Friday, March 22, 2013

Special Guests From Germany


It has been almost a year since our last meeting in Germany during our Europe road trip last Easter break. Time really flies!

So Last tuesday, my coursemate at UIA, Kak Nana and her family flew to London Stansted airport from Frankfurt Hahn airport. Since the airport was just 45 minutes away from our place, hubby went to fetch them. Alhamdulillah we finally met again when they arrived at home around 10pm. So happy to meet but Kak Nana kids were exhausted so they were already fell asleep in the car. Hence the Eins did not manage to play with Fatini and Aleena that very night. Hehe..

Anyway, we had a dinner and a nice chat. I just made the simple menu which were nasi Tomato, Ayam masak merah, daging kurma, acar timun and salads. I also forgot about the dessert that night! so we had a pudding cocktail on the next morning during breakfast. :D Also, I was a bit late that morning to escape from my clingy and feverish baby so i just made quick meals, pasta goreng and roti canai instant. :P Nothing else special, sorry eh kak Nana, sila jangan serik ek. And kak Nana was also too kind to help me in the kitchen since i had to carry zafri most of the time hence the limited movement. Nway, thanks kak Nana! So sweet of you...hugs. :)

Unfortunatly, it was just a short meeting. :( Tak puas ok, neither hubby nor me managed to snap many pictures..we were busily chatting so forgot to take photos. No pic of food and no pic of the kids yang malu2 kucing bila berjumpa pagi tu..hehe. so again, thanks kak Nana and abg Azmir for visiting us. ;) so kind of you giving us chocolate and kids with the books and stickers..they love it very much! :) 
First attempt, Afeef and Aleena did not look at the cammie. hehe
Hence the second attempt. Better! only witout the Eins who already went to school..huhu
books and sticker book, thoughtful gifts from kak Nana to my kids  :)

Too bad, we are not in Easter break yet, if not we can take all of them sightseeing at central London together. Just teringat masa kitorang kat Kaiserslautern dulu, kak Nana and family took us tour le Kaiserslautern town. So sweet of's one of the sweetest memory in our life. :)
Memory at kak Nana's house at Kaiserslautern, Germany and  at Kaiserslautern Old Town. :)
and this is her, kak nana and me, in front of the museum which was so near to kak Nana's house. :)

So hopefully, kak Nana will enjoy holiday in the UK and happy to meet her beloved mom and newborn niece and the rest of the family at Loughborough, UK. till we meet again, inshaa Allah!



Nastyna said...

Terharu I tengok teman seMalaysia bejumpa each other kat Europe. So sweet.

ishamizu said...


hehe ukhuwahfillah..bila bjauhan dgn family kt oversea ni, kwn2 la yg kita selalu ziarah-menziarahi kn..:)

Ninie Hanis said...

Kak Izu, memang harus pegi rumah blogger2 di UK/Europe ni sebab bila lagi kan.. Maka wajib simpan duit nak pi Germany pulak rumah Kak Nana (aish xmalu sungguh)haha..

Ya ampun..baru teringat kita dah singgah rumah akak aritu punya la lama tak hapdet2 pun entry visit akak tu. Teruk sungguh. Haish!!

ishamizu said...

hehe betul tu silalah kumpul duit utk ke Germany rumah kak Nana ye..

Ala issokay, dah lama dah pon akk dtg rumah Ninie tu..akk pon tak igt samada akk update citer Ninie dtg rmh akk ke tak..lgpun tade ambik gmbr byk jgk kan..huhu sori..:D

Miss Anna said...

Alaaaaaa best nyer entry ni... Rasa cam nak nangis baca, siap ade kenangan kita kat KL dulu.. Rogi k.nana x pernah update citer tu gara2 tutup blog huhu.. Ni lah kenangan2 kita utk ms depan kan.. Izu, thanx again, memang x puas kan kejap sgt, tapi x sangka dapat kita visit each other kan, wlupun kejap tapi rasa penuh makna and memorable... Sori tak seberapa pun barang k.nana bwk utk izu and anak2, tapi izu bagi k.nana and budak2 lagi macam2 tau.. Trharu sgt... Derang suka sgt buku izu bagi, and shawl izu bagi ni very the cantik! Adik k.nana pun cakap cantik. Thanx sgt2 izu, nanti tunggu model ni update gmbar pakai shawl tu hehehe..

Ninie: meh meh datang jerman rumah k.nana, boleh buat trip gi France terus hehe..

ishamizu said...

Kak Nana

Hehe issokay, izu pon teringat izu tak update lg entry pergi rumah kak Nana last year dgn Yati dan Nora. So sweet of you terima ktrg yg ramai masa tu. nanti kalau ada masa izu still nak update jgk in shaa Allah. :)

Ala kak biasa2 jgk hadiah ktrg tu yg penting it's the thought that matters kan..ok nanti nti update tau pakai shawl tu, tak sbr nk tgk! Izu rasa mmg kaler tu plg sesuai utk kak Nana, am glad u and ur sis like it! :))

Ok nti ada rezeki bila2 lg kita jmp lg k! Hehe already miss you..hugs