybe anywhere..
Take care!!

ishamizu said...


Betul tu. hehe. Klu kita sakit kt sini tetap jg kene bangun masak n layan ank yg nak itu nak ini kan..:)

ishamizu said...


Yup Anne, sakit kot eh. Kesian tgk Zahin dok muntah2 smpi tade apa lg yg nk dimuntahkannya. Last2 minum air ttp muntah air tu blk sad ok. Melepek je. Aah kene jg hygene n always wash hands kan. Tu la i expect mmg jangkit kt sekolah n so far ktrg tade kene muntah2 and ceri beri cuma demam tu ada..huhu nway thanks dear!!

Nadine said...


How's your children? I saw the other day dlm ur FB, iris and zafri pun tak sihat ye? hope all is well now, take care superumi! :)

ishamizu said...


Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal. Masih ada saki baki lg the kids demam on n off tp harini the Eins dah pergi sekolah. Dah makin ok sket rasanya. Thanks for your concern dear! Hugs :)

rostina76 said...

salam izu....kesiannya zahin. kalau kita yg dewasa ni pun kalau keep vomiting mcm tu sure melepek jugak rasanya. btw dugaan bt u all lately ni kan. be strong dear sis & hope everything will be fine onwards, amin3x.

ishamizu said...

Wsalam kak Ros

Yer klu kita pon sure melepek jgk kan..tu yg kesian bila tgk Zahin aritu..aah kak ujian sungguh, lps satu satu ujian yg dtg..hopefully ada hikmahNya. Amin. Tq kak! :)