Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love and Pray for MH370


It was heartbreaking to receive the most unwanted news two days ago. MH370 was believed to end at South Indian Ocean with no survivors. My heart seemed stopped for a while. I was crying inside thinking of their love ones who are waiting all this while. It's so devastating! They hoped that everyone's onboard MH370 are still alive and so did i. But Allah has something else for us and He Knows best. My heart goes out to all the family of MH370. :'(

Though the SAR team are still looking for the black box and anything that related to the plane and survivors, the tragedy has become quite a mystery. There are so many speculations especially whether it was hijacked or not. Wallahu'alam...Only Allah knows what really happened to MH370. But deep down in my heart, I'm sure that the pilot and the co-pilot had done all their very best. They are our national heroes and will be remembered together with all other 12 cabin crews and all the passengers. Let's pray so that Allah had made it easy for all of them..amin!

Tuly heroes, the pilot, Captain Zaharie (right) and his co-pilot, Fariq. 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chicken Pie, Request by Iris


Having two girls with different personality and taste are challenging! When they were both younger, it's easier for me to dress them up in same colours (boria lol) but now in my dreams!!

Now Zahin loves blue, not prefer pink anymore but Iris is still fine with pink and purple..see? Sigh. In term of food, Zahin prefers eastern but Iris loves western..(eye-roll) always make me headache ok..!! So kene gilir-gilir masak yg diorang suka, kalau semua at the same time, mana larat! Hehe..

Iris had been asking chicken pies for quite some time. See? 5yrs old only but know how to request already hihihi. So only today we managed to make some chicken pies..both Zahin and Iris helped me, but no pic of Iris..huhu sorry dear, mummy tak cukup tangan!! :D

Anyway, it's so easy to make this chicken pie. To make the pastry, i just need some flour, pinch of salt and some butter. Then mix an egg with some cold water..then make it dough..;)

Then while put the dough aside, i cooked the fillings. Cut chicken fillet, onion and potatoes in dice. Put some slice of sausages, corns and mushroom cream and an egg. Cook all of them for a while.

Prepare the pastry again into the ramekins. And fill it with the cooked fillings and cover it with a pastry and cooked in the oven for 20mins at 220degrees celcius..and the aroma? Voila..! ;)

Hopefully the taste will be voila as the aroma..actually made it for tomorrow's breakfast and their school pack lunch..hihihi. And sorry la rupanya yg tak seberapa tue..nak cepat punye pasal. ;D

Till then Wassalam!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pray For MH370


It's already more than 24 hours our MAS Boeing 777 MH370 aircraft went missing. It's absolutely a shocking news..and even more devastating to all the crews's and passengers's family and relatives. 

There were 239 passengers including 2 babies and 12 crews on board. How sad to hear..our thoughts and prayers are always be with their family and relatives. :(

As a Malaysian let's be united to do solat Hajat and pray for the best. Please share the positive hopes not the negative comments.

Lastly may Allah give HIS sign and guide to find them as soon as possible. Amin..!

Friday, March 7, 2014

World Book Day


Yesterday was the World Book day. :)

Parents were already given a reminder letter about this event a week earlier. It's easier for us to make a preparation. 

Every pupil are required to wear their favourite character costumes. As for us we just digging in the wardrobe and found Zahin's favourite Cinderella dress and fancy fairy dress for Iris. So since then the Eins were looking forward the day almost everyday. :D

Since it is World Book Day, every pupil must bring along their most favourite book to school too. :))

in front of Iris's class. even the class teacher was wearing their favourite character costume too. so sporting! :)

happy Iris excitedly talking about her day..

waiting for Zahin but i had totally forgot that she has French didnt manage to take her pic

Zahin's class teacher pretty! 

my lil cinderella and lil fairy..( we went to the park and played tennis while waiting Zahin's finished her French lesson.

All in all, everyone's happy..! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Princess Diana Memorial Playground


Hyde Park and Kensington Garden are both beautiful but Kensington Garden has a lot more to see and more attractive to the kids because it has Princess Diana Memorial Playground. :)

The playground is awesome!!

It is only for kids and parents. If you don't bring your child, you're not allowed to enter this park by the guard. (That strict, yup!)

The center attraction of this playground is the huge pirate ship. Even i like the ship! recently Zafri and i managed climbing on the ship together..but only for a while..sbb Zafri nak explore yg lelain plak. :D

We also went to the teepees area. Managed to go inside and then playing slide( spent more time here ;)) and went on the small boat. All in all there were many things kids can play there. Ada beach area jgk so kids boleh main air and pasir..;)

Once being in this place, Zafri didn't want to go home. That day at the entrance on our way out he made a scene. He refused to come with me so he tried to push me out and wanted to close the entrance door behind me! Hohoho lucky ummi tau trick dia tuh so tak berjayala his attempt ;p Huhu cian dia tak puas main lagi padahal mata dah ngantuk.

But i highly recommend this place! Memang best! If you come with your spouse, maybe he could watch your kids playing while the wifey can go shopping at Bayswater! Hahaha..but i'm serious, once the kids enter the playground they didn't want anything else. ;)

By the way, the playground has a nice cafe and toilets and baby changing rooms..also home foods are allowed to be bringing into the playground so we can have a picnic there! ;)

Ps. Next time kene pegi lagi satu family sbb the Eins jeles tgk gambar2 Zafri main kt sini..hehe..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Berlin, Germany


From Prague, we took bus to Berlin. It took us almost 5 hours to reach the city but we didnt feel it because the service was superb!! Siap ada cabin crew lg then every passenger boleh tengok movie/main game. Easy jet pon tak ada ok! :D

Then hubby's colleague who pursued PhD there came to fetch us at the bus station. He and his son guided us until we arrived at City Apartment Berlin. We rented the same apartment where they lived. Alhamdulillah, nice and cosy with one bedroom, spacious living room and fully-fitted kitchen..;)

We were there just for two nights. So we had only 1 day to explore the city..which was the next day..but unfortunately it was raining all day huhu..luckily our friends came along so it's easier since they know where to take us to the city tak ada buang masa baca map dan cari train mana satu..:D

But forgive me as i already forgot most of the places except Berlin wall! Hehe..itu yang paling penting kan..;) we managed to go to Berlin Monument centre to see the world famous wall from above. Quite interesting as we can see the wall as the border between East and West Berlin.

The rest of other attractions we didn't take too long time to be at. As it had a quite downpour so we had to make it quick. The last place we managed to go was Alexanderplatz. I thought it was more to shopping mecca..but we didn't come for shopping. We just took pictures only..when we're done we returned to the apartment.

That night our friends took us for dinner, we had nasi Arab i think..very delicious comes with big portion.! Thank you for the treat, Dr. Azrul (dah dpt PhD dan dah balik Msia :)) and his lovely wife, Hannan. So happy to meet you guys!! :))

The next day was actually Zafri's 2nd birthday. Before we fly back to London, we managed to celebrate at Hanan's. We bought several slices of various cakes while Hannan kindly made some main dishes like mee hun goreng. Yummy! Again, thanks alot Hannan. See you guys again soon! ;)

Lastly, tamat sudah trip cuti-cuti Europe last year. Tahun ni tataula sempat lagi ke tidak nak pegi..klu murah rezeki sampailah lagi. in shaa Allah..! :))