Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lizard Point, Cornwall (Part 2)


Ok there were two routes to go to the Lizard Point. One was via steps and the other was avoiding steps. Very stroller/wheelchair friendly. So we took the later of course. So tak la pecah muscle ummi dan babah that day since we did not need to lift up, lift down our baby in the strollers to go down the hill. hehe.

Before we started the expedition, we took pictures of us with the spectacular view of the background. At the point, it was the best lookout to view the Lizard Point where the shape of the curved hill seemed like a lizzard! Subhanallah, Allah is the Greatest..

Thankfully, the view down the hill was so breathtaking. There is no words to describe it obviously dangerous as we were really on the clift with the gorge beside us. Once fall, erm can't imagine the aftermath..So we were being cautious all the time to make sure the kids were walking very very close to us..no running. it's strictly forbident..Huhu.

Actually, i couldn't believe that i, myself can make it. I am glad that hubby convinced me! For me it's kinda self-achievement to counter the fear and gather the courage at the same time..not that easy, hehe. seriau you masa turun tu..dah la pakai hi heel boots, haha..nasib baik la boots Next tu memang comfy..so tak la sakit kaki..;)

All of us totally enjoyed the view from the Lizard Point. The different angles from the one from the lookout point. Much closer. and it's time to take more and more photos la, apalagi kan? hehe

Alhamdulillah, overall the Eins were all excited, happy and cheeky running here and there. Playing with the telescopes or just talking animatedly on the bench there..so sweet! happy to see their faces glowing with smile and laughter.

But lil Zafri was only a little bit cranky as he was guarded carefully even by us or stroller. Takut nak lepaskan dia...!! dia mana reti duduk diam. tak berani nak let him loose...tu dia nangis tak puas hati..so to soothe him, i just breastfeeding him..terus senyap :P

Actually,  there was a souvenir shop and cafe but we did not buy anything from there. As i told earlier, we brought some our own food  and we already bought some souvenirs at the town earlier, we believe that must be way more cheaper than the shop, right. ;) Also we did not go down further to the beach, afraid we got too tired to go back up the hill...But The most important thing was we had conquered the Lizard Point! hehe..

The end. Till then, Wassalam. :)


Akhmad Muhaimin Azzet said...

Indah sekali ya... apalagi kompakan begitu, duh... betapa bahagianya.... :)

nurbijen said...

mmg cantik sgt la view tu Izu... berbaloi menapak dengan anak-anak kecil... tgk gambar pun dah rasa seriau, but you've made it :)

skrang dah tahu kenapa dipanggil Lizard point, Masya Allah sgt2 cantik view dari sana :)

Mami Little Hero said...

Kak izu,

dia punya bukit tepi laut tu sama la mcm lizard. hehehe... cantik2. nak kena pi nanti ni.

rostina76 said...

salam izu....seminggu tak singgah sini byk plak citer. btw pengalaman berharga bt u al, very beautiful place.....tmp ni mmg wajib pergi ekk utk org dok UK? hehe ramai member yg pose @sini.....teringin nak sampai

ishamizu said...


Ye indah sekali. subhanallah..! Tq ye singgah sini..:)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Masya Allah, ada kudrat nak sampai ke Lizard Point tu kak..smpi dgn selamatnya alhamdulillah..mmg seriau tau klu diingat2 kan balik..cukuplah sekali tu kot..hehehe

ishamizu said...


Ha kan sebijik mcm cicak..hehe ok nanti pergi la..time summer tentu lagi best, boleh mandi-manda kt pantai dia ;)

ishamizu said...

Salam kak Ros

Subhanallah mmg cantik kak. Yup tpt wajib utk dilawati kt UK ni kak..Cornwall ni top 10 tpt menarik which must be visited in the UK. Nanti ada rezeki dtg la kak jln2 UK plak :)