Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Princess Diana Memorial Playground


Hyde Park and Kensington Garden are both beautiful but Kensington Garden has a lot more to see and more attractive to the kids because it has Princess Diana Memorial Playground. :)

The playground is awesome!!

It is only for kids and parents. If you don't bring your child, you're not allowed to enter this park by the guard. (That strict, yup!)

The center attraction of this playground is the huge pirate ship. Even i like the ship! Hehee..so recently Zafri and i managed climbing on the ship together..but only for a while..sbb Zafri nak explore yg lelain plak. :D

We also went to the teepees area. Managed to go inside and then playing slide( spent more time here ;)) and went on the small boat. All in all there were many things kids can play there. Ada beach area jgk so kids boleh main air and pasir..;)

Once being in this place, Zafri didn't want to go home. That day at the entrance on our way out he made a scene. He refused to come with me so he tried to push me out and wanted to close the entrance door behind me! Hohoho lucky ummi tau trick dia tuh so tak berjayala his attempt ;p Huhu cian dia tak puas main lagi padahal mata dah ngantuk.

But i highly recommend this place! Memang best! If you come with your spouse, maybe he could watch your kids playing while the wifey can go shopping at Bayswater! Hahaha..but i'm serious, once the kids enter the playground they didn't want anything else. ;)

By the way, the playground has a nice cafe and toilets and baby changing rooms..also home foods are allowed to be bringing into the playground so we can have a picnic there! ;)

Ps. Next time kene pegi lagi satu family sbb the Eins jeles tgk gambar2 Zafri main kt sini..hehe..


rostina76 said...

ooo, kakak2 semua tak ikut la ni…..btw nice playground tapi nape cam sunyi xnampak org?

ishamizu said...

Sbb on weekdays tak ramai org kros..:)

sitiezahim said...

salam izu.. kat sini mmg playground dia bes bes kan? terjaga cantik je.. tande vendalism huhu

❤Kamsiah❤ said...

serius...sangat cantik,bersih dan terjaga...