Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chicken Pie, Request by Iris


Having two girls with different personality and taste are challenging! When they were both younger, it's easier for me to dress them up in same colours (boria lol) but now in my dreams!!

Now Zahin loves blue, not prefer pink anymore but Iris is still fine with pink and purple..see? Sigh. In term of food, Zahin prefers eastern but Iris loves western..(eye-roll) always make me headache ok..!! So kene gilir-gilir masak yg diorang suka, kalau semua at the same time, mana larat! Hehe..

Iris had been asking chicken pies for quite some time. See? 5yrs old only but know how to request already hihihi. So only today we managed to make some chicken pies..both Zahin and Iris helped me, but no pic of Iris..huhu sorry dear, mummy tak cukup tangan!! :D

Anyway, it's so easy to make this chicken pie. To make the pastry, i just need some flour, pinch of salt and some butter. Then mix an egg with some cold water..then make it dough..;)

Then while put the dough aside, i cooked the fillings. Cut chicken fillet, onion and potatoes in dice. Put some slice of sausages, corns and mushroom cream and an egg. Cook all of them for a while.

Prepare the pastry again into the ramekins. And fill it with the cooked fillings and cover it with a pastry and cooked in the oven for 20mins at 220degrees celcius..and the aroma? Voila..! ;)

Hopefully the taste will be voila as the aroma..actually made it for tomorrow's breakfast and their school pack lunch..hihihi. And sorry la rupanya yg tak seberapa tue..nak cepat punye pasal. ;D

Till then Wassalam!


Masitah Abdullah said...

cutenye both of them, mesti meriah kan k.izu. eta khalid sorang pon pening nak fikir menu dia.

nurbijen said...

sama mcm Aisyah.. kalau nak keluar siap cakap, biar dia pilih sendiri nak pakai baju apa... kalau ada event kat sekolah pun mcm tu... nasib baik sorang jer anak pompuan... kalau yg lelaki, mmg tak kisah sgt :)

Ummi pandai masak, sbb tu anak2 pandai request :)

Sedap nampak chicken pie tu... tak pernah lagi masak sendiri...

Yong Is My Name said...

Thank You darling for the recipe..
Cik Yong bab resipi senang2 ni memang suka suki