Saturday, March 9, 2013

Athma Attack Again


Longing for Spring to come. We had enough of cold i think. The Eins had athma again last monday. Starting with cough and cold that lead them to hard breathing, hence Athma. 

So We went to GP last  tuesday. Zahin's condition was mild but Iris's condition was quite bad. So the GP had to breach procedure and gave Iris nebulizer before the ambulance coming. Actually, children are not allowed to get nebulizer at GP. Hmm..which i didn't agreed. :(

When London ambulance arrived, three paramedic were ready to take my little girl to Queens hospital. I was  waiting in the car because the parking was just for residents holder. But as usual, i can't wait any longer after hubby texted telling that the ambulance was on the way, so i left Zafri who was sleeping in the car with panic.

When i reached the treatment room, hubby quickly went to the car. Pass baton! I saw Iris's already got the nebulizer for the second time and her condition seemed better than before. But still they decided to bring her to the hospital. I accompanied Iris shakily inside the ambulance while hubby followed behind by car. That's was my first time experience. But inside the ambulance, it's not that scary. Everything was in order and so neat, just not what i had in mind..

On the way, the paramedics checked her again. Other paramedic wrote in a document to be given atthe hospital and interviewed me too. Also i was praying and hoping that Iris;s condition will be getting better. It's not really emergency at that time so the driver aka paramedic (the lady in the pic above ;)) didn't switch on the siren and drove with no rush.

As soon as we arrived at Queens hospital, Iris;s were pushed to Children A&E. The doctor and nurse already ready to attend her. The doc also confirmed that her condition was alot better since the oxygen level above 95. Alhamdulillah..

Still she was given another round nebulizer and had to wait in A&E for close monitoring since her heart rate was quite high, 160++. But the Indian doctor told us there will be no ward admittance. What a relief! 

So Iris was transferred to Children ward (AICD) in order to be discharged around 5PM. We were finally discharged after 15 minutes and was provided with inhaler and steroid tablet. Alhandulillah, Iris is still in recovering process now. Hopefully, she will be fully recovered in no time. Amin!

h bless you always..! :)


Farah said...

Awwww subhanAllah may they get well soon, ameen!!!! Will be praying for them, inshaAllah :)


rostina76 said...

salam ....
oh panik gak bila anak2 sakit, nak2 kena rush dgn ambulance bagai ni. pepepun alhamdulilah everything smooth. take care sis ;)

nurbijen said...

Poor Iris... speeding recovery yer sayang :)

ishamizu said...


Thank you for your prayers and thanks for dropping by here too. Gonna visit yours soon too! ;)

ishamizu said...

Salam Kros

Mmg panik sy dibuatnya. Smpi sy tgl je bby tdo dlm keta sorg2 kjp semata2 nk gi tgk keadaan Iris. Dah tak kira dah klu keta kene saman ke tak..nway thanks kros..take care too! :)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Amin. Thank you..:)

Yong Is My Name said...

My dear Iris,

cepat sembuh yea sayang!!

ps: kalau dekat aunty yong dah dtg bawakkan susu unta ;-)

Mama Haraz said...

Kesian Mama and Iris. Winter time is very challenging la kan for all of you seeing as how both eins have athma.

ishamizu said...


Hehe thank you aunty on behalf of Iris :) wah tak pnh try lg susu unta hihihi

ishamizu said...

Mama Haraz

Indeed. This time winter prolong even today was snowing in some part of England..padahal dah masuk ptghn March..takpelah bsabar lah..nti blk Msia tade snow dan suhu sejuk melampau lg dah :) nway, thanks dear.

dyana "his other half" said...

kesiannya iris. alhamdulilah semua dah ok. aunty doakan iris cepat sembuh ye.

hadif pun batuk2 on and off dah 2 weeks. aritu pun wheezing kejap. CD dah risau sampai amik cuti 2 hari.

Yus Mohamed said...

Cepat sembuh ye iris dan along zahin... izu, banyak bersabar dan berdoa... semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya. Rindu kat kamu2 semua :)

Nadine said...

berdebar2 nadia baca entry ni. syukur alhamdulillah. mudah2an korang semua dilindungiNya slalu. Take care ye..

p.s:Izu, family izu mmg ramai yg asthma ye? Zafri pun?

ishamizu said...


Thanks dear..tu la risaukan tgk ank2 klu start wheezing. kesian tgk smpi tak tdo malam..:( hopefully Hadif dah sihat ye. Take care too k Cdee. :)

ishamizu said...


Thank you dear, we all miss u too. somehow Iris still igt rumah ni rumah aunty yus lg..hihi..kem salam Naim n Hadzley ye. Hrp korg sihat walafiat :)

ishamizu said...


Amin ya rabbal alamin. Thanks alot dear! Aah keluarga ktrg mmg kuat athma. izu n hisham ada..Eins pon ada..Zafri ni pon doc suro bjaga2 sbb probability utk dia dpt Athma tinggi..:(