Friday, March 7, 2014

World Book Day


Yesterday was the World Book day. :)

Parents were already given a reminder letter about this event a week earlier. It's easier for us to make a preparation. 

Every pupil are required to wear their favourite character costumes. As for us we just digging in the wardrobe and found Zahin's favourite Cinderella dress and fancy fairy dress for Iris. So since then the Eins were looking forward the day almost everyday. :D

Since it is World Book Day, every pupil must bring along their most favourite book to school too. :))

in front of Iris's class. even the class teacher was wearing their favourite character costume too. so sporting! :)

happy Iris excitedly talking about her day..

waiting for Zahin but i had totally forgot that she has French didnt manage to take her pic

Zahin's class teacher pretty! 

my lil cinderella and lil fairy..( we went to the park and played tennis while waiting Zahin's finished her French lesson.

All in all, everyone's happy..! :)


Norma NML said...

Suka tgok Iris..cute sgt :-)

rostina76 said...

wah!!!so cute cinderella & lil fairy tu. blh ke pegang tennis raket dgn baju berjela2 tu.haha

Masitah Abdullah said...

comelnye zahin n iris. bestkan sekolah dekat sini. mcm2 activity ade nk bg budak2 suka.

nurbijen said...

comel putri2 Izu main tenis dgn costume tu...btw, kat sana dah tak perlu pakai coat ker? Kat sini masih sejuk lagi walau matahari dah kembali bersinar :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

wah, bagusnya! untung anak-anak izu dapat merasa peluang bersekolah di sana